Lvl 45 Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft

Lvl 45 Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft

Demon Hunters are the kings of mobility in raids and dungeons. In general, they can move around more and more quickly than many other specs, thanks to Infernal Strike, as well as various talents that aid their mobility. Additionally, they excel at burst AoE damage, with many abilities dealing AoE and cleave damage. They also excel at dungeon utility with their sigils.

Vengeance Demon Hunter gameplay features a mix between healing and damage mitigation, with low-cost but low-uptime of active mitigation, the ability to mitigate magic damage well, and extremely high burst healing potential.

This is a compendium of information related to the niche of XP-locking a World of Warcraft character at level 45 (old 110 Legion characters) and is definitely the most complete and updated guide you will ever find on the Web, regarding this subject.

If you play a character that’s locked to a different level range (for example 19 or 20) you can still draw some hints from this guide, you just don’t have access to any raids.

This guide is updated with the latest changes of the World of Warcraft 10.1.7 patch (Dragonflight).

Some info will always be outdated because unlike in the old Blizzard days, when you farmed 6 months for a xp-locked character and you were done for at least a year, now the gear is useful until the next major change, which usually comes in a month or so. Gear gets nerfed, enchants get disabled, now you can do timewalking and the next week you can’t, legendaries are iLvl 400 this week, next 50, the next one they’re disabled. You get the idea, it’s a mess.

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  • Agi is Agility.
  • Vers is Versatility.
  • Has is Haste.
  • Crit is Critical Strike.
  • Sta is Stamina.
  • Mas is Mastery.
  • Arm is Armor.
  • iLvl is the item level.
  • HP is total Health Points.
  • BiS, whether the item is Best in Slot.
  • TBC is The Burning Crusade, WotLK is Wrath of the Lich King, MOP is Mists of Pandaria, WOD is Warlords of Draenor, BfA is Battle for Azeroth, SL is Shadowlands and DF is Dragonflight.

The countless nicks and gouges that mar the Aldrachi Warblades form a map of their violent history. These weapons have vanquished thousands of demons and absorbed their twisted souls. It is said that the warblades even drew the molten blood of the Burning Legion’s ruler, Sargeras.

Truly, there is extraordinary power in these otherworldly blades. In your hands, there is no telling what havoc they will wreak on the Legion.


  • With proper gear a Vengeance demon hunter is really unkillable and self-sufficient, you won’t depend on healers and can solo all dungeons available at your level and even some raids.
  • You can never have too many sockets!
  • Dragonflight prepatch destroyed the old Azerite gear.
  • Did I mention sockets? You want them!
  • You have access to the Mage Tower challenges (tank and dps).
  • All enchants should be +Agility when possible.
  • Currently (as of Dragonflight but this was a problem in Shadowlands too) it’s impossible to get into PvP battlegrounds if you’re xp-locked, there are too few players playing lvl 45 xp-locked characters in the game.
  • All gems should be +Critical Strike (Deadly Deep Chemirine or Deadly Lava Lazuli) when you dps or +Versatility (Versatile Labradorite or Versatile Dark Opal) when you tank, with three exceptions: one +12 Agi, one +9 Agi and one +9 Agi gems.
  • If you are tanking, the secondary stat priority is Versatility = Haste, if you are dps the priority is Critical Strike = Haste. Agility is very important and so is Stamina.
  • Highest iLvl items you will have are the Heart of Azeroth (100-150+), the three Azerite pieces of gear (they start at iLvl 59 and will go to iLvl 64), Warforged Relinquished/Dauntless/Unsullied tokens at iLvl 60, Legion legendaries at iLvl 59, Class Hall set can be upgraded to iLvl 54, Baleful tokens can proc up to iLvl 52, Legion crafted items can be upgraded from 50 to 60 not anymore. World green BoEs can be max iLvl 57 (and they can proc one socket AND tertiary stats), everything else will be iLvl 50. Old Mythic Antorus Titanforged items are now iLvl 55.
  • Keep in mind that Azerite gear traits DO NOT WORK in Shadowlands zones, Dragonflight zones or PvP battlegrounds. For those you want another set of equipment.
  • If you didn’t bother to enchant your gear until now, you won’t be able to do it except for weapons and rings (BfA enchants) because Blizztivision forgot to update enchants scaling.
  • Farming Antorus Mythic (in a party with a higher level than you, of course) will render you iLvl 163 gear that it’s a good start but in the end you want iLvl 163 WoD warforged and socketed epics and/or iLvl 137 TBC dungeon multi-socketed gear.
  • Heart of Azeroth is not that important irelevant now as it was during BfA or even Shadowlands. It provides 20-27 mainstat and 100-120 secondaries, split between Critical Strike, Haste and Mastery (no Versatility). If you are not using Azerite gear (or the traits are not enabled in that specific zone) you might consider using another necklace.
  • The best legendary combo is: Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus, The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge and if you’re insanely lucky, Aman’Thul’s Vision.


Agility increases your Attack Power, Dodge chance, and Armor of Demon Spikes.

Stamina is found on every piece of gear and adds to your health. It is good as a baseline, but generally does not factor into consideration outside of item level.

Armor is also found on every piece of gear aside from rings and trinkets. It gives you physical mitigation up to a cap of 85% reduction. However, you cannot currently reach the armor cap. Every point of armor increases your effective health by the same amount, but gives less damage reduction.

Mastery increases your Attack Power, and the amount of damage reduction you gain from Demon Spikes based on your Agility. Will increase your armor by half the amount when Demon Spikes is not active.

Critical Strike increases the chance for your damaging abilities to be twice as effective. Your Critical Strike chance is also converted into Parry chance. Shattered Souls can not critically heal for twice the amount, but some other minor self-healing effects can. Critical Strike interacts with the talent Volatile Flameblood to generate extra Fury from Immolation Aura. There is a hard cap at 100%, but it is currently not achievable.

Versatility increases all your damage and healing done, and decreases all damage taken. It works against all forms of damage, so it is the most effective general purpose stat for damage reduction.

Haste reduces the global cooldown (until you reach 100% Haste), and also reduces the cooldown of Demon Spikes, Immolation Aura, Felblade, and Fracture.

Leech grants you a portion of your damage and healing, excluding the healing from Soul Fragment as healing. It cannot crit and is not affected by Versatility.

Speed makes you run a bit faster.

Avoidance allows you to take reduced damage from AoE attacks. It has a cap of 20%. AoE attacks must be those which specifically deal damage to multiple players immediately, and not through a ticking debuff.

  • Normal stat priority for a Vengeance Demon Hunter is AgilityHasteCritical StrikeVersatilityMastery but for this build we’re going for AgilityCritical StrikeHasteVersatility = Mastery because it is an offensive build.
  • The main idea is to maximize Critical Strike, Haste and Agility and ignore everything else. You kill as fast as possible while not taking any real damage.
  • ~550 Agility is +6.5% Dodge Chance.
  • ~560 Critical Strike is +39% Parry Chance.
  • ~50 Mastery is +12% Attack Power.
  • You get plenty of Stamina normally from your gear (especially if you have Heart of Azeroth and Azerite gear) for PvP.
  • Mastery is OKish, Haste is good, Versatility is very good for dungeon/raid tanking and solo challenges, Critical Strike is very good for actually doing dps.
  • For a DPS set, the aim is to get ~60% Critical Strike unbuffed, and over 75% Critical Strike when the Azerite traits will proc.
  • For a tanking set, stack Versatility and Haste.
  • If you’re really lucky and you get tertiary procs (+Speed, +Leech), they are good. Indestructible and Avoidance are bad.
  • Read more on diminishing returns on secondary stats or how mastery works.
  • You can get a total of 375 tertiary stat if by any chance you happen to proc tertiary stats on all your iLvl 163 gear (34 on head, 17 on neck, 19 on cloak, 34 on chest, 25 on shoulders, 19 on wrist, 25 on hands, 25 on waist, 34 on legs, 25 on feet, 17 on each ring, 25 on each trinket, 17 on each weapon) or 269 if you proc them on all of your iLvl 137 gear (24 on head, 13 on neck, 13 on cloak, 24 on chest, 18 on shoulders, 13 on wrist, 18 on hands, 18 on waist, 24 on legs, 18 on feet, 13 on each ring, 18 on each trinket, 12 on each weapon).


This tool wasn’t updated for Dragonflight changes.
Secondary stat conversion
Critical Strike
Tertiary stat conversion

Primary stat conversion
➝ Dodge Chance


Start your own journey by leveling a demon hunter (blood elf or night elf for now) to level 45 and lock the xp at that level. Once you did that, if you have a friend that can run you through Antorus mythic each week you’re set. In about a month or two you will have almost BiS gear. Another thing to keep in mind is that in order to equip two Legion legendaries you will need to progress your Class Hall questline quite a bit, so make sure you start working on that. You might want to queue for The Burning Crusade dungeons when you have the time, so you can cash in on those sweet socketed items.

Basically you will want to switch between Legion and The Burning Crusade (and later Warlords of Draenor) Chromie Time for your gearing activities. Once you’re over 140 iLvl you can start soloing Warlords of Draenor dungeons for the socketed warforged epics to complete your Antorus mythic gear. Shadowlands rares give iLvl 130 items that can proc epic for iLvl 143. Make sure you get your Heart of Azeroth from the Battle for Azeroth Chromie Time.

There is no “best” profession but Engineering is always great for fun stuff. Make sure you don’t play on a dead realm else you will need to juggle lots of professions (you will need enchants, gems, consumables).


Dragonflight prepatch changed a lot of gear, all Legion token pieces are now bad, so they’re crossed off the lists. If you want to sim your gear, use this tool. You get decide what’s BiS on your own, based on the secondary stat requirements for your play-style but you can look in the sets section for some tips.

grandfathered item, no longer obtainable
chance for socket
meta and prismatic socket
bind on equip


  Crystalbinder Helm414038621✲163
  Leafmender Hood413442621✲163
  Headdress of Living Brambles41502862163
  Raven-Heart Headdress2822+122423137
  Hood of the Slithering Loa5361137
  Wastewalker Helm282328422❖137
  Crystalbinder Helm282827421✲137
  Leafmender Hood282430421✲137
  Scorching Sands Mask344264
  Fel-Treated Hood of the Decimator1428211✲60
  Fel-Treated Hood of the Decimator1325201✲50

Hood of the Slithering Loa is the only Azerite gear piece available at 45 that has the Swirling Sands Azerite trait.


  Crystalbinder Shoulderpads31302847163
  Shoulderpads of Demonic Blitz31362347163
  Felflame Inferno Shoulderpads31233647163
  Felreaper Spaulders31372247163
  Mantle of Perenolde213131312137
  Moonglade Shoulders212216312137
  Crystalbinder Shoulderpads21222031137
  Gorak Tul’s Mantle4046137
  Ritual Flayer’s Spaulders263164
  Fel-Treated Spaulders of the Decimator1325201✲60
  Fel-Treated Spaulders of the Decimator1121161✲50

Gorak Tul’s Mantle is the only Azerite gear piece available at 45 that has the Blightborne Infusion Azerite trait.


  Leafmender Robes41403862163
  Blackwater Wrap41423462163
  Harness of Oppressing Dark41314862163
  Vest of Waning Life41364262163
  Morrie’s Waywalker Wrap232226+1442140
  Moonglade Robe283218+1423137
  Leafmender Robes28282742137
  Blackwater Wrap28302442137
  Spymaster’s Wrap5361137
  Tunic of the Nightwatcher2827+1423137
  Scorching Sands Wraps344264
  Fel-Treated Chestguard of the Decimator1428211✲60
  Fel-Treated Chestguard of the Decimator1325201✲50


  Bloodfeather Bracers232222351✲163
  Fiendish Logistician’s Wristwraps23202435163
  Bracers of Wanton Morality23281635163
  Hyo’gi Basket Binders161318241✲137
  Armwraps of Disdain1626241✲137
  Venerated Raptorhide Bindings161813241✲137
  Bloodfeather Bracers161616241✲137
  Spymistress’ Wristguards1619241137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Leather Bindings16247241✲137
  Fel-Treated Bracers of the Decimator1020151✲60
  Fel-Treated Bracers of the Decimator816121✲50


  Gauntlets of Burning Focus31283047163
  Leafmender Grips31223447163
  Felreaper Gloves31273247163
  Grips of Hungering Shadows31243447163
  Deft Handguards2118+1312137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Leather Gloves213210311✲137
  Gauntlets of Burning Focus21202231137
  Leafmender Grips21162431137
  Wastewalker Gloves21312137
  Ageless Toxin Grips212022311✲137
  Fel-Treated Gauntlets of the Decimator1326201✲60
  Fel-Treated Gauntlets of the Decimator1121161✲50


  Blackwater Belt313226471✲163
  Belt of Fractured Sanity31243447163
  Liar’s Cord2122312137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Leather Belt213012311✲137
  Chomper-Hide Belt211626311✲137
  Blackwater Belt212218311✲137
  Venomous Hivemother Cord212022311✲137
  Fel-Treated Belt of the Decimator1325201✲60
  Fel-Treated Belt of the Decimator1121161✲50


  Leafmender Legwraps41433362163
  Felreaper Leggings41344462163
  Breach-Blocker Legguards41463262163
  Mennu’s Scaled Leggings2840423137
  Kilt of the Night Strider2828+1423137
  Moonchild Leggings2827+124423137
  Leafmender Legwraps28312342137
  Midnight Legguards281929+1423137
  Shambling Berserker’s Leggings283422421✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Leather Legguards281937421✲137
  Noxious Crocolisk Trousers282729421✲137
  Blazewing’s Furious Kilt2024+119392133
  Fel-Treated Legguards of the Decimator1734261✲60
  Coarse Leather Leggings of the Decimator17342660
  Fel-Treated Legguards of the Decimator1428211✲50


  The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge312534473163
  Leafmender Sandals31283047163
  Life-bearing Footpads31322747163
  Depraved Machinist’s Footpads31362347163
  Boots of the Shifting Sands2124+1312137
  Kragg’s Rigging Scalers212319311✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Leather Boots212714311✲137
  Vicious Scorpidsting Sandals212220311✲137
  Leafmender Sandals21202231137
  Boots of Transformation2127311137
  Tarvus’s Poison-Scarred Boots171518+1301133
  Fel-Treated Boots of the Decimator1325201✲60
  The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge13111419359
  Fel-Treated Boots of the Decimator1121161✲50


  Greatcloak of the Dark Pantheon23242035163
  Cloak of the Burning Vanguard23242035163
  Drape of the Spirited Hunt23192535163
  Parrotfeather Cloak161912241✲137
  Sauroscale Cloak of Adaptation161516241✲137
  Beryl-Tide Greatcloak161714241✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Shawl162111241✲137
  Dreadfire Drape10+28182118
  Drape of the Faceless General8+179152107
  Unifying Drape of the Decimator1020151✲60
  Unifying Drape of the Decimator816121✲50


  Dragon’s Call21202031163
  Bloodblade of Teron’Gor21172131163
  Gutwrench Goreaxe21162231163
  Claw of the Watcher1418+12137
  Stormreaver Warblades143113137
  Soulrending Claw141513211✲137
  Mechano-Cat Claw141315211✲137
  Skycarver Warglaive141414211✲137
  Amani Berserker’s Chopper141315211✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Claw14621211✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Chopper141018211✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Warglaive14621211✲137
  Aldrachi Warblades26262419130
  Hellscream’s Cleaver7+288192130
  Aldrachi Warblades2424241880
  Akama’s Edge71051150
  Baleful Greataxe of the Decimator7141049


  Sephuz’s Secret2869351163
  Insignia of the Grand Army323133351163
  Band of the Sargerite Smith514535163
  Zealous Tormentor’s Ring583935163
  Seal of the Portalmaster366135163
  Signet of the Glorious Protector231820351✲163
  Seal of the Second Duumvirate514333159
  Slumberwood Band562926143
  Vastly Oversized Ring82251✲140
  Sameed’s Vision Ring82251✲140
  Lord Waycrest’s Signet2850241✲137
  Murky Cerulean Signet5622241✲137
  Beastbinder Ring2554241✲137
  Seal of the Regal Loa3048241✲137
  Electrocutioner Lagnut78241✲137
  Signet of the Glorious Protector161516241✲137
  Charged Sandstone Band4534241✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Ring2554241✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Band2554241✲137
  Slumberwood Band462421130
  Avenging Band of the Decimator60151✲60
  Vastly Oversized Ring60151✲60
  Sephuz’s Secret174215159
  Arduous Signet of the Decimator8201250


  Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus393939351163
  Vulcanarcore Pendant524435163
  Fistbreak Choker231721351✲163
  Heart of Azeroth40404027146
  Prizerock Neckband15151515243137
  Armsmaster’s Sealed Locket78241✲137
  Animus Pendant of the Decimator60151✲60
  Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus1010107159
  Animus Pendant of the Decimator50121✲50
  Vexed Necklace of the Decimator8201250


  Aman’Thul’s Vision47474747163
  Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn392828163
  Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish39191919163
  Velen’s Future Sight39191919163
  Aggramar’s Conviction39163
  Enforcer’s Stun Grenade73163
  Shadow-Singed Fang163
  Unstable Arcanocrystal38383838147
  Misfiring Centurion Controller48143
  Rotbriar Sprout29143
  Coren’s Cold Chromium Coaster40137
  Brawler’s Statue40137
  Whirlwing’s Plumage401✲137
  Harlan’s Loaded Dice271✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Bauble271✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Insignia401✲137
  Corrupted Aspirant’s Badge401✲137
  Galewind Chimes271✲137
  Icon of Unyielding Courage37137
  Enforcer’s Stun Grenade52137
  Chipped Soul Prism1929292929136
  Misfiring Centurion Controller36130
  Rotbriar Sprout27130
  Curse of Hubris34126
  Pajeet-Nov’s Perpetual Puzzle15110
  Aman’Thul’s Vision888850
  Ghost Iron Dragonling57348


Some of the items cross over into multiple sets.

All equipment should have gem slots (except neck) and be max possible iLvl (137, except legendaries and Dragon's Call).

Stat priority is AgilityCritical StrikeHasteVersatilityMastery

Critical Strike62%

values above are approximate, they depend on your enchants, gems, etc

All equipment should have gem slots (except head, chest, shoulders and neck).

Stat priority is AgilityCritical StrikeVersatility = Haste = Mastery

Critical Strike53%

values above are approximate, they depend on your enchants, gems, etc

All equipment should have gem slots, remember that everything gets scaled down to iLvl 120 inside the Mage Tower.

Stat priority is AgilityVersatilityCritical StrikeHasteMastery

Critical Strike37%

values above are approximate, they depend on your enchants, gems, etc

Maximize Stamina, Agility, Versatility and Haste, in that order, it will take ages to get the proper procs out of the WoD dungeons.

Stat priority is StaminaAgilityVersatilityHasteCritical Strike = Mastery

Critical Strike28%

values above are approximate, they depend on your enchants, gems, etc

Stat priority is AgilityCritical StrikeHasteVersatility = Mastery

Critical Strike50%

values above are approximate, they depend on your enchants, gems, etc

Heart of Azeroth

As of Dragonflight patch 10.1, the Heart of Azeroth is not BiS anymore, Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus is way better.

The Heart of Azeroth is still obtainable if you go into a BfA dungeon with someone who already has the necklace, kill the last boss, hope it will drop a piece of Azerite gear for that someone (Azerite gear only drops for characters that already have the Heart of Azeroth) and that you will get traded that piece. It doesn’t have to be leather, could be plate or cloth, it’s not important, you just need to have one piece of Azerite gear in your inventory. When you relog into WoW (and go into Boralus or Dazar’alor) you will get the starting quest to get your necklace.


This table wasn’t updated for Dragonflight changes, HoA got hit with the nerfbat again.
RankAzerite requirediLvlStamina / Mastery / Haste / Crit
75100012935 / 40 / 40 / 40
76126913036 / 40 / 40 / 40
77165013136 / 41 / 41 / 41
78214513236 / 41 / 41 / 41
79278913336 / 41 / 41 / 41
80362613436 / 41 / 41 / 41
81471413536 / 42 / 42 / 42
82612913636 / 42 / 42 / 42
83769713737 / 42 / 42 / 42
841035713837 / 42 / 42 / 42
851346413937 / 43 / 43 / 43
861750314037 / 43 / 43 / 43
872275414137 / 43 / 43 / 43
882958314237 / 43 / 43 / 43
893845914337 / 44 / 44 / 44
904999614438 / 44 / 44 / 44
916499514538 / 44 / 44 / 44
928449414638 / 44 / 44 / 44
9310984214738 / 45 / 45 / 45
9414279514838 / 45 / 45 / 45
9518563414938 / 45 / 45 / 45
9624132415038 / 45 / 45 / 45
9731372215139 / 46 / 46 / 46
9840783815239 / 46 / 46 / 46
9953019015339 / 46 / 46 / 46
10068921615439 / 47 / 47 / 47
10189602015539 / 47 / 47 / 47

A good rank to aim for is 89, that will give your Heart of Azeroth an iLvl of 143, there are few sources for Azerite so you can raise its rank:

  • Zandalar Port/ Boralus ship mission table.
  • Random daily BfA dungeons.
  • Faction invasions world quests.
  • Rares (once per rare except Mechagon and Nazjatar).
  • Invasion war chests and supply chests.
  • Island Expeditions and their related quests.
  • Quests (once per quest).

You’re looking at maybe 1k-1.5k daily azerite if you don’t do Island Expeditions and don’t kill every rare in Mechagon daily (I sure hope you’re not). After rank 91 expect more than a month for one level and after 93 you should stop because it will take about half year for rank 94.

Item Level

CT means Chromie Time, you need to talk to Chromie and select an expansion. In Chromie Time you can’t enter any raids and you can’t enter dungeons with a difficulty higher than normal, to do raids or heroic dungeons you need to exit Chromie Time by talking to Chromie in Orgrimmar/Stormwind.

One very important thing to keep in mind: sometimes a 163 from Antorus Mythic is better than a multi-socketed 137 from Burning Crusade dungeons, BUT if that 137 is already enchanted then currently nothing beats it. On the other hand, a socketed 163 from Warlords of Draenor is probably better than a multi-socketed and enchanted 137 but the chance to get such a proc is so low it’s not even worth talking about it, unless you play WoW 24/7.

A socket upgrade means there is a chance the item can proc an extra socket, a tertiary upgrade means there is a chance for the item to get an extra tertiary stat, leech, avoidance, speed or indestructible, an epic upgrade means the item could upgrade to epic thus boost its iLvl quite a bit (more than 10 iLvls usually). Warforged upgrades are not available in every expansion and are similar to an epic upgrade (usually about 10-26 iLvls). When there is a chance for warforged or epic upgrade, I only wrote the iLvl for the Chromie Time.

ExpansionActivityDifficulty: iLvlUpgrades
ClassicDungeonsCT Normal: 137 - 163
Normal: 89 - 115
✓ socket
✓ tertiary
✗ epic
RaidsNormal: 29 - 105✗ socket
✗ tertiary
RaresCT: 114
Normal: 66
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✗ rare
✗ epic
QuestsCT: 113
Normal: 65
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ rare (123)
✗ epic
The Burning CrusadeDungeonsCT Normal: 137
Normal: 89
Heroic: 91
Timewalking: 137
✓ socket
✓ tertiary
✗ epic
RaidsNormal: 32 - 105✗ socket
✗ tertiary
RaresCT: 123
Normal: 75
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ epic (133)
QuestsCT: 113
Normal: 65
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ rare (123)
✓ epic (133)
World bossesCT: 32
Normal: 32
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
Wrath of the Lich KingDungeonsCT Normal: 137
Normal: 89
Heroic: 91
Timewalking: 137
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✗ epic
RaidsNormal: 35 - 105✗ socket
✗ tertiary
RaresCT: 123
Normal: 75
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ epic (133)
QuestsCT: 113
Normal: 65 - 75
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ rare (123)
CataclysmDungeonsCT Normal: 137
Normal: 104
Heroic: 106
Timewalking: 137
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✗ epic
RaidsNormal: 37 - 116✗ socket
✗ tertiary
RaresCT: 123
Normal: 90
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ epic (133)
QuestsCT: 113
Normal: unknown
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ rare (123)
✓ epic (133)
World bossesCT: 133 - 140
Normal: 100 - 107
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
Mists of PandariaDungeonsCT Normal: 137
Normal: 104
Heroic: 106
Timewalking: 137
✓ socket
✓ tertiary
✗ epic
RaidsNormal: 112 - 122
Heroic: 39 - 124
Mythic: 126
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
RaresCT: 123
Normal: 90 - 100
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ epic (133)
QuestsCT: 113
Normal: unknown
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ rare (123)
✗ epic
World bossesCT: 42
Normal: 42
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
Warlords of DraenorDungeonsCT Normal: 137
Normal: 44
Heroic: 122
Mythic: 124
Timewalking: 137
✓ socket
✓ tertiary
✓ warforged (163)
RaidsLFR: 128 - 132
Normal: 130 - 134
Heroic: 132 - 136
Mythic: 134 - 138
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✗ warforged
RaresCT: 123
Normal: 44 - 106
✓ socket
✓ tertiary
✗ warforged
QuestsCT: 113
Normal: 96 - 106
✓ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ warforged (133)
World bossesCT: 44 - 136
Normal: 44 - 136
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ warforged (45)
LegionDungeonsCT Normal: 137
Normal: 50
Heroic: 139
Mythic: 141
Timewalking: 137
✗ socket
✓ tertiary
✗ warforged
✗ epic
RaidsLFR: 145 - 157
Normal: 147 - 159
Heroic: 149 - 161
Mythic: 151 - 163
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✗ warforged
RaresCT: 123✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ epic (133)
QuestsCT: 113✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✗ epic
World bossesCT: 50 - 155✗ socket
✗ tertiary
Battle for AzerothDungeonsCT Normal: 137
Normal: 137
Heroic: n/a
Mythic: n/a
✓ socket
✓ tertiary
✗ epic
Rares137✓ socket
✓ tertiary
✓ epic
Quests113✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ epic (143)
World bossesn/an/a
ShadowlandsDungeonsCT Normal: 137
Heroic: n/a
Mythic: n/a
✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✗ epic
RaresCT: 130✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ epic (143)
QuestsCT: 117 - 130✗ socket
✗ tertiary
✓ epic (143)
World bossesn/an/a
World bossesn/an/a

As you can see, it’s a mess. Basically, once you’re in a Chromie Time campaign, all dungeons regardless of expansion will drop iLvl 137 gear, so obviously TBC stuff is BiS due to the huge amount of gem sockets.

Wrist, cloak, rings and trinkets can be Epic from CT Warlords of Draenor (iLvl 163) but the amount of RNG required to get the perfect proc (epic + socket + tertiary) for one item will be insane.

The highest iLvl available to a level 45 currently is 163, both from Antorus Mythic raid and epic procs inside Chromie Time WoD dungeons, but the gear can’t be enchanted and the rate of socket procs (for WoD dungeons) is ultra low. But that shouldn’t stop you to have a BiS set with the highest iLvl available.

To summarize a bit, Antorus 163 gear can’t proc sockets, some of the 163 gear from WoD dungeons can proc sockets (and other goodies).


At baseline, a character can only equip 1 Legion legendary. The Tier 6 Class Order Hall upgrade will allow you to equip 1 additional legendary (over and above the current cap).

At present, there is a two Legion legendary item equip limit. The one exception to this is the Aman’Thul’s Vision trinket added in 7.3.2, which can be equipped IN ADDITION to two other Legion legendaries, for a total of three. But the trinket’s drop rate is so low that you shouldn’t worry about it and just plan the other two (well, actually plan just one because the other one will always be The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge due to its three gem sockets).

Legendary items effects are now (as of Battle for Azeroth expansion) disabled in any content, they are just stat sticks.

Legion legendaries used to have an iLvl of 910, 940, 970 or 1000 in Legion, that got reduced to 59 and got later (with Dragonflight 10.0.5 patch) bumped to 163 making them viable again.

The Warglaives of Azzinoth TBC legendaries now have an iLvl of 105, under certain circumstances they might be considered “okish”. Especially if already enchanted. Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker is iLvl 101 now.


All the runs are done in legacy mode (with a level 60 character).


  • 20 runs of the Temple of Atal’Hakkar dungeon.
  • 160 items dropped in total (2 per boss, 4 bosses per run).
    • 6 Dragon’s Call, one with tertiary stat.
    • 5 Embrace of the Wind Serpent, one with tertiary stat.
    • 14 rare items with tertiary stat.
    • 5 rare items with socket (3 rings, one belt, one neck).
    • no items with both socket and tertiary stat.

Mists of Pandaria

  • 12 runs of the Shado-Pan Monastery dungeon.
  • 96 items dropped in total (2 per boss, 4 bosses per run).
    • 0 Ka’eng, Breath of the Shadow.
    • 9 rare items with tertiary stat.
    • 5 rare items with socket (2 necks, 2 rings, one belt).
    • 3 items with both socket and tertiary stat (one ring, one belt, one neck).

Warlords of Draenor

  • 20 runs of the Auchindoun dungeon.
  • 160 items dropped in total (2 per boss, 4 bosses per run).
    • 14 warforged (epic) items.
    • 2 warforged items with tertiary stat.
    • 0 warforged items with socket.
    • 13 rare items with tertiary stat.
    • 3 rare items with socket (2 belts, one ring).
    • 0 items with both socket and tertiary stat.

It looks as if the slots that could be socketed in Shadowlands with Spatial Realignment Apparatus (head, neck, wrist, waist, rings) are the only slots that can proc a socket EXCEPT for Battle for Azeroth items, any of them can proc a socket.

The Lottery


This section is obsolete due to Dragonflight’s launch. The Broken Shore lottery is over, rejoice!

If you want to get BiS gear or close to BiS gear, you will have to play the World of Warcraft lottery. That means that you will need to buy Dauntless, Unsullied and Relinquished tokens and hope that you will get the perfect proc. The perfect proc would be iLvl 60 (Warforged), with one socket and of the Decimator suffix. The slots that will need this perfect proc are:

  • Cloak
  • Wrist
  • Hands
  • Rings
  • Trinkets



Most of the info in this section is obsolete due to Dragonflight’s launch. The fact that we now have access to high iLvl gear makes old enchants not usable. The only available enchants for iLvl 137 gear are for rings and weapons. All the previously-enchanted gear is now grandfathered.


  • Force Multiplier (+33 Agi and +21 Crit)
  • Dancing Steel (+37 Agi), grandfathered on weapons with iLvl higher than 50
  • Naga Hide (+33 Agi and absorb shield for 1573 damage)
  • Celestial Guidance (+5% Agi with is ~17 Agi) req. level 50
  • Deadly Navigation (+6 Crit stackable to 5, then +75 Crit)
  • Siphoning (+23 Leech)

If you want to go for the numbers, one Dancing Steel enchant on each weapon (they proc independently and you can have two buffs at the same time for 74 Agi together).

Actually, you should have 4 weapons, one with Force Multiplier, two with Dancing Steel, and one with Celestial Guidance, one with Naga Hide and rotate accordingly.



Under no circumstances you should have less than 3 sockets in your equipped gear, one ring and the off-hand Claw of the Watcher should have the three Eye of Agility gems socketed.

Azerite gear

There are currently several “types” of Azerite gear in game available at level 45:

  • Old (pre-SL) questing gear from finishing all the questlines in all the BfA zones (so 6 pieces in total, 12 if you want to change faction) that have amazing traits. They are stuck at iLvl 59 and useless now.
  • Old (pre-DF) dungeon drops that require level 48 and are iLvl 59. Useless.
  • Old (pre-SL) PvP drops from Secret and War Chests in BfA zones during a faction invasion. Stuck at iLvl 59 and useless but they have unique traits.
  • New (post-DF) dungeon drops that are iLvl 137 but their traits are ok-ish. Look out for Swirling Sands, Blightborne Infusion, Blood Rite or Tradewinds traits.
  • There might be another type of gear, new post-DF questing gear from finishing all the questlines in all the BfA zones. I can’t test what type of gear you can get and its iLvl.

Obviously, you should only use post-Dragonflight iLvl 137 Azerite gear with proper traits IF your Heart of Azeroth iLvl is high enough to offset Prizerock Neckband’s iLvl. Which means your HoA should be at least iLvl 137, if it’s lower than that, use Prizerock Neckband or another necklace.

Be aware of the fact that if you are using BiS dungeon gear + Prizerock Neckband versus BiS Azerite gear + Heart of Azeroth, you will gain about 10% Critical Strike but you lose traits. Also, can’t stress this enough, Azerite traits do not work in Shadowlands zones, Dragonflight zones and PvP combat.

Here is the list of all Azerite gear pieces available at 45 (for Horde, Alliance has a few different pieces):









Loadout code:



  1. Use Fel Devastation on cooldown.
  2. Use Immolation Aura on cooldown if you will not cap on Fury, and when the risk of capping Soul Fragments is low if you are talented into Fallout.
  3. Keep Fracture recharging if you will not cap on Fury and Souls. During Metamorphosis you may overlook wasting small amounts of Fury.
  4. Use Sigil of Flame on cooldown as long as you will not cap Fury.
  5. Use Spirit Bomb when you have 4 or more Soul Fragments ready, or when you have 3 or more Soul Fragments ready if you are in Metamorphosis.
  6. Use Soul Cleave to spend Fury when you have no Soul Fragments available.
  7. Use Throw Glaive as a filler when nothing else is available.


Focus interrupt:

#showtooltip Disrupt
/cast [@focus,harm,nodead][] Disrupt

Infernal Strike:

/cast [mod:ctrl, @player] Infernal Strike; [nomod, @cursor] Infernal Strike

Mouseover taunt:

#showtooltip Torment
/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][]Torment

Focus purge:

#showtooltip Consume Magic
/cast [@focus,harm,nodead][] Consume Magic

Open mission tables for various expansions, regardless of your location:

# WoD
/run ShowGarrisonLandingPage(Enum.GarrisonType.Type_6_0)
# Legion
/run ShowGarrisonLandingPage(Enum.GarrisonType.Type_7_0)
# BfA
/run ShowGarrisonLandingPage(Enum.GarrisonType.Type_8_0)
# SL
/run ShowGarrisonLandingPage(Enum.GarrisonType.Type_9_0)

Fel rush macro:

/run f=CreateFrame("frame");f.d=0.5;f:SetScript("OnUpdate",function(s,e) f.d=f.d-e if f.d<0 then f:SetScript("OnUpdate",nil) f=nil elseif select(1,GetUnitSpeed("player"))>45 then local d=time()+0.3 while time()<d do end end end)
/use Fel Rush

Macro to get teleported outside dungeon (useful when soloing):

/run C_PartyInfo.InviteUnit("Aaa");C_Timer.After(1,function() C_PartyInfo.LeaveParty() end)


“Okey okey, this is a Vengeance guide but how about those times when I really feel like I should unleash my Havoc side and wreak … havoc among my enemies?” nobody

In that case, let’s talk a bit about the Havoc (dps) spec of a demon hunter. Havoc gameplay mostly revolves around a build-and-spend cycle with some short cooldowns mixed in. Survival is good, and mobility is extremely flexible. The spec is mostly GCD-locked in almost all situations, making it quite a fast-paced melee to play. Havoc also comes with several AoE burst tools for high-target scenarios, but has no real tools to AoE outside of these.

Stat priority is: AgilityCritical StrikeHaste = MasteryVersatility. Same enchants, same consumables, pretty much similar Critical Strike/Haste-focused gear.


Loadout code:


Mage Tower


  • All Battle for Azeroth Azerite effects (Azerite Gear and Traits) are disabled.
  • All Legion Legendary effects are disabled.
  • All Tier Set Bonuses are disabled.


Overall, the main piece at play when picking a Mage Tower challenge set is to maximize the number of sockets present in the gear while avoiding to lose many base stats. Besides sockets, other important aspect is enchants. Items iLvl 50 or lower have access to all enchants from previous expansions, which increases the number of slots available to be enchanted. Having all your gear enchanted with optimal enchants is equivalent of having more than two extra pieces of gear worth of stats. All the items get scaled down to iLvl 120 inside the Mage Tower but lower iLvl items do not get scaled up so anything below 120 is not optimal.

Check out the Sets section for a Mage Tower set.

You should aim for 400+ Agi, 850 Sta, 500+ Armor, 35%+ Crit, 25%+ Vers. All gems should be +7 Critical Strike except for one +7 Agi, one +7 Agi and one +9 Agi. If you’re having survivability issues you can replace SOME of the +7 Critical Strike gems with +7 Versatility.


Same stuff as in the Consumables section above.


  • It will be hard but it’s definitely doable!
  • Don’t get more than 4-5 stacks of Aura of Decay.
  • Always interrupt Drain Life
  • Kill the Tormenting Eye while waiting for Aura of Decay stacks to drop.
  • Stack the 4 Nether Horrors on the boss (away from Prophet Velen) and nuke them fast.
  • The goal of this first phase is to kill Inquisitor Variss as quickly as possible in order to get to Phase 2, while handling all the mechanics properly.
  • In Phase 2, you need to quickly burn down Highlord Kruul before you gain too many stacks of Annihilate, or you will eventually get one-shot.
  • Nether Horrors will continue to spawn in groups of 4 during this phase, and you deal with them the same way as in Phase 1.


A lvl 45 demon hunter can participate in The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor timewalking, browse here for a set you can use.

The Burning Crusade  - The Blood Furnace
- The Botanica
- Magisters’ Terrace
- Mana-Tombs
- The Shattered Halls
- The Underbog
Wrath of the Lich King3075- Azjol-Nerub
- The Forge of Souls
- Gundrak
- Halls of Lightning
- The Nexus
- Utgarde Keep
Cataclysm3535- The Vortex Pinnacle
- The Stonecore
- Throne of the Tides
- Lost City of the Tol’vir
- End Time
- Blackrock Caverns
Mists of Pandaria3540- Gate of the Setting Sun
- Mogu’shan Palace
- Scholomance
- Shado-Pan Monastery
- Stormstout Brewery
- Temple of the Jade Serpent
Very easy.
Warlords of Draenor  - Bloodmaul Slag Mines
- Auchindoun
- Skyreach
- Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
- The Everbloom
- Grimrail Depot
Korrak’s Revenge6070Hardcore.

Tips and Tricks


  • No Brawl’gar Arena.
  • No Proving Grounds.
  • Can use Recruit a Friend ability to summon your level 45 to any zone.
  • Can do Mage Tower Challenges (and a lvl 45 demon hunter xp-locked is very nicely tuned for that).
  • If you’re a collector you should try and maximize your professions and get all the possible recipes for them.
  • You can get the Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer buff in Orgrimmar/Stormwind when somebody kills Nefarian or Onyxia (and turns in their heads). This buffs your Critical Strike by 10% for 2 hours, which is huge (also buffs your Agi and Stamina by 10%).



  • All event dungeon bosses (Hallow’s End, Brefest, Midsummer Fire Festival), except Love is in the Air, drop iLvl 50 gear. Love is in the Air dungeon boss drops iLvl 137 necklaces.
  • Brewfest boss drops iLvl 50 epic trinkets. Now Brewfest boss drops iLvl 50 Timewarped rare trinkets.
  • Since Dragonflight, Brewfest boss drops iLvl 137 epic trinkets that can proc tertiary stats.

Chromie Time

  • You have access to Chromie Time at 45 and while in any Chromie campaigns you are the apex predator (at least until Dragonflight, characters lose access to Chromie Time at level 50). No max-level characters to bug you. as of Dragonflight, the max level a character can have inside Chromie Time is 60, but you will still be a God.
  • You cannot enter any raids or dungeons with a difficulty higher than Normal when in Chromie Time.
  • If you Party Sync a character that is higher level than you, he can enter raids while in Chromie Time but the mobs inside are scaled to 63 (as of Shadowlands) 73 (as of Dragonflight). If you turn off Chromie Time while Party Synced, the higher character can kill the dungeon/raid boss (off Chromie Time boss will have normal expansion level) and not loot the corpse. Turning Chromie Time back again on will scale the corpse back to 73 and leaving the instance will mail the dropped items to the char that killed the boss (stats and iLvl are incorrectly displayed on the items). Keep in mind this does not affect your 45 in any way, you cannot enter the dungeons/raids, just the higher level character will get items. Besides, the lvl 45 needs to be in Stormwind/Orgrimmar to toggle the Chromie Time anyway.
This is how gear from Mythic Cenarius (Emerald Nightmare raid) shows up when mailed. The correct iLvl after looting the item is 151, it's just a display bug.
  • Darkmoon Island is on a separate shard while in Chromie Time, you can take advantage of that by doing the Darkmoon Deathmatch 13 times (12 for the achievement and once more for the heirloom trinket) and there will be nobody to bother you.
  • If you party sync with a higher level character and you go inside a heroic or mythic dungeon and the higher level character turns on Chromie Time while you are inside the dungeon (remember that you can’t enter a heroic or mythic dungeon if Chromie Time is enabled but apparently can be enabled while you’re inside one), all the mobs and the bosses inside will get scaled (they will still show up as their normal level, for example, inside a Pandaria heroic mobs will be 35 but you will notice their HP and the fact that you can’t one-shot them anymore). You can still kill everything but it will be a bit of a challenge. Item drops do not scale, they’re still the same iLvl as if you weren’t inside Chromie Time. If you join a heroic or mythic raid and the other party-synced character turns on Chromie Time while you’re inside, the mobs and bosses will be scaled to level 73 and you will be one-shotted.
  • 1: Party with a high enough character that can solo the dungeon you’re about to do. 2: While outside the dungeon, turn on Party Sync with the high level char. 3: Go inside the dungeon, once inside turn off Party Sync. 4: Proceed to one-shot everything using your high level char while your level 45 loots level-appropriate gear. The trick is that the dungeon is in Legacy mode so drops will be varied and the loot from your high level character is lower iLvl, but it’s the fastest way to gear a 45 inside dungeons.
  • Being inside Chromie Times makes it very easy to win the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza because you’ll probably be the only one competing.


  • Every recipe from expansions older than BfA can be learned; you cannot learn the recipes that drop in the BfA 8.3 patch (the ones that drop from Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossom mobs).
  • Some BfA recipes require crafty phase jumping (Nazjatar ones) so they are only available to Alliance characters (or you can get them as Alliance and switch to Horde after).
  • You can learn any Shadowlands professions and most of the recipes (can’t get those that require any reputation above Honored, Korthia and Zereth Mortis ones).
  • You can learn Dragonflight skinning by skinning any beast in the Dragon Isles and you can level it to max without getting any leather from it. Getting Knowledge Points is harder, Darkmoon Island skinning quest, one-time talking to Zenzi and using the Craft Orders system to get as many Draconic Treatise on Skinning as you can afford (need Artisan Mettle for it). You can pick specializations and talents for Skinning.


  • All raids below Legion are soloable except some Warlords of Draenor mythic bosses (The Butcher in Highmaul, most of the upper Hellfire Citadel bosses) due to their raid mechanics.
  • You can solo almost all Emerald Nightmare bosses on normal difficulty and some bosses in Nighthold normal. Heroic bosses will be a challenge and you cannot touch Tomb of Sargeras or Antorus raids solo, regardless of difficulty.


Blood Coins

  • You and a friend from the opposite faction (or your 2nd account) go to the Spirit Angel at the Darkbrul Arena in Highmountain and have the other character stand where the Spirit Angel is. The Spirit Angel will automatically resurrect you every 30 seconds, bypassing the 2-minute resurrection timer entirely.
  • Use your Fire-Watcher’s Oath in order to collect the Bloody Coins.
  • Stand at max range (opposite to Brick, close to the exit sign) and kill the other character with ranged attacks (Throw Glaive, Fiery Brand, F.R.I.E.D.). Being at maximum range will prevent you from getting the “Sacrified to Ordos” debuff that prevents you from getting another Bloody Coin for 10 minutes.


  • You can easily get 14k achievements points, possibly going up to 20k.


  • You can get all reputations up to Legion expansion (included) to exalted.
  • You can get all reputations from Battle for Azeroth to exalted, excluding Rajani and Uldum Accord.
  • You can get Ve’nari reputation to “Appreciative” (included), and Court of Harvesters, The Ascended and The Wild Hunt to Friendly. The Undying Army reputation can be farmed up to exalted but it probably takes few years.
  • In Dragonflight, all primary reputations can be taken to the max renown level (Dragonscale Expedition to 25, Iskaara Tuskarr to 30, Maruuk Centaur to 25 and Valdrakken Accord to 30). Taking Soridormi to “Legend” will take a while.



  • All currencies up to and including Legion expansion are available and obtainable.
  • Legion:
    • Echoes of Battle: grandfathered, unusable.
    • everything else is obtainable, usable.
  • Battle for Azeroth:
    • Coalescing Visions: grandfathered, unusable.
    • Prismatic Manapearl: obtainable, usable.
    • Seafarer’s Dubloon: obtainable, usable.
    • War Resources: obtainable, usable.
    • everything else is unobtainable, unusable.
  • Shadowlands:
    • Cosmic Flux: obtainable, usable.
    • Infused Ruby: obtainable, usable.
    • Soul Ash: obtainable, unusable.
    • Soul Cinders: obtainable, unusable.
    • Stygia: obtainable, unusable.
    • everything else is unobtainable, unusable.
  • Dragonflight:
    • Dragon Isles Supplies: obtainable, unusable.
    • Paracausal Flakes: obtainable, usable.
    • everything else is unobtainable, unusable.
  • Player vs. Player
    • Honor: obtainable, usable.

WoW Anniversary

  • You can enter Korrak’s Revenge but the scaling is not too good (my demon hunter gets scaled to level 60, iLvl 70 (while normal level 60s have iLvl 250-300), but with aprox. 35k health points versus 50k-100k health points for a normal-geared level 60; you will get almost two-shotted by a real 60).
  • Even though you scale to 60 I haven’t found a single item that requires level 60 or 50 and can be used (for example Rustbolt Resistance Insignia).
  • You can farm Alterac Valley reputation, Timewarped Badges, Honor and achievements.
  • Gear from anniversary bosses is iLvl 50 and useless (it can proc socket and tertiary stats). As a cool “exploit”, you can get summoned via Recruit-a-Friend into BfA mythics and loot iLvl 85 gear that is useless. Not anymore, BfA mythics gear has a level 50 requirement.
  • You can solo Kazzak and Azuregos and it will take a bit of time but people with watch you in awe and your name will be forever spoken in stories told at the fireplace.

Phase jumping

  • You can use phase jumping to gain access to trainers or vendors that would be otherwise not accessible.
  • What: Phase jumping is when your character is by default in a phase (let’s call it Phase 1) and when you get close to an area a new phase kicks in (let’s call it Phase 2) and selectively changes the area you are in. For example, vendors will disappear, hostile mobs might appear or disappear, etc. Notice that you can only jump from a phase where you can see the required vendors or trainers: the idea is that you need to see your target (must be preloaded by your client) before you do the jump. Sounds confusing, I know, but it’s pretty simple.
  • How: You get to the border of the area where you can see the vendor (basically, when you take a step forward, the phasing kicks in and the vendor disappears). That’s your sweet spot. Turn off your network connection. Once you turn off your network connection, the new phasing won’t kick in until you restore the network connection, but now you have time to get close to the vendor (with network off still). Once you’re near the vendor, right click it and use an interact macro; turn your network connection on and keep pressing your macro. When the network connection gets restored, the vendor will phase out but you have maybe one second or two to buy/train from it. If you fail, go back to the start and retry. Remember that you need to see the vendor/trainer before you turn your network connection off because otherwise the vendor/trainer won’t get loaded while you are offline. That’s the reason you can’t use phase jumping for the Horde Nazjatar base (Newhome), the faction vendor is in the back of the cave.
  • Where: Shadow Vault in Icecrown (not useful at 45, you already have access to the vendor), Mezzamere in Nazjatar and many other places.
  • Useful macros in phase jumping:

Train all skills from trainer

/run LoadAddOn"Blizzard_TrainerUI" f=ClassTrainerTrainButton f.e = 0 if f:GetScript"OnUpdate" then f:SetScript("OnUpdate", nil)else f:SetScript("OnUpdate", function(f,e) f.e=f.e+e if f.e>.01 then f.e=0 f:Click() end end)end

Buy Y quantity of item X from vendor (where X is the position of the item in the vendor interface, 1, 2, etc)

/script BuyMerchantItem(X, Y)
  • You can’t use phase jumping to get into Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossom, even though you can get into the correct phase in the Uldum zone, the game kicks you out of it once the network connection is restored and there is no time to do anything useful.
  • Usually you can buy about 2 items or train 2-3 skills in one try so be prepared to spend some time on it.
  • To get a bit more time to use your macros, you can disable again the network connection and re-enable it (forces the game client to re-validate the data from the server and that one second of time to buy/learn becomes 2-3 seconds but it doesn’t work all the time). So, you move in the spot, network connection off, move near vendor, network connection on, network connection off, network connection on again and spam your macros.
  • It can be called game exploiting and you can be banned for it but don’t let Actiblizzard call it illegal. There is nothing illegal in turning on and off your network connection.


The Burning Crusade

  • Wastewalker Armor is one of the few sets in game that didn’t had the set bonus disabled. It’s not something really strong but it’s a thing to keep in mind because you will probably be using at least one item of the set.
    • (2) Increase your critical strike by 16.
    • (4) Your attacks have a chance to grant you 30 Agility for 15 sec.

Wrath of the Lich King

  • If you finish (just the last step) the Battered Hilt questline (for Quel’Delar) inside Chromie Time, you will get an iLvl 133 sword that’s not bad at all.
  • You can solo the whole Icecrown Citadel raid if you use The Deceiver’s Grand Design to heal Valithria Dreamwalker during the bossfight.

Mists of Pandaria

  • In Chromie Time, mainland rares are easy, Zandalari Scouts and Warbringers are always up (Scouts are nice and easy, Warbringers are harder to solo), if you’re bored try to solo Nalak (3952k HP). Or at least the Thunder Isle rares (90k-150k HP).
  • You can get to Ordos (through one crafty method) and fight him, but inside Chromie Time he’s not soloable in any way. If you don’t have the MoP cloak (and you can’t have it as a demon hunter) you don’t get loot or achievement.

Warlords of Draenor

  • (6.2) You can farm Baleful tokens (Baleful Armament for example) or buy them from Ravenspeaker Thelnaas. They can proc items that can have an iLvl from 44 to 52 but no sockets. Rings have Agi but lower secondary attributes. If you got a good proc but it’s iLvl 44 for example, you can use a Empowered Apexis Fragment on it to increase its iLvl to 49. Both Baleful tokens and Empowered Apexis Fragment cost Apexis Crystals (unless you farm them). Useful items can be rings, trinkets, cloaks (you will probably use an iLvl 50 cloak anyway because of the enchant), wrists. If you can do without sockets, weapons can be good too (and you can use Adamantite Sharpening Stones on them). If you use an Empowered Apexis Fragment on a iLvl 52 item, it gets “boosted” to iLvl 49, so don’t do that.
  • (10.0) Baleful token gear is junk now.
  • In Chromie Time, Tanaan Jungle rares drop useless iLvl 44 gear. The rest of the zones drop iLvl 123 equipment that might be useful.
  • Quickest way to farm WoD dungeon gear solo is to enable Chromie Time and go inside Iron Docks (first three bosses drop weapons, head, chest, rings, necks, trinkets, wrist and belt).


  • (7.3) The Relinquished tokens sold by Thaumaturge Vashreen on the Vindicaar (on Argus) can proc Legion PvP gear as well as normal iLvl 50 and warforged 60 gear.
  • (7.2) The Dauntless tokens sold by Warmage Kath’leen on the Broken Shore cannot proc PvP gear, only normal iLvl 50 and warforged 60 gear.
  • (7.3) The Unsullied tokens (Unsullied Trinket for example) dropped in Argus by various rares, treasures and invasions, can proc normal iLvl 50, warforged iLvl 60, one socket and tertiary stats. Perfect ones would be iLvl 60 WITH “of the Decimator” suffix WITH one socket AND WITH leech tertiary. And they’re Bind on Account so can be farmed on a higher level.
  • Sometimes you want to be in Havoc spec (when buying Dauntless, Unsullied or Relinquished tokens) for some Critical Strike trinkets to proc.
  • It will take a HUGE amount of armor tokens to proc something that is actually useful. Sometimes the Dauntless tokens will proc iLvl 50 and 55 gear (no 60) and I haven’t been able to figure out why that does happen. iLvl 55 gear is useless, cannot be enchanted and has lower stats than iLvl 60. When it does, stop using your tokens and wait 2-3 days (could be linked to one of the buildings on the Broken Shore? No idea). In approx. 1500 Dauntless tokens I’ve seen 6 of the Decimator procs, 2 of the Savant and 1 of the Adaptable.
  • You can get Nethershards (to trade for Dauntless tokens) from the Legion Invasion world quests, Broken Shore caches, one special Broken Shore world quest (once every three days) and class hall table missions. It’s very slow and very painful.
  • (7.3) Veiled Argunite (to trade for Relinquished tokens) can be found on Argus rares, Argus caches, sometimes Argus world quests, one Vindicaar weekly quest. It’s way slower than the Nethershard farm.
  • If you want to cap your 15k honor you can do that with the Legion world PvP quests. It’s going to take a bit, though, and remember to go into Chromie time else max-level people will bug you.
  • (10.0) All Legion token gear is junk now.

Battle for Azeroth

  • (9.0) Since Shadowlands, there is CURRENTLY no way to get into the 8.3 patch Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossom.
  • Buy contracts (Veteran Rajani Sparkcallers Contract for example) from the Auction House and level your BfA followers so they can bring a steady passive income of Azerite daily.
  • (8.2) You can get summoned into Nazjatar and have some fun there. You can kill normal mobs and all of the rares solo but there is not really much stuff to do there. No inn, no fly points.
  • (8.2) If you want Nazjatar reputation (Unshackled or Waveblade Ankoan) you can send Waveswept Abyssal Conch from another character and get to exalted “pretty easy”. If you want to purchase stuff from the vendors there, now that will be a challenge. There is no way for Horde characters to phase into Newhome but the Alliance characters can train professions and buy stuff with some smart phase jumping in Mezzamere.
  • You can only get inside the Chamber of the Heart once when you get your Heart of Azeroth. Once you get out you can never return unless you get summoned inside but then again, there’s nothing to do in the Chamber.
  • (8.2) You don’t have access to Heart of Azeroth essences.
  • (8.3) No Horrific Visions access.
  • You can’t get paragon chests from any BfA faction at 45.
  • (8.2) You can’t phase into the Mechagon Horde/Alliance base and you can’t see the vendors there. No fly point either, but you can kill all the mobs and rares solo. Two of the Mechanized Chests cannot be opened (req. level 50). Since patch 10.1.7 Mechagon scales to 45 and you can do all the quests, events, reputation farms there.
  • You can get exalted with Honorbound/7th Legion very easy (complete faction invasions); Voldunai, Talanji’s Expedition, Storm’s Wake, Order of Embers, Zandalari Empire and Proudmoore Admirality easy (quests and mission table), Champions of Azeroth very hard (only mission table, missions are rare, maybe one every 3-4 days).
  • It’s very hard to get exalted with Tortollan Seekers, you need to do a huge amount of Island Expeditions because there are too few quests even if you switch faction (you won’t even get to Honored).
  • (8.2) It’s impossible to get exalted with Rajani and Uldum Accord.
  • (8.2) Rustbolt Resistance Insignia requires level 50. You can get exalted with Rustbolt Resistance if you do a lot of Island Expeditions for Layered Information Kernel of E-steam (on your 45, item is BoP) and Transferable Kernel of E-steam (on a max level char, item is BoA). Or just quest in Mechagon after patch 10.1.7.
  • If you already have the Heart of Azeroth but no Azerite gear yet, you can still get the gear. You get two pieces of Azerite armor per zone questing (so 6 pieces per faction, you can switch faction for another 6).
  • Alliance characters have a small advantage in gearing, they have access to the Azerite trait Blightborne Infusion that is a bit better than the Horde counterpart (Swirling Sands), +265 Critical Strike versus +199 (but they still can only get two pieces with the trait so it’s +530 Critical Strike versus +398 really. If you can tolerate being Alliance that is.
  • Azerite gear that drops in dungeons is useless, requires level 48 (even if it has the same base iLvl as Azerite questing gear, 59). Not anymore, Azerite gear that drops in dungeons is iLvl 137.
  • If you don’t have Heart of Azeroth you will not get any Azerite gear (from quests, rares or dungeons) but the same item without traits and with secondaries. Some of them are good.
  • You can use Cache of War Resources to transfer War Resources from your main character to your 45 to farm ship missions for Azerite (leveling your Heart of Azeroth).
  • There seems to be an exploit that allows you to enter BfA mythics at 45 and they will drop iLvl 85 gear but the difference is too small to matter; usually you gain +3-5 Agility, +8-10 Stamina and +6-12 Secondary stat but you lose way too much Critical Rating. Not worth it unless you like to pump up the general iLvl.
  • (8.2) Nazjatar armor tokens (Benthic) can’t be used (req. level 50).
  • (8.2) You can’t get Nazjatar Battle Commendations.
  • (8.3) Uldum/Vale of Eternal Blossom armor tokens (Black Empire) can’t be used (req. level 50).
  • If you turn War Mode on, Secret Supply Chests that spawn during the Zandalar and Kul Tiras invasions give 350 Azerite (and 10g) daily but no more Azerite gear.
  • You cannot loot the War Mode bounty bag that you get from killing an Alliance/Horde Assassin, req. level 58 (for some reason, probably it’s the same bag the level 70s get for killing bounties in DF zones?).
  • You can get the The Alliance Slayer/The Horde Slayer quest and finish it, getting the respective title (that is not account-wide) but you will not be able to use it on your 45 (req. level 50) and since 10.0.5 you can use it on your 45 too.
  • (8.3) The quest Servant of N’Zoth is not obtainable since Shadowlands but the title is account-wide.
  • If you turn War Mode on, War Supply Chests give 30 Azerite (and 12g) daily but no more Azerite gear. The War Supply and Secret Supply Chests used to give Corrupted Aspirant Leather gear that was iLvl 50 or 59 and could proc socket and tertiaries but that was removed with Shadowlands prepatch. If you already got the gear it can be used (it got scaled to iLvl 137, except the Azerite gear that is still 59).
  • (8.3) No corruption procs, ever.
  • You can earn the Tour of Duty achievements (Zuldazar, Nazmir, Vol’dun, Tiragarde Sound, Stormsong Valley, Drustvar, Nazjatar and Mechagon).
  • (8.2) Scrying Stone makes Glimmering Chests appear but they cannot be opened (req. level 50).
  • (8.2) You can’t enter the zone north of Mezzamere (Spears of Azshara) or fight Wakemara because you will be teleported at the Nazjatar starting place and you can’t leave except using a hearthstone. Actually, if you’re going along a pre-set path you can enter it from Tide’s Fall (though Gorm’s Den phasing), but all the rares will despawn from Spears of Azshara, including the world boss Wekemara, because you will be in the Nazjatar starting quests phase.
  • (8.3) It’s impossible to get Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve at 45.
  • (10.0) You no longer can open the Fight Club Treasure Chest inside the Bloody Grotto on Mechagon Isle, req. level 50. Now you can again, since patch 10.1.7.
  • (10.1.7) Since Mechagon is now available and scaled, you can use Pascal-K1N6 to craft a Extraordinary Adventurer Augmentation which has no level requirement to open and will create a random trinket or ring with no level requirements either, but a low iLvl of only 80.
  • (10.1.7) The Pocket-Sized Computation Device trinket you get from questing in Mechagon is iLvl 72 but requires level 50, so it’s unusable. You can’t socket punchcards in it at level 45 either because all of them require level 50 (even the ones you can randomly craft at Pascal-K1N6).


  • (prepatch) Absolutely nothing for level 45s.
  • (10.0) There is a Chromie timewalking campaign now for Shadowlands so you can do all the main campaign quests, kill all the rares, open all the treasures.
  • You still can’t mount up in the Maw.
  • You can explore all the zones except Korthia (actually you can explore one subzone in Korthia), some require flying.
  • You can kill the world bosses (not solo, ofc) but you won’t get any loot.
  • While you can get summoned inside Torghast, you can’t queue for any of the wings.
  • Cannot enter any raids.
  • Can’t join a covenant.
  • You can get summoned into the Runecarver’s room but there is nothing useful to do there.
  • You can get to friendly reputation with Court of Harvesters, The Ascended, The Undying Army and The Wild Hunt.
  • You can do the quest Callous Concoctions weekly for 135 rep with The Undying Army, which means you might be able to get to exalted in a decade.
  • You can get max reputation with Ve’nari by completing Beastwarrens Hunts (525 rep each time, once per week).
  • You can earn the Tour of Duty achievements (Ardenweald, Revendreth, Bastion and Maldraxxus).
  • If somebody in your party opens a Rift Portal in the Maw, you can enter it but 99% of the mobs inside are not scaled.
  • Mobs and rares inside the Maw will drop Maw Lore items (they’re very rare, though) and you’ll be able to turn the quests to Ve’nari for 100 rep each.
  • No reputation or loot from Wrath of the Jailer or Tormentors of Torghast Maw events.
  • If you enter Beastwarrens in the Maw, be quick about it, when you will get feared you might die. You can use Shadowberry or The Deceiver’s Grand Design trinket to heal every few seconds, negating all the damage from the Otherwordly Screeching.
  • You can open Helsworn Chest in the Maw, daily, for some Korthian relics, one 250 BoA Stygia token and Researching Korthian Relics which req. level 60. You can also collect Jeweled Heart of Ezekiel in that area, an iLvl 220 necklace that you can’t use.
  • There is a safe place in the far east of Desmotaeron (in the Maw), up on a ledge, where you can RaF summon a lvl 1 char who will later summon your 45 whenever you need to do stuff in the Maw. From that ledge you can glide to the Helsworn Chest, Korthia entrance or the main Beastwarrens zone.
  • If you are waiting for something in the Beastwarrens (Hunt to start, for ex.), you can use a Darkmoon Seesaw and sit on it. It lasts for 3 minutes (with a 3 mins CD) and you will not get feared while you are sitting on it (if you add The Deceiver’s Grand Design trinket in the mix you are very safe). Remember to put it down again after it expires. The Otherwordly Screeching fear will be cast every 30 secs.
  • (9.1) Tazavesh dungeon is off-limits. You can get summoned in the Tazavesh area with the fly master and activate the fly point.
  • (9.1) You can’t get into Korthia because you will be ported back to Oribos.
  • You can’t jump into the Maw from Oribos. You can’t go into Oribos upper ring (the one with the flight master) unless summoned there. You can’t see the flight master in Oribos, which means you can fly to Oribos from other zones but once you get to Oribos upper ring you can’t fly out (you’re basically stuck in there until you use your hearthstone).
  • (9.1) Packaged Soul Ash has no level requirement and gives you 250 Soul Ash, so you can send some from your main character but you can’t do anything with it. Same for Stygic Cluster and 250 Stygia. Same for Packaged Soul Cinders that cost 300 Soul Cinders and will give your 45 250 Soul Cinders. Nothing to do with them except collect.
  • (9.1) You can use Research Report: Relic Examination Techniques but it doesn’t do anything significantly (except what it says it does).
  • (9.1) Korthia armor tokens (Korthian Armaments) can’t be used (req. level 60).
  • (9.1) Broker Mark of Distinction requires level 50 and you can’t have a covenant at 45.
  • (9.1) Traveler’s Anima Cache is usable too but the Anima does not show in the currency tab, maybe because you don’t have a covenant? Not sure it’s even added to your currency. Now you need a covenant to get Anima from that item.
  • (9.2) You can get into Zereth Mortis, explore it all and “kill” rares for achievement. No looting, no skinning/herbalism/mining, no treasures can be opened. No inn available in Zereth Mortis and no “The Enlightened” quartermaster. You have access to the Creation Catalyst but can’t do anything useful there except upgrade Sepulcher BoEs to tier pieces.
  • You can kill most of the rares solo.
  • (9.2) You can get Pouch of Prodigious Wonders from your main (vendor is in Zereth Mortis), costs 1500 Cosmic Flux and your 45 gets 1250 of it when opened (it’s Bind on Account). There is nothing to do with it at the moment.
  • (9.2) Zereth Mortis armor tokens (Broker) can’t be used (req. level 60).
  • (9.2) Can’t use Certified Vouchsafe, req. level 50.
  • You can buy 5 conduits from the Oribos PvP vendor Zo’sorg in exchange for 200 Honor each, but you can’t actually apply them since you don’t have access to a covenant’s Forge of Bonds. The Forge of Bonds in Zereth Mortis doesn’t work for a lvl 45 character.
  • You can get Shadowlands tier gear but you cannot equip it. You can access the Creation Catalyst in Zereth Mortis and upgrade Sepulcher BoEs (that you buy from the AH) to tier pieces using Cosmic Flux.


  • (prepatch) Elemental invasion bosses and minibosses drop iLvl 50 gear (that can proc tertiary stats) and Primeval Essence but you can’t use them to buy iLvl 252 gear (req. level 60).
  • (prepatch) Elemental invasion bosses drop iLvl 50 gear which is junk but useful for transmogs.
  • (prepatch) You can get the pet and the heirloom trinket.
  • You can use Dragonriding on your favorite drake. You can collect dragon glyphs.
  • You can learn Skinning by skinning one beast and later at Skinning 25, 50 and 100, unlock specializations. Level skinning to 100 outside of the Broadhoof Outpost in the Ohn’ahran Plains, there is an endless stream of wolves coming into the outpost and getting killed by npcs just so you can skin them. You get no leather for skinning, though.
  • You can’t learn the primary professions, nor Cooking or Fishing (req. level 58).
  • Every sub-zone in the Dragon Isles can be explored.
  • You cannot open any treasures (req. level 58-60).
  • You can kill rares (for achievements, for example) but you will get no loot.
  • Warmode War Supply Crates cannot be opened (req level 58).
  • Can fish up Draconic Recipe in a Bottle and open it for some recipes that you cannot learn.
  • Cannot enter any raids.
  • Can fish up Copper Coin of the Isles, Silver Coin of the Isles, Gold Coin of the Isles and turn them in to The Great Swog.
  • You can participate in the Siege on the Dragonbane Keep event, get the achievements, 50 reputation with Valdrakken Accord and a Dragonbane Keep Strongbox that you can’t open (req level 60) EACH time. Considering you have 30 Renown levels, each with 2.5k rep, you will need to complete 1500 events to get max Renown. The event starts every 2 hours.
  • A level 70 character with max Dragonscale Expedition renown can send Dragonscale Expedition Insignia to a level 45 for 2.5k reputation that doesn’t require level 60+ (unlike the other three insignias, Iskaara Tuskarr, Maruuk Centaur and Valdrakken Accord).
  • You can participate in the Iskaara Community Feast event and get 25-40 rep with Iskaara Tuskarr EACH time you complete a request from Big Kinook. You can get about 500-1000 reputation each event if you’re lucky with the requests (some cannot be completed, like the anchoovies and leviathan bone, because they can’t be looted below level 58 but if you get those two requests you can relog and Big Kinook will ask for another thing). This is the only way to raise your Renown with Iskaara Tuskarr. The event starts every 3 hours and 30 mins.
  • You can participate in the Grand Hunting Party event and get 15 rep with the Maruuk Centaur in each stage, for a total of 90 rep for EACH event, plus a Grand Hunt Spoils that you can’t open (req. level 60). Considering you have 25 Renown levels, each with 2.5k rep, you will need to complete 4167 stages or 695 full events to get max Renown, prepare to destroy a lot of Maruuk Hunt Spoils. The event is up at all time in one of the Dragon Isles zones, rotating through them all.
  • If you have another character already at Renown 10 with any of the four main factions, your 45 will get 100% more reputation while below Renown 10. If that character is at Renown 20, your 45 will get 200% more reputation while below Renown 10 and 100% more reputation while below Renown 20.
  • There is no way to gain reputation with Cobalt Assembly, Sabellian, Wrathion, Winterpelt Furbolg or Artisan Consortium.
  • If you managed to learn a Dragonflight profession, completing Darkmoon Faire profession quests will give you Knowledge Points in that profession and Artisan’s Mettle.
  • You can send Small Expedition Shovel and Iskaaran Harpoon from your main but for now you can’t do anything with them.
  • (10.0.5) You can complete most of the activities linked to the Traveler’s Log and Trader’s Post and get your monthly Trader’s Tender.
  • (10.0.5) You can no longer enter The Primalist Future (you can’t kill Liskanoth anymore), the portal req. level 60.
  • (10.0.5) You can buy Satchel of Coalescing Chaos with a lvl 70 character, from Rabul in Valdrakken, costs 80 Primal Chaos and it will transfer 60 Primal Chaos to your 45. Nothing to do with it except collect it. In patch 10.1, Primal Chaos turned into vendor trash.
  • (10.0.7) You can now explore the Forbidden Reach zone, kill rares and collect all the Dragonriding glyphs there.
  • (10.0.7) You can do all the activities related to the Zul’Gurub secrets added in this patch, including getting the initial achievement.
  • (10.1) You can fully explore Zaralek Cavern, collect all Dragonriding glyphs, kill rares and get some achievements.
  • (10.1) Talking to Tzurok in Ruby Lifeshrine gives you 275 reputation with Artisan’s Consortium and 3 Dragon Shard of Knowledge. Just one time.
  • (10.1.5) You can participate in Time Rifts (not the phase 2) events and get Paracausal Flakes and reputation with Soridormi and you can send Soridormi’s Letter of Commendation from a level 70 character too.
  • (10.1.5) You can send Paracausal Cluster from a level 70 character and your 45 will get 1000 Paracausal Flakes.


I like soloing difficult fights because they test your reflexes, analytical thinking and capability to understand what went wrong and adapt accordingly. Always use your best gear, best consumables, those are not trivial soloing fights and “easy” means it’s not something that took 50 attempts; read on tactics and be aware of the combat mechanics. All the fights are done inside Chromie Time so the bosses are scaled to level 45+ (except Battle for Azeroth world bosses who are 50+).

Difficulty goes like this: TrivialEasyMediumHardHardcoreInsane. Keep in mind that Easy in BiS gear is not the same thing as Easy in questing greens.

Here is a video of a Julak Doom world boss kill (no sound because I like silence).

World bosses

Lord Kazzak
The Burning CrusadeDoomwalker
Doom Lord Kazzak
Mists of PandariaGalleon
Nalak, The Storm Lord
Sha of Anger
Niuzao, The Black Ox
Chi-ji, The Red Crane
Xuen, The White Tiger
Yulon, The Jade Serpent
Warlords of DraenorSupreme Lord Kazzak
Drov the Ruiner
Tarlna the Ageless
The Soultakers
Drugon the Frostblood
Na’zak the Fiend
Withered J’im
Battle for AzerothAzurethos, The Winged Typhoon
Dunegorger Kraulok
Hailstone Construct
Warbringer Yenajz
Ulmath the Soulbinder

Graph legend

The x-axis is the time axis, you get one plot of data for each time my demon hunter’s HP changed so the length of the x axis is dependent on the length of the fight. Unless specified, the fight is done in full tanking gear.

The z-axis is the health points axis, as you can see it should oscillate between two values, one for normal HP (~26k) and one for demon form HP (~40k). Keep in mind that I am using the Demonic talent, which gives me 6 seconds of demon form after each Fel Devastation finishes channeling.

There are two layers on each of the chart images, one blue   that represents my demon hunter’s current health points and one red   that represents the max possible health points; to simplify, red means the amount of HP that is missing at Y time, if all is missing = dead. Too much red means my demon hunter spends way too much time below optimal HP and will probably die. The ideal outcome is both layers overlap perfectly such as no red is visible, which means no damage taken.

Click on the graph image to get a higher resolution one.


Level: Cataclysm World Boss
Location: Deepholm, circling the Temple of Earth, high above in the sky.
Health Points: 847k
Fight duration: 8m23s
Difficulty: trivial
Tank her in a fixed position (do not move under any circumstances) because the Twilight Zones can bug. Basically you need to have a debuff called Twilight Zone (stand in a white swirling area on the ground) else her Unleashed Magic ability will one-shot you. Keep Fiery Brand for when she casts Unleashed Magic so in case something bugs you will not die. Stand still and use defensive CDs when you get a Twilight Fissure placed on your position.


Level: Cataclysm World Boss
Location: North-east of the Maw of Madness in Twilight Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms
Health Points: 847k
Fight duration: 8m10s
Difficulty: medium
He does a good amount of damage with Black Breath so you need to move constantly. Avoid the Massive Shockwave or it’s a graveyard run, you need to plan your defensive cooldowns or it’s not going to work. Keep Demon Spikes always up, use Fiery Brand when you need 2-3 seconds to breathe, save Metamorphosis for the moment when the shit hits the fan and you’re really low on HP. Save Fel Devastation for when your health is below 50%.


Level: Cataclysm World Boss
Location: Mount Hyjal, patrolling west of the Sulfuron Spire, Kalimdor.
Health Points: 847k + 8 adds each with 45k
Fight duration: 9m40s
Difficulty: easy
Pull each add away from the boss (adds are not linked with the boss but for the love of all that is holy, do not use Throw Glaive to pull the adds) and kill it first, once there are no more of them you can start pulling the boss. It’s a tank and spank with a twist: when he casts Massive Eruption, you use Infernal Strike to get away from the boss, after he finished casting you Infernal Strike back to the boss. Rinse and repeat until he’s dead, if you fail to move away from the boss you will be one-shotted (or close to that, see below in the graph what happens when you lag during the Massive Eruption and get caught in it).


Level: Cataclysm World Boss
Location: Circling around Abyssal Breach, Vashj’ir.
Health Points: 847k
Fight duration: 16m42s
Difficulty: hard
Very buggy fight, you can’t move too much else the boss will reset. Move from Algae, move up a bit from the boss on Wake and Ram, both abilities will kill you (Ram will one-shot), you will take HUGE amounts of damage because it’s an underwater fight and the boss being so huge makes you fight in the middle of his model and not seeing much stuff.

Supreme Lord Kazzak

Level: Warlords of Draenor World Boss
Location: Throne of Kil’jaeden in Tanaan Jungle, Draenor.
Health Points: 2117k
Fight duration: 11m51s
Difficulty: hardcore
The amount of damage taken during the fight is crazy but you will heal yourself alot due to Mark of Kazzak, biggest danger is Fel Breath (can one-shot you) and you need to manage your cooldowns during the Supreme Doom-Fel Breath waves because Supreme Doom will take you below 20% and Fel Breath will one-shot. I suggest some Versatility trinkets, like this for example, so you have an extra CD to manage. You will Fiery Brand 2-3 secs before Fel Breath, Metamorphosis the next Fel Breath, trinket the third and hope for the best. There is still a bit of RNG involved but it can be done.


Level: The Burning Crusade World Boss
Location: Outside the Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley, Outland.
Health Points: 1185k
Fight duration: 12m38s
Difficulty: medium
80% of the time it’s a snoozefest, but at 20% he enrages and he hits harder than a pimp from Augusta (hey Drake). You know how I said you need to manage your cooldowns perfectly on Supreme Lord Kazzak? Well, from 20% to 0% health is exactly like that, he melees for 4-7k. You lose, you go to jail and get 15 minutes of timeout.


Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Nastrondir in Stormheim, Broken Isles.
Health Points: 1919k
Fight duration: 19m40s
Difficulty: medium
For a Legion world boss he’s quite tame, he does a Storm Breath that does about 60% of your health points, mitigated by Fiery Brand and your demon form, avoid all the Crackling Jolt and the Electrical Storms (U2 sucks but the song is good). Save Fel Devastation mid-cast of Storm Breath so you can heal right up, have demon form up (you did take the Demonic talent, did you?) when Storm Breath hits and buckle up, it will take a while.

Niuzao, The Black Ox

Level: Pandaria World Boss
Location: The Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle, Pandaria.
Health Points: 1270k
Fight duration: 13m42s
Difficulty: easy
Use Infernal Strike to get back to the boss when he Headbutts you, it’s just a tank and spank while not taking any serious damage (but look at the health you will have during the fight, it will go over 120k in demon form).

Chi-Ji, The Red Crane

Level: Pandaria World Boss
Location: The Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle, Pandaria.
Health Points: 1129k
Fight duration: 15m59s
Difficulty: easy
ALWAYS interrupt Inspiring Song, it will heal the boss, kite around the Firestorm circles that will spawn on the ground. You can’t move the boss out of the Beacon of Hope so just stay in there together (makes it take 90% less damage too) and this will make the fight go a bit longer than usual.

Yu'lon, The Jade Serpent

Level: Pandaria World Boss
Location: The Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle, Pandaria.
Health Points: 1199k
Fight duration: 13m58s
Difficulty: hard
Move from Jadefire Bolt zones on the ground, it hurts a lot, and prepare to have about 40 stacks of Jadeflame Buffet. You will take a lot of damage but that is nothing if you don’t find the hole inside the Jadefire Wall (spoiler, sometimes there is no hole). One very chaotic fight.

Xuen, The White Tiger

Level: Pandaria World Boss
Location: The Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle, Pandaria.
Health Points: 1164k
Fight duration: 12m25s
Difficulty: hard
Almost 80% of the fight you will have 10 stacks of Spectral Swipe on you, which means you have 0 armor. The other abilities are nothing to worry about (you will still want to move when he casts them), but the Spectral Swipe HURTS and the damage can and should be mitigated by Versatility trinkets, Fiery Brand and a lot of self-healing. Also, remember to Consume Magic his Agility buff else you will die in 2 seconds.

Darkmoon Rabbit

Level: Boss
Location: Darkmoon Island.
Health Points: 2259k
Fight duration: 26m5s
Difficulty: trivial
Tank and spank for a very very long time.


Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Wrynnfall on Broken Shore, in the Broken Isles.
Health Points: 1041k
Fight duration: 18m43s
Difficulty: hard
This is the most annoying boss in the whole World of Warcraft, every 10 secs he will fear you around for 4 secs while placing Pestilence zones at your feet. If you get feared across two Pestilence zones your health points will drop below 30%. He doesn’t melee for very much but the constant fear is very very VERY annoying and you need to watch your health when running across Pestilence, try to plan the placement (Pestilence always comes on your current position) and Infernal Strike away from them. Also, be careful not to be feared too far away from his spawn point or he might reset; keep up Demon Spikes up at all times.


Level: Cataclysm World Boss
Location: East of Ruins of Ammon, Uldum.
Health Points: 847k
Fight duration: 94m35s
Difficulty: hard
Yes, you read it right, it took 94 minutes to down him because there is a simple catch: when he casts Stone Mantle he gets an absorb shield of 159k and unless you can do over 5k dps (you can’t and you never will) you can’t break it. The shield is up for 1 minute and will be recast 2-3 seconds after it’s expired (with a cast time of 2 seconds). So, basically, you have 3-5 seconds to do damage to him, so save your biggest damage abilities for that ultra small window (hint, Fiery Brand, potions, drums). Realistically, you should be able to do about 10k-15k damage to him during that time. Dodge the Fury of the Sands zones on the ground and beware of Shockwave, it’s the biggest source of damage on you. Bonus points, while Stone Mantle is up he will gain a stacking damage multiplier, at 7-10 stacks you will get quite a bit of damage and Shockwave could kill you. While Stone Mantle is up don’t bother with your abilities, just Fracture and Soul Cleave to heal up, with occasional Fel Devastation so that Shockwave will hit you when you’re in demon form.

Drov the Ruiner

Level: Warlords of Draenor World Boss
Location: Dronn Canyon in Gorgrond, Draenor.
Health Points: 2117k
Fight duration: 31m2s
Difficulty: hardcore
Avoid Colossal Slam because you’ll be thrown high up in the air (even though you can glide safely you will still take a bucket-load of damage), hardcore dps when he casts Call of Earth (you have 20 secs of getting low damage on you and can focus on damaging the boss or healing yourself up), try not to fight more than 3 adds at a time. Adds will despawn after a bit, you can time your Infernal Strike to jump away from one of their spawning places and the Frenzied Rumbler will just stand there looking stupid. Fight is chaotic and intense, you need to manage cooldowns when you are on low health points and move constantly, the only time to breathe is during Call of Earth when you’ll be thrown around like a puppet.

Azurethos, The Winged Typhoon

Level: Battle for Azeroth World Boss
Location: Splinterbark Roost in Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras.
Health Points: 1334k
Fight duration: 14m37s
Difficulty: easy
Avoid his abilities especially Azurethos’ Fury (will kick you up so high that you’ll meet Elvis) or his Gale Force that might punt you all the way into Boralus Harbor. Melee damage you take is meaningless, just focus on dodging everything and go into full dps mode.

Nalak, The Storm Lord

Level: Pandaria World Boss
Location: The Foot of Lei Shen on Thunder Isle, Pandaria.
Health Points: 3952k
Fight duration: 40m13s
Difficulty: hardcore
Lightning Tether and Arc Nova is a really nasty combination but with good gear you can ignore Arc Nova, you will get knocked back but can Infernal Strike back to the initial floor tile. The amount of damage taken is insane, plan your Metamorphosis, Fiery Brand and Versatility trinkets. Might not be doable unless very close to BiS gear.


Level: Battle for Azeroth World Boss
Location: Rootway in Zuldazar, Zandalar.
Health Points: 1579k
Fight duration: 42m12s
Difficulty: easy
Unscaled boss. Stay away from Hurricane Crash, get closer when she Storm Wings, you will get no adds if you are solo. Expect lots of missing attacks and because of that the fight will take a while. Nothing special really, just rotate your defensive cooldowns and you’ll be good.


Level: Mists of Pandaria World Boss
Location: North of Shan’ze Dao in Townlong Steppes, Pandaria.
Health Points: 564k
Fight duration: 5m12s
Difficulty: medium
Lightning Breath strikes for 7.5k on full tank armor (about 27k health points total, so 28% of your HP each hit) so it’s just a matter of killing it before it kills you. You need insane healing and every bit of Leech helps, don’t even think about going in with anything else but BiS tanking gear. You can pull it close to one of those ledges so you can orient yourself better and time your Infernal Strikes so you can get back when it uses Arc Nova to knock you around.

Hailstone Construct

Level: Battle for Azeroth World Boss
Location: Iceveil Glacier in Drustvar, Kul Tiras.
Health Points: 2684k
Fight duration: 54m42s
Difficulty: easy
Unscaled boss. Hide behind a Permafrost Spike when he casts Freezing Tempest.


Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Shipwreck Cove in Highmountain, Broken Isles.
Health Points: 1919k
Fight duration: 22m50s
Difficulty: easy
The only danger during this fight is that you might fall asleep but make sure you move when the boss casts something at you.

Drugon the Frostblood

Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Snowblind Cliffs in Highmountain, Broken Isles.
Health Points: 1919k
Fight duration: 24m11s
Difficulty: medium
Basically the Jeremy Renner special: you MUST dodge the Snow Crash, you MUST dodge Avalanche and you can’t do anything on Snow Plow so hang tight and let him do his thing. Snow Plow won’t kill (or maim, unless you’re the aforementioned Jeremy Renner) but if you are caught in an Avalanche (polymorphed) and get hit by a Snow Crash it’s game over. It’s a bit messy since you will lose many self-buffs (popping Meta and getting Snow Plowed is fun) because you will be either sitting in Snow Plow (and unable to do anything) or moving around ALOT to dodge his various attacks. He does hit for quite a bit, though.


Level: Batte for Azeroth World Boss
Location: The Dreadmire in Nazmir, Zandalar.
Health Points: 5980k
Fight duration: 67m10s
Difficulty: hardcore
Note: T’zane is scaled now, way easier since it has only 2592k HP.
Wow, this is how a world boss should feel. The fight is all about surviving between his two long-cast abilities, he melees for 3-6k each second and without the timeout during the casting of the two abilities (Coalesced Essence and Terror Wail) you will die, undoubtedly. You need to master your defensive abilities and keep in mind there is not much room for mistakes: move from Terror Wail, use Infernal Strike to get back to the boss when he uses Crushing Slam and pray a lot. The boss has a huge amount of health points and you probably need BiS or really close to BiS tanking gear to have a chance. Leech helps a lot and so does Versatility (but I did mention BiS tanking gear, didn’t I).


Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Coast of Anguish on Broken Shore, Broken Isles.
Health Points: 1041k
Fight duration: 11m35s
Difficulty: medium
Use Infernal Strike to return to the boss after Quake, nothing special but you will take lots of damage from Felfire Missiles.


Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Isle of the Watchers in Azsuna, Broken Isles.
Health Points: 2258k
Fight duration: 23m32s
Difficulty: medium
He melees for 3k so it’s a damage-intense fight, don’t stand in anything and stay away from the pulses during Arcanopulse. On another attempt he didn’t do any of his special abilities and just did melee attacks until the end, so it was even easier.

Warbringer Yenazj

Level: Battle for Azeroth World Boss
Location: The Precipice of Oblivion in Stormsong Valley, Kul Tiras.
Health Points: 1184k
Fight duration: 24m25s
Difficulty: insane
Unscaled boss. Because of that all of his melee attacks will be Crushing Blows and it hurts alot (about 5k each second). Biggest problem is that you have to move constantly or you will get stunlocked by Reality Tear and you will die. There is no room for mistake, if you get hit by the Tear it’s death. So, don’t stop moving, circle the boss around, ignore his Endless Abyss cast because it hits for less than 2k (just be careful because during Endless Abyss cast the Reality Tear void zones on the ground are hard to see). Expect lots of 5% wipes because that’s when (about 20 minutes in the fight) the brain gets foggy, fingers get numb and somebody calls you on the phone. This is the hardest fight I have encountered so far, just because of the fact that you can’t make even a single mistake (you can use an Insignia to remove the stun but it’s once every 2 minutes and you can’t afford losing a mitigation trinket or the boss will pound you into the ground). Definitely not doable without BiS tanking gear, specific mitigation trinkets and all the consumables possible.


Level: Classic World Boss
Location: Barrow Dens in Moonglade, Kalimdor.
Health Points: 282k
Fight duration: 3m4s
Difficulty: trivial
Tank and spank, can ignore every ability.

Withered J'im

Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Small cave on the Isle of the Watchers in Azsuna, Broken Isles.
Health Points: 222k
Fight duration: 20m53s
Difficulty: hard
Avoid swirly purple zones on ground, kill the small Unstable Resonances fast if you damage him during Resonance (and you should). Oh, small caveat: he will spawn clones of himself and they will overwhelm you when above 6 and you will die, there is no way to avoid that. The cool thing is that after resurrecting yourself the boss doesn’t regenerate health and you can continue from where you left him, no clones. You will die about 4-5 times, there is no way to avoid that, the clones just melee very fast and for quite a bit of damage. It’s a cheese mechanism but who cares.

Dunegorger Kraulok

Level: Battle for Azeroth World Boss
Location: The Bone Pit in Vol’dun, Zandalar.
Health Points: 2638k
Fight duration: 28m17s
Difficulty: hard
He melees for 4k-5k and that adds up to quite a bit in the end, dodge the sand zones from where spikes will erupt. Also, never have more than 2 Ravenous Ranishu up, if you accomplish this task the boss will be doable.


Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Lithduin Reef in Azsuna, Broken Isles.
Health Points: 2117k
Fight duration: 24m22s
Difficulty: easy
Circle the boss when he does Massive Spout, try to dodge the Turbulent Vortex if you can, nothing in this fight can actually kill you.

Doom Lord Kazzak

Level: The Burning Crusade World Boss
Location: Throne of Kil’jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula, Outland.
Health Points: 227k
Fight duration: 16m44s
Difficulty: hardcore
Twisted Reflection seems to be cast randomly, once removed it is sometimes re-cast on the next second, you need to have Warmode enabled so you can pick two PvP talents: Reverse Magic and Cleansed by Flame. Reverse Magic and Immolation Aura will remove the Twisted Reflection debuff, so use them and pray; if sometimes the debuff is up on you and there is a CD on your two cleanse abilities, don’t be discouraged because he will heal a lot: cleanse AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. His Cleave hits for 5k-22k, so you must never be below 70-80% health. You definitely need Stamina Flask, Stamina potions, Stamina food.


Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Strand’s End on Broken Shore, Broken Isles.
Health Points: 1041k
Fight duration: 14m33s
Difficulty: easy
The constant Submerge stun is very annoying but that’s all there is.

Na'zak the Fiend

Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Falaanar Tunnels under Suramar, Broken Isles.
Health Points: 1016k
Fight duration: 11m23s
Difficulty: easy
If you time your Immolation Aura well you can free yourself from the web, else it will be a bit annoying with the 10 second stun.


Level: Legion World Boss
Location: Felsoul Hold in Suramar, Broken Isles.
Health Points: 1016k
Fight duration: 10m20s
Difficulty: easy
Interrupt Gaseous Breath and try not to fall asleep, no Mind Control if you’re alone.

Raid bosses

Emerald NightmareNythendra
Dragons of Nightmare
Il’gynoth, Heart of Corruption
Elerethe Renferal
Trial of ValorOdyn
Chronomatic Anomaly
Spellblade Aluriel
Star Augur Etraeus
High Botanist Tel’arn
Tomb of SargerasGoroth
Mistress Sassz’ine
Demonic Inquisition
Sisters of the Moon
The Desolate Host
Maiden of Vigilance
Fallen Avatar
Antorus, the Burning ThroneGarothi Worldbreaker
Felhounds of Sargeras
Antoran High Command
Portal Keeper Hasabel
Eonar the Life-Binder
Imonar the Soulhunter
Coven of Shivarra
Argus the Unmaker

Emerald Nightmare


Health Points: 375k
Fight duration: 4m1s
Difficulty: trivial
Tactics: Just a Patchwerk-style of fight, you can ignore all of her abilities.

Health Points: 535k
Fight duration: 5m47s
Difficulty: easy
Tactics: Move a bit during the Heart of the Swarm phase to avoid the exploding bugs.

Health Points: 696k
Fight duration: 7m29s
Difficulty: easy
Tactics: Don't stand on the Infested Ground under any circumstances, the Infested stacks will reset during the Heart of the Swarm phase.

Dragons of Nightmare

Health Points: 349k
Fight duration: 3m25s
Difficulty: easy
Tactics: If both Taerar and Rothos are active, Rothos will spawn Seeping Fog, avoid the green clouds since they will put you to sleep for 6 secs. When you accumulate ten stacks of any dragon's Mark debuff you will fall asleep for 30 secs due to Slumbering Nightmare, try to pop defensive CDs or Metamorphosis when you hit nine stacks and you will survive.

Health Points: 466k
Fight duration: 4m22s
Difficulty: medium
Tactics: When you accumulate ten stacks of any dragon's Mark debuff you will fall asleep for 30 secs due to Slumbering Nightmare, try to pop defensive CDs or Metamorphosis when you hit nine stacks and you will probably survive, depending on your gear.

Elerethe Renferal

Health Points: 306k
Fight duration: 4m10s
Difficulty: easy
Tactics: In Roc form, stay away from purple Twisting Shadows zones, in Spider form stay away from green Necrotic Venom zones. Save cooldowns for Raking Talons and remember to use a feather to move to the Eye of the Storm during Dark Storm. Oh, and don't get kicked off the platforms under any circumstances. Chaotic but fun.

Health Points: 409k
Fight duration: 6m02s
Difficulty: medium
Tactics: Same thing as LFR difficulty, only more damage taken.

Health Points: 510k
Fight duration: 8m18s
Difficulty: medium
Tactics: Bucketload of more damage taken.

Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption

Health Points: 106k
Fight duration: 7m41s
Difficulty: medium
Tactics: An add fight where you have two burn phases, nuke tentacles and horrors, prioritize the Corruptor Tentacles because they drop pools of nightmare on the ground and you can't dps while standing in them. Every time you kill an add (tentacle or horror) Nightmare Ichors will spawn, they need to be kited to the Eye of Il'gynoth and killed near, it's the only way you can damage the Eye. Once the way to the boss is opened, you have about 55 secs to kill it or damage it as much as possible, leave the room when the boss' cast is nearly done. If you didn't kill the boss you will have one more chance to do it, this time it takes 90 secs and the health you removed the first time is not healed. Good luck, you're going to need it.

Health Points: 145k
Fight duration: 7m25s
Difficulty: medium
Tactics: Same thing as LFR difficulty, only more damage taken.


Health Points: 333k
Fight duration: 3m36s
Difficulty: medium
Tactics: Roaring Cacophony stacks quite high but you should be able to mitigate 10 stacks.


Health Points: 274k
Fight duration: 3m29s
Difficulty: easy
Tactics: Kite him around the room to avoid getting rooted in place by the Nightmare Brambles, you will get lots of stacks of Creeping Nightmares but it's manageable. Once Cenarius is at 30% he will attack you with Spear of Nightmares which makes you drop pools of Nightmare on the ground.

Health Points: 391k
Fight duration: 4m21s
Difficulty: medium
Tactics: Getting rooted by the Brambles inside a Nightmare pool will be the death of you.



Health Points: 391k
Fight duration: 9m10s
Difficulty: easy
Tactics: Just nuke boss when his Chitinous Exoskeleton stacks are below 3, so you do the most damage during his Exoskeletal Vulnerability phase of 15 seconds.

Health Points: 851k
Fight duration: 9m25s
Difficulty: hardcore
Tactics: The problem on Normal difficulty is that there is an enrage timer set at 9 minutes and you will die shortly after that. You will need a mix of DPS and tanking gear to beat that, don't forget the proper consumables.

Chronomatic Anomaly

Health Points: 656k
Fight duration: 7m24s
Difficulty: medium
Tactics: Kill the initial adds and keep him in his Power Overwhelming phase until dead. The damage ramps up quite high in the end.


Health Points: 597k
Fight duration: 7m21s
Difficulty: easy
Tactics: Survive! The whole room will be filled with Arcane Seepage pools at one time and you will just have to stand still and rotate cooldowns. Stand near the center of the room when Trilliax jumps in the middle to channel Annihilation so you can dodge the beams.

Apellblade Aluriel

Health Points: 759k
Fight duration: 9m10s
Difficulty: medium
Tactics: Pop defensive cooldowns for her Annihilate which will deal more damage each time she executes it, cleave down adds, and stay out of stuff on the ground. Annihilated stacks will reach new heights and the damage you take near the end is HUGE.


Zandalari Warbringer

Level: Pandaria Rare Elite
Location: Various fixed places in the Mists of Pandaria zones.
Health Points: 282k
Fight duration: 3m44s
Difficulty: easy
Keep Demon Spikes up before he finishes casting Horrific Visage (if it’s a boss that does that, they have random abilities) because it cannot be interrupted. Drag him back to his starting point after fear else he might reset, make sure you dodge Meteors and stay away from the Vengeful Spirits (with proper gear you don’t even have to move).


Level: Warlords of Draenor Rare Elite
Location: Ruins of Kra’nak in Tanaan Jungle, Draenor.
Health Points: 451k
Fight duration: 4m51s
Difficulty: trivial
Headbutt will toss you around so be careful not to pull the whole Tanaan Jungle.


Level: Warlords of Draenor Rare Elite
Location: In front of the Hellfire Citadel, Tanaan Jungle, Draenor.
Health Points: 508k
Fight duration: 5m25s
Difficulty: trivial
Absolutely nothing important, tank and spank.


Level: Warlords of Draenor Rare Elite
Location: Temple of Shanaar in Tanaan Jungle, Draenor.
Health Points: 395k
Fight duration: 3m58s
Difficulty: trivial
Absolutely nothing important, tank and spank, don’t bother interrupting anything.


Level: Warlords of Draenor Rare Elite
Location: Rangari Refuge in Tanaan Jungle, Draenor.
Health Points: 564k
Fight duration: 5m41s
Difficulty: easy
He is the most dangerous of the four rare elites in Tanaan Jungle, the Enrage could take you below 70% HP but it’s a really easy fight with nothing important to remember.

War-God Dokah

Level: Pandaria Rare Elite
Location: On a boat near the Isle of Giants, Pandaria.
Health Points: 564k
Fight duration: 7m12s
Difficulty: medium
He’s like a Zandalari Warbringer on steroids, will use Horrific Visage, Meteor, Vengeful Spirit, Scarab Swarm, Thunder Crush, the whole shebang. There is a very high chance (read 100%) that he will fear you into the nearby packs of Zandalari Dinomancers who will be very happy to play along, increasing the fight’s difficulty by a lot (they can heal themselves and do quite a bit of damage). Even if you clear them before, they will respawn during the fight so you will need to adapt, it’s a really good boss to test your skills when you are under pressure in an aggressive environment.

Death Metal Knight

Level: Rare Elite
Location: Darkmoon Island.
Health Points: 1694k
Fight duration: 3m31s
Difficulty: trivial
Tank and spank, nothing to worry about.

Kosumoth the Hungering

Level: Legion Rare Elite
Location: Eye of Azshara zone (not dungeon) in the Broken Isles.
Health Points: 423k
Fight duration: 4m11s
Difficulty: easy
Tank and spank, his melee does a bit of a damage though.

Shiz'narasz the Consumer

Level: Battle for Azeroth Rare Elite, lvl 52
Location: Chitterspine Caverns in Nazjatar.
Health Points: 599k
Fight duration: 13m47s
Difficulty: easy
You can afford to miss interrupting one or two Conductive Spittle, he hits like a truck and with that debuff on he will kill you.


Level: Battle for Azeroth Rare Elite, lvl 52
Location: Highborne Estates in Nazjatar.
Health Points: 713k
Fight duration: 20m15s
Difficulty: medium
You must interrupt all Coral Growth casts or you start from scratch. Biggest danger of the fight is to pull more mobs close to the rare. Dodge Ocean’s Call and prepare to Infernal Strike on the rare when he knocks you back with Angry Stomp.

Arachnoid Harvester

Level: Battle for Azeroth Rare Elite, lvl 52
Location: West of Bondo’s Yard, Mechagon.
Health Points: 571k
Fight duration: 11m48s
Difficulty: medium
Dodge Capacitor Discharge because it will stun you, melees for about 2k each hit, you need to time Immolation Aura just before he Web Wraps you else you’ll be lower than 50% health once Web Wraps expires.


Level: Mists of Pandaria Rare Elite
Location: Around The Blazing Way on Timeless Isle, Pandaria.
Health Points: 204k
Fight duration: 3m02s
Difficulty: easy
His Lightning Breath hits for over 8k, make sure you use the Timeless Isle buffs and stay away from Storm Blossom.


Level: Mists of Pandaria Rare Elite
Location: Bridge on Firewalkers’ Path on Timeless Isle, Pandaria.
Health Points: 169k
Fight duration: 2m01s
Difficulty: easy
Dodge the Molten Inferno as much as possible, some can be dodged, some can not.

Flintlord Gairan

Level: Mists of Pandaria Rare Elite
Location: Outside the Ordon Sanctuary on Timeless Isle, Pandaria.
Health Points: 152k
Fight duration: 2m02s
Difficulty: easy
He’s the boss of the Eternal Kilnmasters (uses their abilities with more damage), his melee is weak but his Blazing Blow hits for over 10k. Just move around him constantly and beware when he has the Kilnfire buff up because stuff really gets serious.

Urdur the Cauterizer

Level: Mists of Pandaria Rare Elite
Location: Outside the Ordon Sanctuary on Timeless Isle, Pandaria.
Health Points: 141k
Fight duration: 1m20s
Difficulty: easy
He’s the boss of the Blazebound Chanters (uses their abilities with more damage), don’t interrupt his Cauterize (it heals him for 25% but he gets 30% damage over the next 30 secs) and just tank him and his two Golems.

Archiereus of Flame

Level: Mists of Pandaria Rare Elite
Location: Ordon Sanctuary (or summoned on Three-Breeze Terrace) on Timeless Isle, Pandaria.
Health Points: 508k
Fight duration: 5m57s
Difficulty: hard
He’s the boss of the High Priests of Ordos (uses their abilities with more damage) which means he has access to all the abilities of Blazebound Chanters AND Eternal Kilmasters while doing a bucketload more damage. Don’t interrupt his Cauterize (it heals him for 25% but he gets 30% damage over the next 30 secs), move away from his Golems, move from Blazing Blow because it will one shot you with Kilnfire buff up. He hits mega hard.

Colossus of Ashi

Level: Classic Elite
Location: Hive’Ashi in Silithus, Kalimdor.
Health Points: 3727k
Fight duration: 42m30s
Difficulty: easy
It might be easy but hits quite hard in melee, does a Colossal Smash that will send you flying so prepare to glide down to safety.

Necromantic Anomaly

Level: Shadowlands Rare Elite, lvl 61
Location: House of Rituals in Maldraxxus, Shadowlands.
Health Points: 367k
Fight duration: 15m42s
Difficulty: medium
Miss, miss, miss, rotate cooldowns on Deathbolt Rifts (can be interrupted) and Death Sweep.

Crazed Trogg

Level: Battle For Azeroth Rare, lvl 50
Location: Cave in Sparkweaver Point on Mechagon, Kul Tiras.
Health Points: 142k
Fight duration: 2m3s
Difficulty: trivial
Avoid the Bonk.

The Scrap King

Level: Battle For Azeroth Rare Elite, lvl 51
Location: The Heaps on Mechagon, Kul Tiras.
Health Points: 228k + 142k
Fight duration: 6m55s
Difficulty: easy
Avoid Mind Slice, hits for 4.5k and stuns.


Level: Shadowlands Rare Elite
Location: Zovaal’s Cauldron, The Maw.
Health Points: 338k
Fight duration: 5m20s
Difficulty: easy
Avoid Magma Wave and prepare to be stunned by Gauntlet Smash.


ClassicRagefire Chasm
The Deadmines
Shadowfang Keep
Wailing Caverns
Blackfathom Deeps
Scarlet Monastery
Scarlet Halls
Razorfen Kraul
Razorfen Downs
Sunken Temple
Dire Maul
Blackrock Depth
Upper Blackrock Spire
Lower Blackrock Spire
The Burning CrusadeHellfire RampartsEasyIt’s not easy, it’s trivial actually.
Blood FurnaceEasyPull small packs for safety.
Shattered HallsEasyLots of stuns and disorients.
Slave PensEasyBeware of some of the mobs’ fear, you might pull extra packs.
UnderbogEasyConsume Magic Hungarfen’s mushroom buff else it’ll heal.
SteamvaultEasyBeware of some of the mobs’ fear, you might pull extra packs.
Mana-TombsEasyPull as fewer Priests as possible.
Auchenai CryptsEasyDuring the Exarch fight you will take a lot of damage.
Sethekk HallsEasyDon’t pull too many packs and kill the Time-Lost Controllers first. Stay away from the ghosts.
Shadow LabyrinthMediumSome packs might give you trouble, beware of the fear (Felguards). Blackheart won’t Incite if you’re alone.
Old Hillsbrad FoothillsEasyNothing worth mention.
Black MorassEasyNothing worth mention.
BotanicaEasyDon’t pull too many buffed satyrs.
MechanarEasyKite Serpethrea around a bit away from the fire elementals.
ArcatrazHardThere are several mobs in there that can one-shot you, constant stuns/disorients/fears. Ignore Dalilah’s Heal and Disrupt her Gift of the Doomsayer else you will never kill her. Don’t attempts unless you know the tactics for each mob and boss!
Magisters’ TerraceEasyClear the room with Priestess Delrissa and her guards, you will get feared/disoriented/stunned quite a bit during the fight. Kael’thas will be annoying during the airborne phase.
Wrath of the Lich KingUtgarde Keep
The Nexus
Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom
Drak’Tharon Keep
The Violet Hold
Halls of Stone
Halls of Lightning
The Culling of Stratholme
The Oculus
Utgarde Pinnacle
Forge of Souls
Pit of Saron
Halls of Reflection
Trial of the Champion
CataclysmBlackrock Caverns
Throne of the Tides
Vortex Pinnacle
Lost City of the Tol’vir
Halls of Origination
Grim Batol
End Time
Well of Eternity
Hour of Twilight
Mists of PandariaGate of the Setting Sun
Mogu’shan Palace
Shado-Pan Monastery
Siege of Niuzao Temple
Stormstout Brewery
Temple of the Jade SerpentMediumBosses have lots of HP and the mobs stun a lot.
Warlords of DraenorAuchindounEasy
Bloodmaul Slag MinesEasy
The Everbloom
Grimrail Depot
Iron DocksEasyA way to reset the mobs on the way to the bosses would make the dungeon trivial.
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
LegionAssault on Violet Hold
Black Rook Hold
Cathedral of Eternal Night
Court of Stars
Darkheart Thicket
Eye of AzsharaMediumMove from spells on the ground and read on boss tactics.
Halls of Valor
Maw of Souls
Neltharion’s Lair
Return to Karazhan
Seat of the Triumvirate
The Arcway
Vault of the Wardens
Battle for AzerothFreeholdEasyYou can skip Council o’ Captains and Ring of Booty.
Atal’DazarEasyInterrupt the bosses from performing their abilities.
Tol DagorHardOverseer Korgus fight is very hard and a DPS race, lots of damage taken.
Waycrest ManorMediumSoulbound Goliath is a very hard boss (almost not doable) due to the constant Soul Thorns stun. Time Immolation Aura before he casts Soul Thorns so they break due to aura’s damage ticks.
Shrine of the StormMediumYou can skip Aqu’sirr, can’t kill Lord Stormsong due to his Ancient Mindbender ability but you can jump in the water after he resets, and kill Vol’zith the Whisperer.
Siege of Boralusn/aHeroic only, can’t enter at 45.
Temple of SethralissEasyUse The Deceiver’s Grand Design trinket to heal the Avatar of Sethraliss.
The UnderrotMediumHeavy damage on Cragmaw and Sporecaller Zancha, during the Unbound Abomination fight you’ll take HUGE damage.
Kings’ Restn/aHeroic only, can’t enter at 45.
The MOTHERLODE!!EasyNothing worth mention.
Operation: Mechagonn/aHeroic only, can’t enter at 45.
ShadowlandsThe Necrotic WakeCan’t kill Nalthor the Rimebinder (last boss) because he uses Dark Exile and resets.
Mists of Tirna Scithe
Halls of AtonementMediumMobs hit hard, bosses hit hard, be careful to pull fewer adds, and Inquisitor Sigar might take a while to kill.
De Other Side
Sanguine Depths
Spires of Ascension
Theater of Pain
Tazaveshn/aHeroic only, can’t enter at 45.

Not soloable

  • Sha of Anger - mind control.
  • Galleon - too much damage, too many adds.
  • Oondasta - Crush stacks too high (at 4 stacks you have 0 armor), Frill Blast and his 10k melee hits will screw you hard.
  • Tarlna the Ageless - too many adds, you need to step on the lashers during Genesis but that’s kinda hard when you are rooted in place.
  • Brutallus - Meteor Slash needs to be shared with more people (at least one), else it does 30-35k damage on you, one-shotting.
  • Rukhmar - Sharp Beak applies Pierced Armor and beyond 10 stacks it’s just not manageable, at 14 stacks of Pierced Armor, Sharp Beak hits for 25k. You need a way to reset aggro and the Precious Bloodthorn Loop ring has a 5 min CD, it’s impossible to survive to Rukhmar for 5 minutes.
  • Humongris - no way to reset the Charred stacks from You Go Bang!, at 4-5 you really go Bang.
  • The Soultakers - I wouldn’t know where to start.
  • Ursoc - dps race and the damage is just too much.
  • Xavius - very tight dps race that ends with you mind-controlled, even with DPS gear best attempt was 35% (Normal difficulty) and 18% (LFR difficulty).
  • Ordos - has a cleave-like ability that one-shots you, besides that the damage he does is a bit too much. And he enrages after 5 minutes.
  • Ulmath the Soulbinder - unscaled, it’s not doable under any circumstances, ever.
  • Wekemara - you cannot enter the zone where it resides (Spears of Azshara).


Below are some charts I generated using exported data from my WoW client via Combat Logging.


The x-axis is the time axis, you get one plot of data for each time my demon hunter’s HP changed so the length of the x axis is dependent on the length of the fight.

The z-axis is the health points axis, as you can see it should oscillate between two values, one for normal HP (~26k) and one for demon form HP (~40k). Keep in mind that I am using the Demonic talent, which gives me 6 seconds of demon form after each Fel Devastation finishes channeling.

There are two layers on each of the chart images, one blue   that represents my demon hunter’s current health points and one red   that represents the max possible health points; to simplify, red means the amount of HP that is missing at Y time, if all is missing = dead. Too much red means my demon hunter spends way too much time below optimal HP and will probably die. The ideal outcome is both layers overlap perfectly such as no red is visible, which means no damage taken.

Click on the graph to get a higher resolution image.

World Bosses

Below are some charts for various incomplete fights, they end at 0 HP for my demon hunter.


Difficulty: insane Gear: tank Duration: 9m15s Best attempt: 85%


Difficulty: insane Gear: tank Duration: 0m29s Best attempt: 99%


Difficulty: insane Gear: tank Duration: 1m3s Best attempt: 97%


Iron Docks

All the trash mobs were skipped using Precious Bloodthorn Loop, took 17 minutes because I have to wait for the cooldown on the ring between the bosses (enter instance, run to first boss, vanish, kill boss, wait for ring CD, run to second bosses, vanish, kill bosses, wait for ring CD, run to third boss, vanish, kill boss, run to last bosses, kill bosses). Boss kills took 1m52s for Fleshrender Nok’gar, 2m27s for Grimrail Enforcers, 2m27s for Oshir and 3m04s for Skulloc, the rest of the time is wasted running, vanishing and waiting for vanish CD. The run was done in full DPS gear.

Iron Docks

Split into separate graphs for each boss.

Fleshrender Nok'gar
Grimrail Enforcers
Damage done by ability
NameAmountCastsAvg CastHitsAvg HitCrit %DPS
Spirit Bomb28.07% 305.5k625.2k1212.7k39.70%516.3
Fracture14.79% 161.0k315512.148.30%272
Melee14.37% 156.4k489320.4409383.162.80%264.3
Soul Cleave11.92% 129.7k482.8k831.6k51.80%219.2
Immolation Aura10.18% 110.8k382.9k574193.751.70%187.3
Fel Devastation7.24% 78.8k291270.741.20%133.1
Fiery Brand5.48% 59.7k113.3k (2.1k)11 (51)3.3k (456.7)54.5% (37.3%)100.9
Sigil of Flame5.31% 57.8k16488.4 (3.2k)28 (109)279.1 (473.0)60.7% (45.9%)97.7
Dragon's Call1.79% 19.5k80243.858.80%33
Acid Spit1.79% 19.5k80243.880243.858.80%33
Infernal Strike0.48% 5.2k8731.675.00%8.7
Throw Glaive0.38% 4.2k11380.924174.662.50%7.1
Healing done by ability
Consume Soul31.23%106.7k180.4
Spirit Bomb11.62%39.7k67.1
Fel Devastation10.49%35.9k60.6
Feast of Souls6.89%23.6k39.8
Soul Cleave6.63%22.6k38.3
Charred Warblades4.06%13.9k23.4

Agility: 628Stamina: 1,336Armor: 986 - 2,715Parry: 466 - 690Crit Rating: 466 - 690Haste: 313
Mastery: 63Versatility: 58

RaidBots StatWeights simulator

Stat Weights:

Off Hand Weapon DPS2.05
Critical Strike0.76
Weapon DPS9.81

* If you added 42 Off Hand Weapon DPS to your character, each point would add an average of 2.05 DPS (this does not guarantee that 1 Off Hand Weapon DPS = 2.05 DPS)

163HeadLeafmender Hood
147NeckHeart of Azeroth
163ShoulderShoulderpads of the Demonic Blitz
163ChestHarness of Oppressing Dark
163WaistLeafmender GirdleKraken's Eye of Agility
163LegsBloodfeather Leggings
159FeetGlacier Walkers
163WristFiendish Logistician's Wristwraps
163HandsFelreaper Gloves
163FingerZealous Tormentor's Ring
106FingerPrecious Bloodthorn Loop+14 Versatility
137TrinketWhirlwing's Plumage
126TrinketCurse of Hubris
163BackGreatcloak of the Dark Pantheon
163WeaponDragon's Call
137Off-HandClaw of the WatcherLeviathan's Eye of Agility, Saber's Eye of Agility, Dancing Steel

More dungeons

Green vertical bars are boss kills.

Shadow Labyrinth
Mana Tombs
Sethekk Halls
Slave Pens
Shattered Halls
Black Morass


Emerald Nightmare

The Normal difficulty run was done in full tanking gear occasionally changing The Deceiver’s Grand Design with Curse of Hubris when I needed more DPS to be on the safe side (Il’gynoth for example). I did an attempt on Ursoc too (wipe at 56%) even though I knew it’s not doable because I wanted to show you the amount of damage taken; I skipped Xavius because that’s not doable either. Also check out the damage taken during the last phase of the Cenarius fight when I got rooted inside a pool of Nightmare (but I was in no danger of actually dying).

Emerald Nightmare

Split into separate graphs for each boss.

Nythendra - killed
Elerethe Renferal - killed
Dragons of Nightmare - killed
Il'gynoth, The Heart of Corruption - killed
Ursoc - wipe
Cenarius - killed
Damage done by ability
NameAmountCastsAvg CastHitsAvg HitCrit %DPS
Spirit Bomb25.70% 793.9k1456.3k3083.0k26.6%430.1
Fracture16.24% 501.5k922550.426.4%271.7
Melee14.93% 461.2k1,461319.81,184394.634.1%249.9
Soul Cleave14.58% 450.3k1752.9k3391.5k26.5%244.0
Immolation Aura10.70% 330.6k963.6k1,696205.532.8%179.1
Fel Devastation6.68% 206.4k738284.724.1%111.8
Fiery Brand5.79% 178.9k303.7k (2.3k)30 (125)3.7k (558.0)33.3% (28.8%)96.9
Sigil of Flame3.28% 101.3k38533.5 (2.4k)75 (193)270.3 (472.8)32.0% (22.8%)54.9
Dragon's Call1.66% 51.2k220236.526.8%27.8
Acid Spit1.66% 51.2k221235.4220236.526.8%27.8
Infernal Strike0.33% 10.3k15685.526.7%5.6
Throw Glaive0.10% 2.9k13226.517173.229.4%1.6
Healing done by ability
Consume Soul24.76%278.0k150.6
Guiding Hand15.04%168.9k91.5
Soul Cleave12.75%143.2k77.6
Feast of Souls7.78%87.4k47.3
Spirit Bomb7.58%85.1k46.1
Fel Devastation4.37%49.1k26.6
Fruitful Machinations3.40%38.2k20.7
Charred Warblades2.42%27.2k14.7

Agility: 619 - 772Stamina: 1,284 - 1,345Armor: 1,038 - 1,080Parry: 172Crit Rating: 172Haste: 283
Mastery: 127Versatility: 426 - 499Leech: 47

RaidBots StatWeights simulator

Stat Weights:

Off Hand Weapon DPS2.27
Critical Strike1.20
Weapon DPS11.02

* If you added 42 Off Hand Weapon DPS to your character, each point would add an average of 2.26 DPS (this does not guarantee that 1 Off Hand Weapon DPS = 2.26 DPS)

163HeadCrystalbinder Helm
147NeckHeart of Azeroth
163ShoulderFelreaper Shoulders
163ChestVest of Waning Life
163WaistLeafmender GirdleKraken's Eye of Agility
163LegsBreach-Blocker Legguards
159FeetVicious Flamepaws
163WristBloodfeather BracersVersatile Dark Opal
163HandsGrips of Hungering Shadows
137FingerElectrocutioner Lagnut+14 Versatility
137FingerSeal of the Regal Loa+14 Versatility
126TrinketCurse of Hubris
163TrinketEnforcer's Stun Grenade
159TrinketThe Deceiver's Grand Design
163BackGreatcloak of the Dark Pantheon
163WeaponDragon's Call
137Off-HandClaw of the WatcherLeviathan's Eye of Agility, Saber's Eye of Agility, Dancing Steel


The countless nicks and gouges that mar the Aldrachi Warblades form a map of their violent history. These weapons have vanquished thousands of demons and absorbed their twisted souls. It is said that the warblades even drew the molten blood of the Burning Legion’s ruler, Sargeras.

Truly, there is extraordinary power in these otherworldly blades. In your hands, there is no telling what havoc they will wreak on the Legion. The Aldrachi Warblades

The scattered legends that remain of the ancient aldrachi speak of their unsurpassed skill as warriors. These proud people were bred from birth for combat. Their entire culture revolved around it. Military service was mandatory for all aldrachi, and it began as soon as a child could walk.

So it was with Toranaar. After he took his first step, he was cast into the merciless aldrachi war machine.

He came from a long line of respected warriors, and his elder brother was the greatest among them. Given Toranaar’s pedigree, expectations for him were high. He would not disappoint. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part One

Toranaar endured years of brutal training, tests of strength meant to cull the weak from the strong. One thought propelled him through the pain and suffering: winning the right to carry warblades.

More than titles or wealth, the aldrachi coveted weapons as prized possessions and symbols of status. Warblades eclipsed all other types of arms in prestige. These mighty weapons were fashioned from rare crystals found deep below the earth. The strange minerals had many unique properties, the greatest of which was their ability to absorb the spirits of the dead. Blacksmiths employed closely guarded techniques to enchant these crystals and forge them into instruments of death.

The resultant warblades could consume the souls of their victims. Each devoured spirit imbued the weapon with greater power. The most ancient warblades contained thousands of souls, and they were revered just as much as-if not more than-the fearsome aldrachi warriors who bore them in battle.

As the young Toranaar lay in bed every night, his body bruised and broken, he pictured himself carrying warblades of his own. He willed that vision to become a reality. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part Two

Toward the end of his training, Toranaar had his final and greatest test. The aldrachi military high command chose an elder warrior at random to battle the young initiate in a fight to the death. The day of the duel came, and Toranaar stepped into the ritual fighting pit to face his opponent.

It was his older brother.

Toranaar spared his sibling only a passing glance. He fixed his eyes on his opponent’s gleaming warblades. Toranaar’s dream was within reach, and nothing would keep him from it. Not even family.

The two brothers grappled through the night and into the next day. Both were on the verge of death when Toranaar finally disarmed his kin and took the warblades for himself. Without uttering a word, he buried the weapons in his brother’s chest, and they drank deep of the fallen warrior’s soul. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part Three

Stories of the aldrachi reached the Burning Legion and its ruler, Sargeras. He and his demon army had decimated countless mortal civilizations in their quest to extinguish life from the cosmos. Sargeras was always eager to find mighty new races that he could bend to his will and use as agents of destruction. The aldrachi seemed like the perfect candidates for servitude.

Rather than destroy the aldrachi world outright, Sargeras ordered his forces to invade it. The Legion would wear the warriors thin until they were ripe for demonic conversion. Sargeras knew that his followers would suffer great losses against the enemy, but that did not discourage him.

Whether it took a year, or ten, or a hundred… Sargeras would make the aldrachi his. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part Four

Excerpt from the nathrezim records known as The Codex of the Dead:

Curious creatures, the aldrachi. Much more resilient and promising than anticipated.

The Legion stormed their little world with overwhelming force, a sea of pit lords and felguard, of shivarra and mo’arg, ebbing and flowing from horizon to horizon. Still, the aldrachi held the invasion at bay. Hundreds of demons fell just to claim one of their warriors. The aldrachi fought like ravenous beasts, and none with more ferocity than the creature called Toranaar the Indomitable.

His warblades howled over the clamor of battle, rending anything that came near. Each demon Toranaar vanquished seemed to fill him with renewed vigor and strength. He was an army unto himself. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part Five

Wave after wave of demons slammed into the aldrachi lines. Toranaar and other seasoned warriors repelled each attack, but the Legion’s numbers never diminished. For every demon defeated, another would take its place. Slowly and methodically, the Legion whittled away the aldrachi resistance and pushed them back to the towering stronghold in the heart of their war-torn capital.

Only Toranaar and a handful of champions remained. Each of them carried warblades teeming with the souls of thousands of victims they had cut down. In all directions, corpses of aldrachi and demon alike blanketed the earth. It is said that not a bare patch of ground could be seen for leagues.

Toranaar rallied his allies in preparation for another Legion attack, but it never came. To the aldrachi’s confusion, the demons halted their advance. A monstrous figure then emerged from the Legion’s ranks.

It was Sargeras, and he had come with an offer for Toranaar. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part Six

No one knows for sure what form Sargeras took to confront Toranaar. Some nathrezim records say that the Legion’s colossal ruler infused a sliver of his power into an avatar and dispatched it to the aldrachi stronghold. Whatever the truth, it is certain that he called for Toranaar to join the Legion.

Sargeras promised the aldrachi warrior and his allies power beyond anything they had ever dreamt of. They would serve as his personal guards, and they would command tens of thousands of demons in war. Sargeras believed that such an offer would prove irresistible to the battle-loving aldrachi.

Toranaar’s rejection was emphatic. He vowed to destroy the Legion for all of the aldrachi the demons had killed, or die trying. Either way, he would never bow to Sargeras. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part Seven

Demons still whisper of the battle between Toranaar and Sargeras. The gathered Legion host watched with rapt attention as their ruler dueled with the aldrachi warrior. At any moment, Sargeras could have simply annihilated Toranaar, but destruction was not what he wanted.

Sargeras desired to corrupt the aldrachi champion, and he would need to exhaust Toranaar to succeed. For days, the Legion’s ruler did so. Like a cruel predator toying with prey, Sargeras battered Toranaar with just enough force to wear him down.

Toranaar was a seasoned warrior, and he recognized Sargeras’s ploy. He knew he could not best the Legion’s commander in combat, and so he decided on one final act of defiance. Toranaar feigned submission. When Sargeras let his guard down, the aldrachi champion struck.

His warblades ripped through Sargeras’s hide, and fire burst from the wound. Though it was only a minor injury, the other aldrachi howled in triumph.

It was the last time such war cries would ever echo through their once-great capital. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part Eight

Toranaar’s defiance infuriated Sargeras. In an instant, he ripped the warrior and his fellow aldrachi champions to pieces. So great was Sargeras’s wrath that nothing was left of their bodies but dust. The Legion’s ruler then commanded his armies to bathe the aldrachi world in an inferno that would smolder for eternity.

Though Sargeras had failed to corrupt the aldrachi, all was not lost. He had left the warblades used by Toranaar and his kin intact. If the aldrachi would not serve the Legion, their formidable weapons would. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part Nine

Sargeras ordered his lieutenant Kil’jaeden the Deceiver to distribute the warblades of the aldrachi. Over thousands of years, the demon sought out the Legion’s greatest warriors. Those who met Kil’jaeden’s standards received a set of warblades. In demonic hands, these weapons went on to massacre civilizations, exterminate entire races, and consume the souls of a hundred thousand dead.

In time, Kil’jaeden had circulated all of the warblades, save the ones that had belonged to Toranaar. These were the most powerful arms taken from the aldrachi. Kil’jaeden kept them under close watch, awaiting a champion ruthless enough to wield the fabled weapons that had made Sargeras bleed. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part Ten

After years of waiting, Kil’jaeden found someone worthy of wielding Toranaar’s warblades. Her name was Caria Felsoul, and she was one of the Illidari’s most cunning and adept demon hunters.

Caria had willingly turned on the Illidari and pledged herself to the Legion in exchange for power, and Kil’jaeden rewarded her. He flooded the demon hunter with dark energy and molded her into his perfect servant. Before unleashing Caria on his enemies, he gifted her the Aldrachi Warblades.

Kil’jaeden relished this final act, knowing it stood against everything Toranaar had fought for. The aldrachi had used his warblades to uphold the dignity of his people and reject Sargeras’s offer of power. Wielded by a traitor like Caria, the weapons would become tools of betrayal, murder, and dishonor. The Aldrachi Warblades, Part Eleven


Character statistics

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since 2005 (with pauses) and during The Burning Crusade I was hardcore raiding in a top 20 world guild. But things changed, I stopped raiding/pvping/playing max-level after the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

My first xp-locked character was a lvl 110 deathknight (that got squished later to lvl 45) and in April 2020 I started a demon hunter. Currently I’m not playing any character except the demon hunter and I have no intention of changing that.

I am a completionist and I like to get as many reputations to exalted, gather as many profession recipes as possible, rack up on achievements, finish all available quests, level professions to max, and similar things.

The goal for this character is to finish every challenge that can be completed at this level.

My favourite WoW expansion is obviously Legion and I might have more than 4 demon hunters but I will never admit it.




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