A list of my personal software projects.


Cupcakes icon
Cupcakes ia a game where you must click on a sequence of 3 or more cupcakes while progressing through the levels.

Tags: #javascript #jquery #game


ProteinMusic icon
ProteinMusic is a Java program converting DNA sequences into music. The original idea for this project came from Ross D. King at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and Colin G. Angus from the Shamen. They developed a program written in C on an Apple Mac together with a MIDI connection to a synthesizer in 1996.

Tags: #java


Wannamingo icon
Wannamingo is an image processing application developed in Javascript; you can use to adjust your images with various filters, image effects, cropping, blurring, sharpen and many many more. You can select images to import (from your phone gallery or computer) or import directly from the webcam.

Tags: #javascript #jquery


Civitas icon
Civitas is a free-to-play strategy empire-building browser game written in Javascript with the help of the jQuery library . Players develop and maintain their settlement from initial village to a fully grown metropolis, influencing and conquering the neighbouring settlements.

There is no set goal, game is played on an infinite-round basis and there is a server component planned. The focus of the game is to manufacture and trade resources in order to raise the level of your city.

Tags: #javascript #jquery #game


Pome icon
Simple game where you have the task of forming lines of 3 or more identical elements. Built with Javascript and jQuery .

Tags: #javascript #jquery #game


Hoshi icon
Hoshi 星 is an custom hobby operating system for the x86_64 platform. It’s not Linux but it is POSIX -compatible and runs on a custom kernel named Yukiko 幸子.

Tags: #c #asm #operating-system


Portscan icon
Portscan is a simple port scanner for random IPs or specified IP ranges. Logs the open ports to a separate text file.

Tags: #perl

Tizen dev-it

tizen-dev-it icon
tizen-dev-it is a collection of scripts created to transform your Samsung RD-PQ development device into a personal home development server. Since the device should be running Tizen 2.3.1, you have a powerful Linux kernel available so the scripts just remove the unneeded cruft from the packages while installing others that you will need.

Cumslut NPM package

I am the maintainer (and developer) of the cumslut NPM package - GitHub repo . If you feel offended by the name of the package, do not install it.