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Learning Linux kernel exploitation

The basis for this introduction will be a challenge from the hxp2020 CTF called “kernel-rop”. There’s (obviously) write-ups for this floating around the net (check references) already and as it turns out this exact challenge has been taken apart in depth by (ChrisTheCoolHut and @_lkmidas), for part two I’ll prepare a less prominent challenge or ignore those CTF challenges completely… So, this here very likely won’t include a ton of novelty compared to what’s out there already. However, that’s not the intention behind this post. It’s just a way for me to persist the things I learned during research and along the way to solving this one. Another reason for this particular CTF challenge is its simplicity while also being built around a fairly recent kernel. A perfect training environment :)! Learning Linux kernel exploitation - Part 1 - Laying the groundwork and Learning Linux kernel exploitation - Part 2 - CVE-2022-0847