Website archive

Websites come and go, people die, world ends, you got the idea. If you think this website is interesting and you want to keep a copy of it, you can download an archive of it from this page.


  • The compression is done with tar using --exclude='*.pdf' --exclude='*.zip' --exclude='*.tar.gz' flags, so there will be no PDF files, archives, etc, for space-saving reasons. If you want those, you can manually download them. Everything else is inside.
  • The HTML/CSS/JavaScript code is not minified (on purpose, easier to understand this way).
  • The archiving is automatically done at random times but you can always check the release date below.
  • Older archives are discarded and only the newest one is kept.
Release dateSeptember 09, 2023
Downloadtar.gz archive

Check the SHA-256 hash using this one-liner:

$ echo "ad7121478c10bda7ecda52567537983e2d2bb5479028e60469338cd48b9e1fd4 website-archive-2023-09-09.tar.gz" | sha256sum --check

You can view a screenshot of how the homepage looked on the day this archive was created by clicking on this link (beware, it’s a large image, ~1Mb).