Rascals are always sociable, and the chief sign that a man has any nobility in his character is the little pleasure he takes in others company. Arthur Schopenhauer

Social media is vile

Leaving social media really helped me to see how vile it can be: it is a sea of misinformation and viral content, echo chambers that amplify mindsets and negativity, and algorithmic control of media. And of course there is the monetization part: ads, influencers shilling products, and personal data being bought and sold like a commodity.

Ever think about quitting the internet?
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> Ever think about quitting the internet?

Every day, my friend.

Stay or forever go, play or you'll never know

Alexander Hristov - Let's go retro (Olej remix)

Alexander Hristov - Let’s go retro (Olej remix)

A PhD degree is a Pozi scheme

A PhD degree is a Ponzi scheme that feeds on the dreams of youth.

Shallow people, shallow reading

I feel like normal people rarely, if ever, read for pleasure or to acquire knowledge. The overwhelming majority of what they read is worthless pop history, pornographic romance novels, or literature that never really ventures past such profound takes as “bad people bad”, “rural white people are weird and icky”, or “superheroes!!!”. Even if I politically agreed with them I couldn’t fathom enjoying what they read because it’s all so shallow and one note.

Bypassing UAC with SSPI Datagram Contexts

Recently i had the opportunity to read through some of my old repos because i wanted to reuse some code i used for a UIPI bypass in the past, aiming to adapt it to a new hidden feature of the task manager for a sneaky and for-fun UAC bypass.

Luckily, i stumbled upon another UAC related project (a 2 years old project) in which i tried to implement an idea to bypass UAC through some particular SSPI configurations, but i failed miserably that time.

Upon re-reading the code, a light bulb came to my mind so i tried a different exploitation path and it ended up with a new cool UAC bypass! So let’s jump straight to it. Bypassing UAC with SSPI Datagram Contexts

The media spectacle

Actual Eastern Europeans are mostly drowned in the media-political spectacle this war has been turned into, and the reality has left their side long ago. And I guess there’s nothing they can do about it anymore but sit and watch as a two year long tragedy is mangled and distorted into pig slop for terminally-online hyper-politicised Americans.

Ocean's Eleven (1960)

Ocean’s Eleven 1960

Ocean’s Eleven (1960)

Keep a bird feeder by a window

Keep a bird feeder by a window, ideally the kitchen, it’ll pass the time when you’re washing up.

Apple ... customers are special

Apple: we care about the environment which is why all of our products are designed to be thrown out instead of repaired.
Retards: yes yes, two of each, now.

Boredom is a privilege

I think boredom is a privilege, because I can afford to be bored. Shows that I am financially stable enough not to worry about the things people otherwise might worry about. Thousand years ago I wouldn’t be bored, definitely.

Why can't they hear me?

Why can’t they hear me?

Tout est chaos

Tout est chaos

Eating shit for The Sun

What makes somebody admit on his own website that he’s eating shit … i mean “work” for The Sun? Not the star, the British toiletpaper.

What is j-urine-alism

Let me say that, first of all, in doing this—whatever this is that I do here—I’ve never once presumed to call myself a “journalist.” Nor would I deign to include myself amongst such a louche, villainous, and disreputable a confraternity. What is journalism, anyway? Is it where the guy sponsored by Pfizer, Raytheon, BlackRock, et al, reads you a heavily laundered and sanitized script from a teleprompter, spinning the pre-written narrative approved in some backroom at last week’s CFR/WEF shindig?

I’ve got news for you. Journalism doesn’t exist, and unless someone can prove otherwise, has never existed, as far as I’m concerned—at least not in terms of the hallowed ideal some people have of it.

It’s a fraudulent profession catering to multinational corporations who probably invented it for the sake of creating ‘perception-management’ stenographers to spew out boilerplate crap that serves the currently fashionable establishment agenda. Journalists are nothing more than publicists for their corporate sponsors. Sure, there’ve been a few in the “good ol’ days” who “went off script” once or twice, perhaps after losing it. But for the majority of their career they still operated within a narrowly defined Overton window. Simplicius