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Rascals are always sociable, and the chief sign that a man has any nobility in his character is the little pleasure he takes in others company. Arthur Schopenhauer

Here you can find information about running Onion Services based on our experiences running them and helpful tips from people like you. If you have a helpful tip, or can translate this into another language, please contribute!

“Onion Services” were previously known as “Tor Hidden Services”, but have been renamed since “Hidden Service” didn’t accurately describe what was possibile. This guide uses the new name. Best Practices for Hosting Onion Services

Despite some fairly negative media attention, not every Tor Hidden Service is (or needs to be) a hotbed of immorality. Some exist in order to allow those in restrictive countries to access things we might take for granted (like Christian materials).

Whilst I can’t condone immoral activities, Tor is a tool, and any tool can be used or misused

This is part Two in a detailed walk through of the considerations and design steps that may need to be made when setting up a new Tor Hidden Service.

The steps provided are intended to take security/privacy seriously, but won’t defend against a wealthy state-backed attacker. Building a Tor Hidden Service From Scratch

A collection of bookmarks for penetration testers, bug bounty hunters, malware developers, reverse engineers and anyone who is just interested in infosec topics. Offensive Bookmarks

Life is just a game we play together. Nothing is more pathetic than a loser crying about being a loser.

In a sea of people looking for a meaning I’m fine without it.

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John Romero and John Carmack (id Software), Chris Taylor (GasPowered Games), Rob Cunningham (Relic Entertainment and Blackbird Interactive) and various OSdevers, including Terry Davis.

      ▪ Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why ▪ Laurence Gonzales

Survival is the celebration of choosing life over death. We know we’re going to die. We all die. But survival is saying: perhaps not today. In that sense, survivors don’t defeat death, they come to terms with it.

“Deep Survival” is destined to become the standard text on the subject and is sure to be on the required reading list of many survival instructors. This book is a must read for anyone even remotely interested in the subject of survival, and highly recommended to anyone interested in why we do what we do as we go through life, meeting the daily challenges that are often only a hair’s breadth away from disaster.

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But that’s not a problem, right? I mean having a lot of “junk” websites with “nothing on them (or just a list of social links)”. The internet is pretty fucked up as it is, try searching for something in a major search engine (Bing, Google) and you will get absolutely no useful results. So is there really a problem that X made a Neocities website where he put a photo of his cat and links to his peers and won’t update it for a year?

I don’t think so, the internet, as fucked up as it is, needs more personal websites, even ones that are just the beginning. Like @Eden says, everybody starts somewhere.

Write, people, write. Only takes a notebook (the physical kind), a computer or a phone and firing up some of those those neurons. Make websites. “Spam” them everywhere. Join webrings. Tell us about what you did today, what music you listened to, what movies made you tick. Ask questions. Answer questions. Share links.

The internet is a fighting ground, we’re fighting a war here for OUR own corner of the internet, and everything is permitted in wars. Fuck Google, fuck Meta, fuck the big corporations, give me more of the personal side of you, no matter how insignificant you consider it to be.

RC2014 is a simple 8 bit Z80 based modular computer originally built to run Microsoft BASIC. It is inspired by the home built computers of the late 70s and computer revolution of the early 80s. It is not a clone of anything specific, but there are suggestions of the ZX81, UK101, S100, Superboard II and Apple I in here. It nominally has 8K ROM, 32K RAM, runs at 7.3728MHz and communicates over serial at 115,200 baud. RC2014 - a simple 8 bit Z80 based modular computer

This script allows to scan iTunes backups for indicator of compromise by Operation Triangulation. For more information, please read Securelist. Triangle Check: scan iTunes backups for traces of compromise by Operation Triangulation

While monitoring the network traffic of our own corporate Wi-Fi network using the Kaspersky Unified Monitoring and Analysis Platform (KUMA), we discovered a previously unknown mobile APT campaign targeting iOS devices. The targets are infected using zero-click exploits via the iMessage platform, and the malware runs with root privileges, gaining complete control over the device and user data. We are calling this campaign “Operation Triangulation”.

If you don’t already know how bad is propaganda, let’s have an example: lately there is a “news thing” because I can’t call it an article, from NYpost, Telegraph, mostly UK and USA newspapers, who claims and I quote “Toddler in North Korea ‘sentenced to life in prison after parents caught with Bible’”.

Let’s leave the fact that this line sounds like total nonsense to anybody with half a brain, not to mention people with a full-functioning brain, and investigate a bit who started this “news”.

A toddler was sentenced to life imprisonment in North Korea after the child’s family was found in possession of a Bible, according to a new report by the US State Department.

Although the incident took place in 2009, it has been highlighted in the department’s new report on international religious freedoms this month, citing data from Korea Future, a non-governmental organisation documenting human rights abuses in North Korea.

So, a NGO warned the US State Department that the toddler was sentenced to life imprisonment. Who is this NGO?

Registered name: Korea Future Initiative CIO | Charitable Incorporated Organisation in England & Wales (1185332) | 120B Malden Road, New Malden, London, KT3 6DD, UK

CEO is Michael Glendinning, who is also the CEO of Connect: North Korea, a contributor to Huffington Post, founder and director of the European Alliance for Human rights in North Korea, a UK-based charity, and writer for The Guardian and North Korea Tech. Korea Future Initiative CIO got a grant of $73000 from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), you know them as the long arm of the USAID. So basically, NED funds Korean (actually UK and US NGOs) NGOs ($17,414,816 in the past 3 years) to write junk so that the US State Department can cry about nonexistent things.

The report claims that:

Our evidence is based on 456 documented cases of human rights violations involving 244 victims and 141 perpetrators. In 97% of cases, documented human rights violations were perpetrated by agents of the North Korean state.

But there is no actual report. No names. No actual people. Nothing. Just a link to North Korean Religious Freedom Database, which is another thing from the Korea Future NGO.

This is the purest form of cancer: United States of America propaganda. Come get yours today from a NGO close to you!

ChipWhisperer is an open source toolchain dedicated to hardware security research. This toolchain consists of several layers of open source components:

  • Hardware: The ChipWhisperer uses a capture board and a target board. Schematics and PCB layouts for the ChipWhisperer-Lite capture board and a number of target boards are freely available.

  • Firmware: Three separate pieces of firmware are used on the ChipWhisperer hardware. The capture board has a USB controller (in C) and an FPGA for high-speed captures (in Verilog) with open-source firmware. Also, the target device has its own firmware; this repository includes many firmware examples for different targets.

  • Software: The ChipWhisperer software includes a Python API for talking to ChipWhisperer hardware (ChipWhisperer Capture) and a Python API for processing power traces from ChipWhisperer hardware (ChipWhisperer Analyzer). You can find documentation for our Python API at chipwhisperer.readthedocs.io


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Also, this more like a Microsoft “backdoor” than a Gigabyte one, read up on Windows Platform Binary Table (WPBT) and turn it off here. Really, the keyword you’re looking for is “vulnerability”, not “backdoor”, jurinelists.

As you probably know by now, RARBG is shutting down:

Hello guys,
We would like to inform you that we have decided to shut down our site.
The past 2 years have been very difficult for us - some of the people in our team died due to covid complications,
others still suffer the side effects of it - not being able to work at all.
Some are also fighting the war in Europe - ON BOTH SIDES.
Also, the power price increase in data centers in Europe hit us pretty hard.
Inflation makes our daily expenses impossible to bare.
Therefore we can no longer run this site without massive expenses that we can no longer cover out of pocket.
After an unanimous vote we've decided that we can no longer do it.
We are sorry :(

If you want a SQLite database with almost all the torrents, infohash and metadata, here is the magnet to one that has 2,843,690 torrents.


The security racket is back at it again. I’m not linking to junk, but apparently some “security experts” found out that “Gigabyte motherboards come with a firmware backdoor”.

Except they are not, the firmware update tool just doesn’t check HTTPS certs so you can MiTM arbitrary code into the firmware download stream.

Sometimes most of the times I am ashamed I work in this field.