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NetBeans SQLiteJDBC 5.0

Tue Feb 7, 2017

In a few days my NetBeans SQLiteJDBC plugin will celebrate a whopping 8 years since its initial release (February 15, 2009). During this time I’ve learned a lot about both NetBeans and SQLite (and its JDBC drivers), what started as a simple NetBeans plugin to manage connections to a SQLite database (initially using the JDBC driver provided by Zentus, now using the Xerial’s driver) is still maintained (and used) after 8 years with over 60k downloads (in top 20 downloads).

So, I present you the 5.0 iteration of the NetBeans SQLiteJDBC plugin, updated to use the latest JDBC driver version (which is 3.16.1).

Visit its project page, NetBeans project page or its GitHub project page, download and use it for good, not for evil.

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