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Hijack libs

DLL Hijacking is, in the broadest sense, tricking a legitimate/trusted application into loading an arbitrary DLL. Defensive measures such as AV and EDR solutions may not pick up on this activity out of the box, and allow-list applications such as AppLocker may not block the execution of the untrusted code. There are numerous examples of threat actors that have been observed to leverage DLL Hijacking to achieve their objectives.

This project provides an curated list of DLL Hijacking candidates. A mapping between DLLs and vulnerable executables is kept and can be searched via this website. Additionally, further metadata such as resources provide more context.

For defenders, this project can provide valuable information when trying to detect DLL Hijacking attempts. Although detecting DLL Hijacking isn’t always without challenge, it is certainly possible to monitor for behavior that may be indicative of abuse. To further support defenders, out-of-the-box Sigma rules are provided through this website. A σSigma feed containing detection rules for all entries part of this project is available too. Hijack libs