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Griz Sextant Cyberdeck Build

I’ve been interested in a more self-reliant computer for some time. By that I mean, if you have a laptop from a typical company and the case or screen cracks, it’s basically trash. The battery will eventually not hold a charge and usually the battery is specifically for that laptop so eventually they’ll stop making them.

I want a computer that if something goes, I could fix on my own. There’s been some computers coming out lately that fit that.

There’s also the idea of a cyberdeck, the computer used by hackers in cyberpunk stories. They come in all shapes, but the typical form is just a keyboard and a screen at the top. I’m not talking about a clam shell like a typical laptop, you just carry around the thing with a keyboard exposed. Griz Sextant Cyberdeck Build, based on the Griz Sextant