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USA cancerous propaganda

If you don’t already know how bad is propaganda, let’s have an example: lately there is a “news thing” because I can’t call it an article, from NYpost, Telegraph, mostly UK and USA newspapers, who claims and I quote “Toddler in North Korea ‘sentenced to life in prison after parents caught with Bible’”.

Let’s leave the fact that this line sounds like total nonsense to anybody with half a brain, not to mention people with a full-functioning brain, and investigate a bit who started this “news”.

A toddler was sentenced to life imprisonment in North Korea after the child’s family was found in possession of a Bible, according to a new report by the US State Department.

Although the incident took place in 2009, it has been highlighted in the department’s new report on international religious freedoms this month, citing data from Korea Future, a non-governmental organisation documenting human rights abuses in North Korea.

So, a NGO warned the US State Department that the toddler was sentenced to life imprisonment. Who is this NGO?

Registered name: Korea Future Initiative CIO | Charitable Incorporated Organisation in England & Wales (1185332) | 120B Malden Road, New Malden, London, KT3 6DD, UK

CEO is Michael Glendinning, who is also the CEO of Connect: North Korea, a contributor to Huffington Post, founder and director of the European Alliance for Human rights in North Korea, a UK-based charity, and writer for The Guardian and North Korea Tech. Korea Future Initiative CIO got a grant of $73000 from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), you know them as the long arm of the USAID. So basically, NED funds Korean (actually UK and US NGOs) NGOs ($17,414,816 in the past 3 years) to write junk so that the US State Department can cry about nonexistent things.

The report claims that:

Our evidence is based on 456 documented cases of human rights violations involving 244 victims and 141 perpetrators. In 97% of cases, documented human rights violations were perpetrated by agents of the North Korean state.

But there is no actual report. No names. No actual people. Nothing. Just a link to North Korean Religious Freedom Database, which is another thing from the Korea Future NGO.

This is the purest form of cancer: United States of America propaganda. Come get yours today from a NGO close to you!