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How to detect IMSI catchers

IMSI catchers are one of the most effective surveillance techniques of all time. They’re used by police, governments and criminals to spy on victim’s phones. This spy tech is rarely deployed with a warrant. Western governments buy commercial products from US companies like the “Stingray” from Harris Corp. Criminals can also buy IMSI catchers, from unregulated online Chinese and Israeli vendors. These IMSI catchers have been used for corporate espionage and blackmail. They’ve been found at embassies, airports, political protests and sports events.

IMSI catchers work by intercepting the traffic from all phones in an area. Operators can track a victim’s location, read their SMS, listen to phone calls and intercept data. An attacker can target thousands of devices. IMSI catchers can be mounted on people, cars or airplanes that can spy on entire cities at once. How to detect IMSI catchers