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CVE-2022-25165 - Privilege Escalation to SYSTEM in AWS VPN Client

The AWS VPN Client application is affected by an arbitrary file write as SYSTEM, which can lead to privilege escalation and an information disclosure vulnerability that allows the user’s Net-NTLMv2 hash to be leaked via a UNC path in a VPN configuration file. These vulnerabilities are confirmed to affect version 2.0.0 and have been fixed in version 3.0.0.

A race condition exists during the validation of OpenVPN configuration files. This allows OpenVPN configuration directives outside of the AWS VPN Client allowed OpenVPN directives list to be injected into the configuration file prior to the AWS VPN Client service, which runs as SYSTEM, processing the file. Dangerous arguments can be injected by a low-level user such as “log”, which allows an arbitrary destination to be specified for writing log files.

The impact is an arbitrary file write as SYSTEM with partial control over the contents of the file. This can lead to local privilege escalation or denial of service. CVE-2022-25165 - Privilege Escalation to SYSTEM in AWS VPN Client