This is not a community project. This is my project. I know that will disappoint some people, but I do this for fun in my own spare time. If it stops being fun, I will stop working on it, which will pretty much kill the project. There are millions of projects in the world and the only reason they continue (if they actually do) is because the maintainers stubbornly stick at it.

With that in mind, here is the code of conduct: If it is fun for me then it is good. If it is not fun for me, then it is not good.

Things I find fun include: Bug reports that explain what you saw and what you expected to see. Suggestions for features that would make your life better. Stories of how the software so far has already made your life better. Entertaining stories of how you used the software (bonus points if it includes pictures of cats. Or hamsters.). Offers to volunteer to improve something (super bonus points if you actually improve it). Questions about how the software works. Offers to write documentation (super, executive class bonus points if you actually write some). Answering questions that other people ask (bonus points if you get the answers right).

Things I don’t find fun: Drama. That is all.

To some extent, I will accept drama in exchange for money. But it has to be a lot of money. Think FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) level money. If you don’t have FANG level money that you are willing to give me in exchange for drama, just don’t do it – even if you think it is the most important thing in the world.

There is no other code of conduct. I may arbitrarily declare some things fun for me and some things not fun. Please pay attention when I declare one way or the other and act accordingly.

Thank you.