Rascals are always sociable, and the chief sign that a man has any nobility in his character is the little pleasure he takes in others company. Arthur Schopenhauer

A writer, when he knows what it is about and how it is done, grows accustomed to war. … It is a shock to discover how truly used to it you become… But no one becomes accustomed to murder. And murder on a large scale we saw every day. … The totalitarian fascist states believe in the totalitarian war. That put simply means that whenever they are beaten by armed forces they take their revenge on unarmed civilians. In this war, since the middle of November, they have been beaten at the Parque del Oeste, they have been beaten at the Pardo, they have been beaten at Carabanchel, they have been beaten on the Jarama. they have been beaten at Brihuega and at Córdoba, and they are being fought to a standstill at Bilbao. Every time they are beaten in the field they salvage that strange thing they call their honor, by murdering civilians. Ernest Hemingway