When you are inquisitive, Jane, you always make me smile. You open your eyes like an eager bird, and make every now and then a restless movement, as if answers in speech did not flow fast enough for you, and you wanted to read the tablet of one’s heart. Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

The point of this page is to ease up the discovery of the several “hidden” pages on this website.


  • - minimal notes, back-links, RSS feeds, random thoughts. Small things that don’t require a website article.
  • Random - get redirected to a random page on this website.
  • Statistics - detailed website statistics.
  • Ideas - a compilation of all notes tagged with #ideas.
  • Snippets - various code snippets and the likes.
  • Privacy policy - as the name says, it’s the privacy policy page.


  • Cyberpunk - HUGE list of Cyberpunk resources.
  • Movies - a list of my favorite full-featured movies.
  • Books - a list of recommended books.
  • Games - same thing as the movie list but for video games.
  • Links - big list of links from various domains.
  • LainRing - a decentralized webring created by the users of Lainchan, an anonymous image board.


  • Normal - website posts, including music, links, reviews and photography.
  • Full - everything from the normal archive, plus all posts.


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