Rascals are always sociable, and the chief sign that a man has any nobility in his character is the little pleasure he takes in others company. Arthur Schopenhauer

Technological progress is inevitable, as if one civilisation does not progress it will be succeeded by one that does. For all the benefits technology does provide however, it curses us in a sense and makes us weaker as individuals. While a society which provides every resource necessary for its people’s survival means more leisure and greater ease-of-living, it inevitably ensures that those people become entirely dependent on it.

Technology has not yet brought about the horrors of this curse yet, although the beginnings have appeared - a rising rate of suicide and depression, the normalisation of hedonism, medication as a treatment for any mental issue (mental issues being in large part brought about by the technologically-advanced society) and mass disenfranchisement. The increasing political rift is a symptom of technology’s curse. People have no connection to their labour, they do not build anything, they work mindless jobs and fill the lack of meaning in their lives with popular culture.

However as the void within them becomes greater and greater they feel a need to lash out - they increasingly identify with movements that give them the sense of purpose they desperately seek, as can be seen in the expansion of both left and right-wing radical groups. In future, people will only increase their dependence on technology. The last barrier, transhumanism will be our downfall. Technology will advance to the point where we will lose what makes us human. We will have a “utopia”, but this is such a worthless thing to aim for. We decide the existence of a utopia based on how happy people are, but overstimulation and perpetual joy are not the paradise people think they are. We’re heading for a Brave New World-esque society, and it is inevitable.