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srsRAN - open source SDR 4G/5G software suite

srsRAN is a free and open-source 4G and 5G software radio suite, featuring both UE and eNodeB/gNodeB applications, srsRAN can be used with third-party core network solutions to build complete end-to-end mobile wireless networks.

The srsRAN suite currently includes:

  • srsUE: a full-stack 4G and 5G NSA / SA UE application
  • srsENB: a full-stack 4G eNodeB with 5G NSA / SA gNodeB capabilities
  • srsEPC: a light-weight 4G EPC implementation with MME, HSS and S/P-GW

All srsRAN software runs in linux with off-the-shelf compute and radio hardware.srsRAN - open source SDR 4G/5G software suite