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Technical analysis of SOVA android malware

In September 2021, SOVA, a new Android Banking Trojan, was announced in a known underground forum. It had multiple capabilities and was basically almost in the go-to market phase. Until March 2022, multiple versions of SOVA were found and some of these features were already implemented, such as: 2FA interception, cookie stealing and injections for new targets and countries (e.g. multiple Philippine banks). In July 2022, we discovered a new version of SOVA (v4) which presents new capabilities and seems to be targeting more than 200 mobile applications, including banking apps and crypto exchanges/wallets. Starting from May 2022, Threat Actors (TAs) behind SOVA have started to deliver a new version of their malware, hiding within fake Android applications that show up with the logo of a few famous ones, like Chrome, Amazon, NFT platform or others. Technical analysis of SOVA android malware