Some blocklists I’m using on a pi-hole, free for use. Keep in mind at all times that those are MY blocklists that I am using.

Make sure you concatenate them with your system’s hosts file or use the Little Snitch version. If you use the LittleSnitch version you can disable some of the filters if you don’t agree with my options; otherwise you’ll need to manually edit the Dnsmasq or hosts lists.

Junk media, propaganda and USA think-tanks blocklistlinklinklinklinkJan 12, 2022
Apple blocklistlinklinklinkFeb 08, 2021
Others blocklistlinklinklinkNov 15, 2021

Location of your system’s hosts file is:

  • macOS (until 10.14.x macOS Mojave), iOS, Android, Linux: /etc/hosts file.
  • macOS Catalina: /private/etc/hosts file.
  • Windows: %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.

uBlock Origin

I’m also maintaining a Startup News Block List (you know, the orange site) for uBlock Origin. Released into the public domain.