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Rascals are always sociable, and the chief sign that a man has any nobility in his character is the little pleasure he takes in others company. Arthur Schopenhauer

The world isn’t run by spiritually uplifted individuals, it’s run by sadistic adrenaline junkies.

DLL Hijacking is, in the broadest sense, tricking a legitimate/trusted application into loading an arbitrary DLL. Defensive measures such as AV and EDR solutions may not pick up on this activity out of the box, and allow-list applications such as AppLocker may not block the execution of the untrusted code. There are numerous examples of threat actors that have been observed to leverage DLL Hijacking to achieve their objectives.

This project provides an curated list of DLL Hijacking candidates. A mapping between DLLs and vulnerable executables is kept and can be searched via this website. Additionally, further metadata such as resources provide more context.

For defenders, this project can provide valuable information when trying to detect DLL Hijacking attempts. Although detecting DLL Hijacking isn’t always without challenge, it is certainly possible to monitor for behavior that may be indicative of abuse. To further support defenders, out-of-the-box Sigma rules are provided through this website. A σSigma feed containing detection rules for all entries part of this project is available too. Hijack libs

Offensive tool to scan & exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows over the Samba protocol (SMB) SMBv1/SMBv2 using the Metasploit Framework. SMBploit

I pray every day for a zombie apocalypse so I can assume my rightful place in the world.

I bought these cameras primarily to use as a test device for work. I needed something that had an ethernet interface and worked as an IP based device. I found them on eBay for around $20 each. I bought two cameras, the model IPC-3605N and the model IPC-4605N. The devices run basically the same hardware it seems, with the IPC-4605N having pan, tilt, & zoom capability.

I generally enjoy figuring out if embedded devices are well built or simply cobbled together, so I spent some time looking at these devices.

TLDR - Do not buy, do not use, and remove all of these devices from service immediately. They are so miserably insecure it took me less than a day of effort to develop a utility to remotely compromise any of them. Keep reading if you want to know how.Hacking Zyxel IP cameras to gain a root shell

The majority of people are petty, immoral and stupid. And they’re worthless individually but have a terrible strength in numbers.

We’ve created a society where people prefer capitalism to life.

Today, I shook God’s hand. His palm was sweaty, because He is afraid of me.

Part of modern suffering stems from the subject’s inhibition towards the world; in modern societies those who are naturally inhibited are crushed by the construction of interpersonal relationships. It is interesting to think that even though the world is moving towards a forced and artificial inhibition promoted by the amount of time connected, still, yes, those with greater dis-inhibition manage to do well in social relationships. Anyway, they seem to win even though they have nothing to offer the world, they are whores of the word and of the moment.

PersistAssist is a fully modular persistence framework written in C#. All persistence techniques contain a cleanup method which will server to remove the persistence aside from the persistence code. This is a WIP so there are many empty classes, the main object of this project initially was to build out a fully modular framework meant to make adding new features as simple as inheriting a class and adding the code. PersistAssist - a fully modular persistence framework

In the year of our lord 2022 we have finally lowered their standards so much that we are only defending the word democracy and western values. There is nothing of substance in those concepts beside their cynical use in marshaling an army of liberals to support the next bombing and proxy war.

Ever since I heard about nuclear weapons, I’ve wanted to experience one myself. Random redditor

You know what else seeks infinite growth in a finite system? Cancer.

A long long time ago (in 2012) I ran Linux on an 8-bit AVR. It was kind of a cool record at the time. I do not think anyone has beaten it - nobody’s managed to run Linux on a lower-end device than that 8-bit AVR. The main problem was that is was too slow to be practical. The effective speed was 10KHz, the boot time was 6 hours. Cool, but I doubt that any one of those people who built one of those devices based on my design ever waited for the device to boot more than once. It was time to improve it! My business card runs Linux, yours can too

Silly proof-of-concept for a PDF chatroom, showcasing the incredibly silly power of PDF (and Word). PDFChat

A writer, when he knows what it is about and how it is done, grows accustomed to war. … It is a shock to discover how truly used to it you become… But no one becomes accustomed to murder. And murder on a large scale we saw every day. … The totalitarian fascist states believe in the totalitarian war. That put simply means that whenever they are beaten by armed forces they take their revenge on unarmed civilians. In this war, since the middle of November, they have been beaten at the Parque del Oeste, they have been beaten at the Pardo, they have been beaten at Carabanchel, they have been beaten on the Jarama. they have been beaten at Brihuega and at Córdoba, and they are being fought to a standstill at Bilbao. Every time they are beaten in the field they salvage that strange thing they call their honor, by murdering civilians. Ernest Hemingway

Today, Chinese people on social media find themselves in the position of defending their country from Anglos because they didn’t start a pointless war and kill millions. Makes you think, eh?