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ChipWhisperer is an open source toolchain dedicated to hardware security research. This toolchain consists of several layers of open source components:

  • Hardware: The ChipWhisperer uses a capture board and a target board. Schematics and PCB layouts for the ChipWhisperer-Lite capture board and a number of target boards are freely available.

  • Firmware: Three separate pieces of firmware are used on the ChipWhisperer hardware. The capture board has a USB controller (in C) and an FPGA for high-speed captures (in Verilog) with open-source firmware. Also, the target device has its own firmware; this repository includes many firmware examples for different targets.

  • Software: The ChipWhisperer software includes a Python API for talking to ChipWhisperer hardware (ChipWhisperer Capture) and a Python API for processing power traces from ChipWhisperer hardware (ChipWhisperer Analyzer). You can find documentation for our Python API at