Some online tools (written by me) that work by processing data in your browser, nothing gets uploaded to a remote server.

Hex world generator

Generates a world based on elevation and moisture, complete with terrain features and exports the SVG image and the JSON world data object.

WannaCry identifier

Identify the WannaCry variant based on the SHA256 hash of the file.

WannaCry analyser

A small utility I’m using to play with the WannaCry -encrypted files. It’s not decrypting the files, unless you have the private key.

Hash generator

Generate different hashes (MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, SHA3) based on the binary contents of the specified file.

Hex Grid generator

Generate hex grids in CSS or SVG . Useful for Civilization -type of games.

Base64 encoder/decoder

There are one billion online base64 converters, but here is one more.