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Hardware investigation of wireless keyloggers

Hardware keyloggers can be bought online for a couple of dollars and are very appreciated due to their discretion because they cannot be discovered by endpoint security software. The only condition for attackers is the usage of an external keyboard. We can assume they are used for espionage, while no public communication exists for such usage apart from a few articles. They can be bought on many websites, even Amazon, making them commonly used in private life, for example during a divorce. Many vendors also highlight their usage for monitoring employees. These vendors also sell other kind of recording devices, such as video (recording VGA, HDMI or DVI), RS232 and even Ethernet loggers. For all these tools, the price varies according to storage capacity and features (time keeping, Wi-Fi access…). Additionally, backdoored keyboards or small PCBs to insert in existing ones can also easily be bought online. Hardware investigation of wireless keyloggers