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StarFive and the Community Enabled AOSP on VisionFive 2

StarFive is thrilled to announce the successful integration of Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) on our Single Board Computer (SBC), VisionFive 2. This achievement is produced from the groundbreaking collaboration with the open-source community (credits to the owner of, Peter Yoon).

This significant step forward underlines our commitment to open-source collaboration, bringing more software solutions and seamless integration with the Android software ecosystem to our users.

By leveraging the open-source nature of AOSP, our engineers have tailored the software to align with VisionFive 2’s hardware capabilities, ensuring a synergy between hardware and software components. The integration of AOSP not only strengthens the bond between our company and the global open-source community but also reflects our dedication to providing top-tier experiences to our users. StarFive and the Community Enabled AOSP on VisionFive 2