Wastelander - Fallout 2 solo play

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To do a proper solo run without worrying that you will be killed at every step (especially later on when you get to hang around Navarro) you will need some things.

Good traits

Best traits to choose are Gifted (All seven stats have a +1 modifier, but all skills are reduced by -10%. You also receive 5 less skill points per level.) and Fast Shot (This trait reduces the Action Point cost of all throwing and firearm attacks by 1, but does not allow making Aimed Shots.). Nothing even comes close to those.

Good primary stats

  • Strength: 7 points in Strength is a nice start because later in the game (or sooner) Powered Armor will add 3 points of Strength and Advanced Powered Armor will add 4 points. You can get one point of Strength from the Red Memory Module found in a locker in Vault 8’s storeroom on level 2. The door is jammed shut and needs a Strength of 8 (or 7 and a crowbar) to get in. So in theory you can start with 5 Strength and get +4 from Advanced Powered Armor and +1 from the memory module to a total of 10, but I’d recommend you start with 7 Strength.
  • Perception: 7 is a good start. You can get an extra point of Perception from the Green Memory Module that can be found in the Mariposa Military Base. It is on Level 3 of the base, in a lone locker in the first room of the main corridor that you come across, after leaving the elevator.
  • Endurance: 7 for start, can only be increased via the Gain Endurance perk.
  • Charisma: this is a solo play so 4 is more than enough. Can be increased by one point with the Blue Memory Module that can be found within a locker inside the Enclave base at Navarro. The row of lockers to look in are in the armory, which is in the underground level, next to the Quartermaster.
  • Intelligence: 8 for start, can be increased permanently by one point with the Yellow Memory Module that can be found in a locker in Sierra Army Depot. The locker is inside the clinic on Level 1 of the building. You can get another point of Intelligence from the Hubologist zeta scan/alignment in San Francisco (which can also provide +1 Luck, though the game may need save-scumming to get a bonus rather than a penalty).
  • Agility: 8 for start, it’s the most important stat, can only be increased with the Gain Agility perk.
  • Luck: 8 for start, can be increased by one point with the Hubologist zeta scan/alignment in San Francisco.

Best armor and weapons

  • Armor: Advanced Powered Armor, found in the Navarro underground, in a locker near the armory master.
  • Primary weapon: M72 Gauss rifle with 2mm EC ammo.
  • Secondary weapon: Heckler & Koch P90c with 10mm ammo.
  • Alternative weapon 1: Heckler & Koch G11E with 4.7mm caseless ammo.
  • Alternative weapon 2: PPK12 Gauss pistol with 2mm EC ammo.
  • Alternative weapon 3: YK42B pulse rifle with microfusion cell ammo.

Proper level

Gaining levels in Fallout 2 is easy via questing or farming the wasteland for encounters.

Lots of skill points


You start in the Arroyo Village, walk to San Francisco, pick the Vertibird Plans quest from Matt, walk to Navarro, get the plans (and Advanced Powered Armor), walk to San Francisco, turn in the quest to Matt. If the Enclave patrols around Navarro catch you, you are dead, so save a lot.