Rascals are always sociable, and the chief sign that a man has any nobility in his character is the little pleasure he takes in others company. Arthur Schopenhauer

Culture and changes

The biggest lie is that modern Westeners actually dislike what’s happening to their country and are seeking change, most of them either don’t care as their lives are one long McDonalds binge, or are so brainwashed that they would easily sell out their own countrymen for social points. There’s no culture left in Europe simply because it doesn’t serve the modern capitalist mindset and there’s no apparent practical use for it. For most people their country’s “culture” is go to school, then get a lifelong 9-5 job and try and not kill people while you get wasted on the weekends, that’s it, there’s nothing else.

The vast majority don’t see anything wrong with what is happening around them and the few who do feel somewhat uneasy about it are scared shitless of being outed as a racist, a mysogynist, a homophobe, a rightwinger, etc.

Things will just keep getting worse and worse, bit by bit, and people will learn to adjust to increasingly lower standards without a word of complaint. Just like they always did.