Lvl 45 Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft


Info might be outdated, I will NOT be updating this page because I stopped playing World of Warcraft.


Gearing an XP-locked level 45 Vengeance Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft.

Demon Hunters are the kings of mobility in raids and dungeons. In general, they can move around more and more quickly than many other specs, thanks to Infernal Strike, as well as various talents that aid their mobility. Additionally, they excel at burst AoE damage, with many abilities dealing AoE and cleave damage. They also excel at dungeon utility with their sigils.

Vengeance Demon Hunter gameplay features a mix between healing and damage mitigation, with low-cost but low-uptime of active mitigation, the ability to mitigate magic damage well, and extremely high burst healing potential.


  • Agi is Agility.
  • Vers is Versatility.
  • Has is Haste.
  • Crit is Critical Strike.
  • Sta is Stamina.
  • Mas is Mastery.
  • Arm is Armor.
  • iLvl is the item level.
  • HP is total Health Points.
  • BiS, whether the item is Best in Slot.

The countless nicks and gouges that mar the Aldrachi Warblades form a map of their violent history. These weapons have vanquished thousands of demons and absorbed their twisted souls. It is said that the warblades even drew the molten blood of the Burning Legion’s ruler, Sargeras.

Truly, there is extraordinary power in these otherworldly blades. In your hands, there is no telling what havoc they will wreak on the Legion.


Scorching Sands Mask *344264yes
Fel-Treated Hood of the Decimator142821150
Fel-Treated Hood of the Decimator132520160
Raven-Heart Headdress14121121350

(*) grandfathered item, no longer obtainable

The Scorching Sands Mask is BiS because of the Swirling Sands Azerite trait (Your spells and abilities have a chance to conjure Swirling Sands, increasing your Critical Strike by 129 for 12 sec. Your critical effects extend Swirling Sands by 1 sec, up to a maximum duration of 18 sec). Nothing ever comes close to it, there is no alternative. If you’re doing Mage Tower challenges, Raven-Heart Headdress is BiS.

Cannot be enchanted.


Ritual Flayer’s Spaulders *263164yes
Fel-Treated Spaulders of the Decimator112116150
Fel-Treated Spaulders of the Decimator132520160
Moonglade Shoulders1111816250

(*) grandfathered item, no longer obtainable

The Ritual Flayer’s Spaulders is BiS because of the Blood Rite Azerite trait (Your spells and abilities have a chance to increase your Haste by 104 for 15 sec. Killing an enemy refreshes the duration of this effect.). Shoulders with Swirling Sands would be even better but there are none that are obtainable at 45. If you’re doing Mage Tower challenges, Moonglade Shoulders is BiS, put a +2 Critical Strike and +2 Attack Power enchant on.

Can be enchanted with Legion boons when below iLvl 60 (for example Bloodhunter, to supplement your Blood of Sargeras).


Scorching Sands Wraps *344264yes
Fel-Treated Chestguard of the Decimator142821150
Fel-Treated Chestguard of the Decimator132520160
Moonglade Robe14161021350
Tunic of the Nightwatcher141421350

(*) grandfathered item, no longer obtainable

The Scorching Sands Wraps is BiS because of the Swirling Sands Azerite trait (Your spells and abilities have a chance to conjure Swirling Sands, increasing your Critical Strike by 129 for 12 sec. Your critical effects extend Swirling Sands by 1 sec, up to a maximum duration of 18 sec). Nothing ever comes close to it, there is no alternative. If you manage to get both the helm and the chest, the effect doubles (+258 Critical Strike for 12 sec.)

The Scorching Sands Wraps cannot be enchanted with anything useful but you can throw an Eternal Skirmish enchant (from Shadowlands, cannot be applied by you, will need a level 60 to apply the enchant inside the trade window) just for the fun of it (it will not be enabled but you get bonus coolness factor points from anyone that will inspect your gear). If you’re doing Mage Tower challenges, Moonglade Robe is BiS, put a +4 All Stats enchant on.


Fel-Treated Bracers of the Decimator81612150yes
Fel-Treated Bracers of the Decimator102015160
Spymistress’ Wristguards81012150

Oh, the lottery, how I love this. Basically the iLvl 50 Fel-Treated Bracers are better than the iLvl 60 ones because you can add a +5 Agility enchant on the iLvl 50 ones. It’s only a matter of preference, the difference is small.


Fel-Treated Gauntlets of the Decimator132620160yes
Fel-Treated Gauntlets of the Decimator112116150
Deft Handguards111116250

Lottery, getting BiS might take a week, might take few years; the iLvl 60 ones can be enchanted with useless stuff, the iLvl 50 ones can be enchanted with +6 Agility or +6 Critical Strike.


Liar’s Cord111116250yes
Fel-Treated Belt of the Decimator112116150
Fel-Treated Belt of the Decimator132520160

You can put a Living Steel Belt Buckle on the Liar’s Cord, adding another socket (total of 3, fill them with +7 Critical Strike gems) making it BiS. Basically you get +11 Agility, +32 Critical Strike, +1 Dodge and +16 Stamina beating everything else by a large margin.


Mennu’s Scaled Leggings142121350yes
Fel-Treated Legguards of the Decimator142821150
Fel-Treated Legguards of the Decimator173426160
Midnight Legguards1491621350
Coarse Leather Leggings of the Decimator173426160

Mennu’s Scaled Leggings are BiS because you can place a Shadowleather Leg Armor on them, for +6 Agility and +3 Critical Strike, boosting them to a total of +20 Agility, +45 Critical Strike, +1 Dodge and 21 Stamina (with 3 +7 Critical Strike gems). Nothing comes close.


The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge13111419359yes
Fel-Treated Boots of the Decimator112116150
Fel-Treated Boots of the Decimator132520160
Boots of the Shifting Sands111316250

You can’t place any enchants on the legendary or the iLvl 60, keep that in mind, but the 3 gem sockets from the legendary makes it BiS. Add two +7 Critical Strike and one +7 Agility gems and get a level 60 to place a +6 Agility in the trade window (it’s useless and will not be active but helps on the cool factor). If you want to go with enchantable items (iLvl 50) you can choose between +4 Critical Strike or +4 Agility.


Unifying Drape of the Decimator102015160yes
Unifying Drape of the Decimator81612150

Now this is really close; iLvl 60 cloak can be enchanted with +3 Agility while the iLvl 50 can be enchanted with +6 Primary Stat. Your choice, I guess but getting the Decimator proc will take lots and lots and lots and lots of tries (I think I’m at more than 100).


Hellscream’s Cleaver *64411250
Claw of the Watcher710250yes
Aldrachi Warblades7771150
Baleful Greataxe of the Decimator7141049
Akama’s Edge71051150

(*) grandfathered item, no longer obtainable

No alternative really here since the artifact weapons nerf, two Claw of the Warchers outperform everything but if you want to PvP and need the extra stamina, two Baleful Greataxes might be cool. Enchant the mainhand with Celestial Guidance (you will need a level 60 to apply the enchant on your weapon in the trade window and the proc REALLY works) and the offhand with Force Multiplier. Fill the sockets with +7 Critical Strike gems.


Avenging Band of the Decimator6015160yes
Sephuz’s Secret174215159
Vastly Oversized Ring6015160yes
Arduous Signet of the Decimator8201250

Regardless of the rings you choose, make sure they have one socket and enchant them with +9 Critical Strike. Place one +7 Critical Strike gem in one ring and +6 Agility in the other one.


Heart of Azeroth *44444438146yes
Prizerock Neckband999912350
Animus Pendant of the Decimator6015160
Animus Pendant of the Decimator5012150
Vexed Necklace of the Decimator8201250

(*) grandfathered item, no longer obtainable

No real competition here really, Heart of Azeroth enables the traits on the Azerite gear but if you don’t have it, Prizerock Neckband is ok, and can be enchanted with Mark of the Hidden Satyr for some extra damage and has three sockets to be filled with +7 Critical Strike gems. If you’re doing Mage Tower challenges, Prizerock Neckband is BiS.


This is simple: any trinkets with +16 Agility, +24 Critical Strike and one gem socket (for a +7 Critical Strike gem). Umbral Moonglaives is BiS for AoE damage. Unstable Arcanocrystal is cool.



Heart of Azeroth

RankAzerite requirediLvlSta / Mas / Has / Crit
75100012935 / 40 / 40 / 40
76126913036 / 40 / 40 / 40
77165013136 / 41 / 41 / 41
78214513236 / 41 / 41 / 41
79278913336 / 41 / 41 / 41
80362613436 / 41 / 41 / 41
81471413536 / 42 / 42 / 42
82612913636 / 42 / 42 / 42
83769713737 / 42 / 42 / 42
841035713837 / 42 / 42 / 42
851346413937 / 43 / 43 / 43
861750314037 / 43 / 43 / 43
872275414137 / 43 / 43 / 43
882958314237 / 43 / 43 / 43
893845914337 / 44 / 44 / 44
904999614438 / 44 / 44 / 44
916499514538 / 44 / 44 / 44
928449414638 / 44 / 44 / 44
9310984214738 / 45 / 45 / 45
9414279514838 / 45 / 45 / 45
9518563414938 / 45 / 45 / 45
9624132415038 / 45 / 45 / 45
9731372215139 / 46 / 46 / 46
9840783815239 / 46 / 46 / 46
9953019015339 / 46 / 46 / 46
10068921615439 / 47 / 47 / 47
10189602015539 / 47 / 47 / 47


  • The main idea of this build is to maximize Critical Strike chance and Agility and ignore everything else. You kill as fast as possible while not taking any real damage.
  • All enchants should be +Agility when possible.
  • About 350 Agility is +5.50% Dodge Chance.
  • About 400 Critical Strike is +40% Parry Chance.
  • About 60 Mastery is +15 Attack Power.
  • All gems should be +Critical Strike when possible with two exceptions: one +7 Agility and one +6 Agility gems.
  • You get plenty of Stamina normally from your gear (especially if you have Heart of Azeroth and Azerite gear) for PvP.
  • Mastery is crap, Haste is ok-ish, Versatility is good in PvP, Critical Strike is GODLY.
  • The aim is to get ~60% Critical Chance unbuffed, and over 80% Critical Chance when the Azerite traits will go brrr.
  • If you’re really lucky and you get tertiary procs (+Speed, +Avoidance or +Leech), they are good.
  • If you have the Heart of Azeroth there are few sources for Azerite so you can raise its rank:
    • Zandalar Port/ Boralus ship mission tabble.
    • Daily BfA dungeon.
    • Faction invasions.
    • Rares (once per rare except Mechagon and Nazjatar).
    • Invasion war chests and supply chests.
    • Island Expeditions and their related quests.
    • Quests (once per quest).
  • You’re looking at maybe 1k-1.5k daily azerite if you don’t do Island Expeditions and don’t kill every rare in Mechagon daily (I sure hope you’re not). After rank 91 expect more than a month for one level.


Mage Tower challenge

Restricted stuff

  • All Battle for Azeroth Azerite effects (Azerite Gear and Traits).
  • All Legion Legendary effects.
  • All Tier Set Bonuses.

Overall, the main piece at play when picking a Mage Tower challenge set is to maximize the number of sockets present in the gear while avoiding to lose many base stats. Besides sockets, other important aspect is enchants. Items iLvl 50 or lower have access to all enchants from previous expansions, which increases the number of slots available to be enchanted. Having all your gear enchanted with optimal enchants is equivalent of having more than two extra pieces of gear worth of stats.

You should aim for 330+ Agi, 550 Sta, 264 Armor, 55%+ Crit, 10%+ Vers. All gems should be +7 Critical Strike except for one +7 Agi and one +6 Agi. If you’re having survivability issues you can replace SOME of the +7 Critical Strike gems with +7 Versatility. Every item should be iLvl 50 (even if iLvl 60s scale down, you can place some good enchants on iLvl 50 gear) except for the legendary feet.


Same stuff as in the Consumables section above.


  • It will be hard but it’s definitely doable!
  • Don’t get more than 4-5 stacks of Aura of Decay.
  • Always interrupt Drain Life
  • Kill the Tormenting Eye while waiting for Aura of Decay stacks to drop.
  • Stack the 4 Nether Horrors on the boss (away from Prophet Velen) and nuke them fast.
  • The goal of this first phase is to kill Inquisitor Variss as quickly as possible in order to get to Phase 2, while handling all the mechanics properly.
  • In Phase 2, you need to quickly burn down Highlord Kruul before you gain too many stacks of Annihilate, or you will eventually get one-shot.
  • Nether Horrors will continue to spawn in groups of 4 during this phase, and you deal with them the same way as in Phase 1.

Tips and Tricks


  • You have access to Chromie Time at 45 and while in any Chromie campaigns you are the apex predator (characters lose access to Chromie Time at level 50). No max-level characters to bug you.
  • You can enter Korrak’s Revenge (when WoW Anniversary is up) but the scaling is atrocious (my demon hunter gets scaled to level 60, iLvl 70, but with aprox. 26k health points and shitty stats, versus 50-60k health points for a normal-geared level 60; you will get two-shotted by a real 60). Even though you scale to 60 I haven’t found a single item that requires level 60 or 50 and can be used (for example Rustbolt Resistance Insignia). You can farm Alterac Valley reputations, Timewarped Badges, Honor and achievements. Gear from bosses is iLvl 50, useless. As a cool “exploit”, you can get summoned via Recruit-a-Friend into BfA mythics and loot iLvl 85 gear that is useless.
  • No Brawl’gar Arena.
  • Can do Mage Tower Challenges (and a lvl 45 demon hunter xp-locked is very nicely tuned for that).


  • Every recipe below BfA can be learned; you cannot learn the recipes that drop in the 8.3 patch (the ones from Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossom); you cannot learn any of the Shadowlands recipes.
  • Some BfA recipes require crafty phase jumping (Nazjatar ones) so they are only available to Alliance characters.
  • You can’t learn any Shadowlands professions.
  • You can fish in Shadowlands zones but you can’t raise your fishing skill.


  • All raids below Legion are soloable except some Warlords of Draenor mythic bosses (The Butcher in Highmaul, most of the Hellfire Citadel bosses).


  • You can easily get 12k achievements points, possibly going up to 16k.


World of Warcraft: Legion
  • The Relinquished tokens sold by Thaumaturge Vashreen on the Vindicaar (on Argus) can proc Legion PvP gear as well as normal iLvl 50 and warforged 60 gear.
  • The Dauntless tokens sold by Warmage Kath’leen on the Broken Shore cannot proc PvP gear, only normal iLvl 50 and warforged 60 gear.
  • Sometimes you want to be in Havoc spec (when buying Dauntless or Relinquished tokens) for some Critical Strike trinkets to proc.
  • It will take a huge amount of Dauntless and Relinquished tokens to proc something that is actually useful. Sometimes the Dauntless tokens will proc iLvl 50 and 55 gear (no 60) and I haven’t been able to figure out why that does happen. iLvl 55 gear is useless, cannot be enchanted and has lower stats than iLvl 60. When it does, stop using your tokens and wait 2-3 days (could be linked to one of the buildings on the Broken Shore? No idea). In approx. 500 Dauntless tokens I’ve seen 6 of the Decimator procs, 2 of the Savant and 1 of the Adaptable.
  • You can get Nethershards (to trade for Dauntless tokens) from the Legion Invasion world quests, Broken Shore caches, one special Broken Shore world quests (once every three days) and mission table. It’s slow and painful.
  • Veiled Argunite (to trade for Relinquished tokens) can be found on Argus rares, Argus caches, sometimes Argus world quests, one Vindicaar weekly quest. It’s way slower than the Nethershard farm.

Battle for Azeroth

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
  • There is no way to get into the 8.3 patch Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossom now. No way.
  • Buy contracts from the Auction House and level your BfA followers so they can bring a steady passive income of Azerite daily.
  • You can get summoned into Nazjatar and have some fun there. You can kill normal mobs and most of the rares (not the elite rares though) solo but there is not really much stuff to do there. No inn, no fly points.
  • If you want Nazjatar reputation (Unshackled or Waveblade Ankoan) you can send Waveswept Abyssal Conch from another character and get to exalted “pretty easy”. If you want to purchase stuff from the vendors there, now that will be a challenge. There is no way for Horde characters to phase into Newhome but the Alliance characters can train professions and buy stuff with some smart phase jumping in Mezzamere.
  • You can only get inside the Chamber of the Heart once when you get your Heart of Azeroth. Once you get out you can never return.
  • You don’t have access to Heart of Azeroth essences.
  • No Horrific Visions.
  • You can’t get paragon chests from any BfA faction at 45.
  • You can’t phase into the Mechagon Horde/Alliance base and you can’t see the vendors there. No fly point either.
  • You can get exalted with Honorbound/7th Legion very easy (complete faction invasions); Voldunai, Talanji’s Expedition, Storm’s Wake, Order of Embers, Zandalari Empire and Proudmoore Admirality easy (quests and mission table), Champions of Azeroth very hard (only mission table, missions are rare, maybe one every 3-4 days).
  • It’s very hard to get exalted with Tortollan Seekers, you need to do a huge amount of Island Expeditions, there are too few quests otherwise even if you switch faction.
  • It’s impossible to get exalted with Rustbolt Resistance, Rajani and Uldum Accord. Rustbolt Resistance Insignia requires level 50.
  • If you already have the Heart of Azeroth (unobtainable now at 45) but no Azerite gear yet, you can still get it. You get two pieces Azerite gear per zone (so 6 pieces per faction, you can switch faction for another 6).
  • Alliance characters have a small advantage in gearing, they have access to the Azerite trait Blightborne Infusion that is a bit better than the Horde counterpart (Swirling Sands), +172 Critical Strike versus +129 (but they still can only get two pieces with the trait so it’s +344 Critical Strike versus +258 really. If you can tolerate being Alliance that is.
  • The war and invasion chests no longer drop gear, only Azerite.
  • Azerite gear that drops in dungeons is useless, requires level 48 (has the same base iLvl, 59).
  • If you don’t have Heart of Azeroth you will not get any Azerite gear (from quests, rares or dungeons) but the same item without traits and with secondaries. Some of them are good.
  • There seems to be an exploit that allows you to enter BfA mythics at 45 and they will drop iLvl 85 gear but the difference is too small to matter; usually you gain +3-5 Agility, +8-10 Stamina and +6-12 Secondary stat but you lose way too much Critical Rating. Not worth it unless you like to pump up the vol … I mean the iLvl.


World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
  • You can only be summoned into the Shadowlands zones (or get a mage portal to Oribos) but there isn’t much to do there at 45. You can get into the Maw (via warlock summon or Recruit-a-Friend summon) and take pretty pictures or kill rares (as in hit rares and hope you will do damage to tag it while someone else kills it). No mounting in Maw.
  • You can’t get into Korthia because you will be ported back to Oribos. You can’t jump into the Maw from Oribos. You can’t go into Oribos upper ring (the one with the fly point) unless summoned there. You can’t see the fly point in Oribos.
  • You can’t get into Zereth Mortis.
  • You can set your hearthstone in any of the Shadowlands inns but if you do a faction change all the fly points get reset and you can’t get back into the Shadowlands until you are summoned by a warlock or Recruit-a-Friend summon. Faction change resets your hearthstone too.
  • You can kill some rares solo (especially in Bastion and Ardenweald), you can kill some normal mobs and even skin them.
  • Packaged Soul Ash has no level requirement and gives you 250 Soul Ash, so you can send some from your main character but you can’t do anything with it. Same for Stygic Cluster and 250 Stygia.
  • Traveler’s Anima Cache is usable too but the Anima does not show in the currency tab, maybe because you don’t have a covenant? Not sure it’s even added to your currency. Now you need a covenant to get Anima from that item.
  • Broker Mark of Distinction requires level 50 and you can’t have a covenant at 45.
  • You can explore all the zones except Korthia and Zereth Mortis. Some exploration requires flying and cool tricks (like gliding into death).
  • You can kill the world bosses (not solo, ofc) but you won’t get any loot.
  • Tazavesh is off-limits. No Torghast. No raids. No dungeons.
  • Some rares in Bastion and Ardenweald will drop gear that you can’t use until 49-53. Can’t open any chests in SL zones.
  • Can’t join a covenant.

Phase jumping

  • You can use phase jumping to gain access to trainers or vendors that would be otherwise not accessible.
  • What: Phase jumping is when your character is by default in a phase (let’s call it Phase 1) and when you get close to an area a new phase kicks in (let’s call it Phase 2) and selectively changes the area you are in. For example, vendors will disappear, hostile mobs might appear or disappear, etc. Notice that you can only jump from a phase where you can see the required vendors or trainers: the idea is that you need to see your target (must be preloaded by your client) before you do the jump. Sounds confusing, I know, but it’s pretty simple.
  • How: You get to the border of the area where you can see the vendor (basically, when you take a step forward, the phasing kicks in and the vendor disappears). That’s your sweet spot. Turn off your network connection. Once you turn off your network connection, the new phasing won’t kick in until you restore the network connection, but now you have time to get close to the vendor (with network off still). Once you’re near the vendor, right click it and use an interact macro; turn your network connection on and keep pressing your macro. When the network connection gets restored, the vendor will phase out but you have maybe one second or two to buy/train from it. If you fail, go back to the start and retry. Remember that you need to see the vendor/trainer before you turn your network connection off because otherwise the vendor/trainer won’t get loaded while you are offline. That’s the reason you can’t use phase jumping for the Horde Nazjatar base (Newhome), the faction vendor is in the back of the cave.
  • Where: Shadow Vault in Icecrown (not useful at 45, you already have access to the vendor), Mezzamere in Nazjatar and many other places.
  • Useful macros in phase jumping:

Train all skills from trainer

/run LoadAddOn"Blizzard_TrainerUI" f=ClassTrainerTrainButton f.e = 0 if f:GetScript"OnUpdate" then f:SetScript("OnUpdate", nil)else f:SetScript("OnUpdate", function(f,e) f.e=f.e+e if f.e>.01 then f.e=0 f:Click() end end)end

Buy Y quantity of item X from vendor (where X is the position of the item in the vendor interface, 1, 2, etc)

/script BuyMerchantItem(X, Y)
  • You can’t use phase jumping to get into Uldum or Vale of Eternal Blossom, even though you can get into the correct phase in the Uldum zone, the game kicks you out of it once the network connection is restored and there is no time to do anything useful.
  • Usually you can buy about 2 items or train 2-3 skills in one try so be prepared to spend some time on it.
  • To get a bit more time to use your macros, you can disable again the network connection and re-enable it (forces the game client to revalidate the data from the server and that one second of time to buy/learn becomes 2-3 seconds but it doesn’t work all the time). So, you move in the spot, network connection off, move near vendor, network connection on, network connection off, network connection on again and spam your macros.
  • It can be called game exploiting and you can be banned for it but don’t let Actiblizzard call it illegal. There is nothing illegal in turning on and off your network connection.

My demon hunter


The stats below are from my character which isn’t full BiS yet (and probably never will be).

StatNo gearCurrentBuffedBuffed, all Procs (Traits + Meta)BiSBiS, buffed, all Procs (Traits + Meta)
Crit0 (11%)429 (56.62%)429 (57%)701 (76%)484 (64%)756 (83%)
Has078 (9.31%)78 (9.31%)182 (21.72%)44 (5.24%)148 (17.66%)
Mas0 (24%)64 (45.61%)64 (45.61%)64 (45.61%)58 (41.32%)58 (41.32%)
Leech011 (2.06%)11 (2.06%)11 (2.06%)62 (11.2%)62 (11.2%)
Dodge0 (6.43%)11.40%12.41%12.41%11.40%12.41%
Parry0 (3%)429 (25.44%)429 (25.44%)701 (31.55%)429 (25.44%)756 (33.97%)

The stat ratio really is insane and the Vengeance Demon Hunter is really fun to play.