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THE new Editor

The new Editor is up for a few days and I realised I should write few words about it.

  • It’s a basic and simple distraction-free web-based text editor. You can enter quick notes or bookmarks or whatever you want and save them on your local computer. You can load text from your computer, edit it and/or share it to someone.
  • Activating the toolbar is done by moving the mouse to the top-left of the browser window. It’s distraction-free after all.
  • Nothing gets saved to a server (inspect the network requests in your browser if you don’t trust me), all the processing is done in your browser.
  • If you choose to share the text you wrote to someone, you can use the Share toolbar link, and a new web browser window will pop up. Copy the URL from the address bar and send it to that someone. The text is encoded in the URL so it’s restricted by the capabilities of your web browser (anything below 1k characters will be ok). Again, the text is not saved elsewhere, not on the server, not on your browser: it’s encoded in the URL.
  • You can share any text you want with it, I don’t have any control over the text that gets shared.
  • I’m considering adding encryption support.
  • Help is on the todo list, I’ll fix it someday.
  • It’s done in basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Nothing else.

Have fun with it!