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Mozilla (both Corporation and Foundation) is a really shady company
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You shouldn’t use Mozilla Firefox, morally speaking of course, and here are a few reasons for that:

  • Mozilla Rally - donate your browsing data to help Mozilla understand the web.
  • Firefox Normandy - a feature that allows Mozilla to change the default value of a preference for a targeted set of users, without deploying an update to Firefox.
  • Firefox Pioneer Once installed, users may be opted in to SHIELD studies automatically, and information about sensitive data may be sent to Mozilla which the organization uses to better understand how people use the browser and the Internet.
  • Nimbus Experiments - targeted analytics and feature delivery.
  • Firefox Pocket - initially a proprietary service introduced into an open source application.

And I won’t even start to talk about the CEO of Mozilla Corporation and her salary, Mozilla’s views on deplatforming, or the Firefox telemetry. It’s a really really really shady company.