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Prototype Pollution in Python

Prototype Pollution might be one of the coolest vulnerabilities to dig into as a researcher, researchers have been doing a great job to explore this topic further but there’s always more.

While reading about Prototype Pollution, I noticed that all resources are talking about Prototype Pollution in JavaScript, whether it’s a client-side or NodeJS server-side application, and honestly speaking, there is a good explanation for that.

Prototype Pollution is one of the vulnerabilities that are language-specific as it should be affecting prototype-based programming languages only as the name suggests. While JavaScript is not the only programming language that is prototype-based, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages among them, therefore you’ll see that all resources are talking about Prototype Pollution in JS. It might be possible to see Prototype Pollution in other prototype-based languages, however, we cannot say that a programming language is vulnerable just because it uses prototypes. Prototype Pollution in Python