Video game maps

Some maps I made for various video games.


In Timberborn you control a bunch of lumberpunk beavers and help them build a beaverlicious city. While Timberborn is still in early access (game is not complete, things might change), it’s quite polished and fun, featuring ingenious animals, vertical architecture, river control, and deadly droughts.

Contains high amounts of wood. No, really, you need to get lots of wood for your beavers. The game has wet and dry seasons, day and night differences (beavers sleep at night and you can’t coerce them to build stuff), droughts so you need to stockpile resources and food, keep forests alive after the rivers dry up while relying on artificial irrigation to keep the lands arable.

Maps are compatible with Timberborn version

Return to Blue Lagoon3.0382KBMedium map size (128x128), very little ground, strange currents, city on water.linkmap
Blue Lagoon3.1286KBMedium map size (128x128), little ground, strange currents, build a beaveropolis on water.linkmap
The Great Devoid3.4286KBMedium map size (128x128), huge hole in the middle, ideal placement.linkmap
Muirthemne3.5375KBMedium map size (128x128), small island in the middle of a bay, strong currents, little timber close, ideal placement.linkmap
Devil’s Overlook3.6476KBMedium map size (128x128), on the Devil’s Overlook iron is power. Lots of farmlands, lots of trees, very little iron.linkmap
NileRodgers3.0368KBMedium map size (128x128), well positioned to build the biggest beaver empire the world has ever seen!linkmap
Meander3.1284KBMedium map size (128x128), riverbank map, you need to control the river.linkmap

The Colonists

The Colonists is a relaxing settlement building game inspired by classic titles like The Settlers and the Anno series.

Take on a series of individual campaign missions, play randomly generated maps, compete on player-designed creations or build your colony unfettered by any constraints in the sandbox mode.

You take control of a team of self-replicating robots built to simulate human civilisation. After escaping Earth, The Colonists are now free to roam the galaxy in search of a new home and construct their dream settlement.

Islands1.0865KBSize: 140, small islands.linkmap
Atacama1.0918KBSize: 200, full desert with hills and occasional oasis.linkmap


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