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Last year in corCTF 2021, D3v17 and I wrote two kernel challenges demonstrating the power of msg_msg: Fire of Salvation and Wall of Perdition. These turned out to be a really powerful technique which have been repeatedly utilized in real world exploits.

For this year’s edition, we followed a similar trend and designed challenges that require techniques seen before in real world exploits (and not CTFs). I wrote Cache of Castaways, which requires a cross cache attack against cred structs in its isolated slabs. The attack utilized a simplistic and leakless data-only approach applicable in systems with low noise. D3v17 wrote CoRJail, which requires a docker escape and a novel approach of abusing poll_list objects for an arbitrary free primitive through its slow path setup. Reviving Exploits Against Cred Structs - Six Byte Cross Cache Overflow to Leakless Data-Oriented Kernel Pwnage