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Attacking Active Directory: 0 to 0.9

The purpose of this guide is to view Active Directory from an attacker perspective. I will try to review different aspects of Active Directory and those terms that every pentester should control in order to understand the attacks that can be performed in a Active Directory network.

In order to understand how to attack Active Directory (and any other technology), I think is important to not only know the tools, but how the tools work, what protocols/mechanisms they use, and why these mechanisms/protocols exist.

The information present here come from open sources and my own experience with Active Directory. However, I cannot be certain that everything stated here is correct, so you are encourage to perform your own test and in case you find any error, please let me know.

Moreover, I know that not everything about Active Directory is covered here, but it is my intention to cover at least the basic knowledge required to understand Active Directory and their attacks, and expand this source in the future. So, if you feel that I miss something that a pentester should know related Active Directory, please let me know. Attacking Active Directory: 0 to 0.9