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Spice up your persistence: loading PHP extensions from memory

Using backdoored plugins/addins/extensions as persistence method is one of my favorite techniques to keep a door open after compromising a web server (indeed I wrote about this topic in multiple times in last years: Backdoors in XAMPP stack (part I): PHP extensions, Backdoors in XAMP stack (part II): UDF in MySQL, Backdoors in XAMP stack (part III): Apache Modules and Improving PHP extensions as a persistence method.

Today’s article is a direct continuation of the PHP extensions saga, serving as the end of the trilogy. It is therefore MANDATORY to read the two previous articles (they are listed above) in order to understand this one. Please read them and then continue reading :)

As a quick recap from the last article, we were abusing two PHP “hooks” (MINIT & MSHUTDOWN) to execute code as root when the module would be loaded/unloaded. With MINIT code we saved the shared object in memory (just a copy) and deleted the .so from disk (also we modified the php.ini file to remove path), then with MSHUTDOWN (executed when the server is stopped or restarted) we wrote the .so from memory to disk and set again the extension path in php.ini, so the next time the server starts it would load again our code and the cycle continues. Spice up your persistence: loading PHP extensions from memory