XakNet hacks Ukrainian NovaPay and Nova Poshta

March 15, 2022    Post   393 words   2 mins read
This attack is the answer for the attack on the SDEC. Today our team hacked the largest
Ukrainian payment service NovaPay and the Nova Poshta express delivery service. The
market share of this player is more than 40%.

Our team got full access to the service, to every server, to every computer inside
the company, to the infrastructure of Nova Poshta and NovaPay. About 2 TB of data
were merged. Including 1c databases, one of which we have attached here.

And here you have a removed domain controller with valid passwords. Who is interested
- find a VPN and mail, go in, play around. P.S. were not too lazy to even reset some
of the hashes.

Here are some images from XakNet Team. Their statement follows:

XakNet Team warns: We have hit almost every infrastructure in Ukraine. Warning shots
were fired everywhere, without prejudice to the activities of companies/state bodies.
We call on the fascists to accept their defeat in the cyber war. Otherwise, we will
be forced to act the way our opponents act.

We cannot endlessly give you "politeness lessons". We demand the cessation of hacker
attacks against Russian infrastructures, we demand the cessation of the activities
of information centers for the dissemination of fakes.

In case of refusal, we will be forced to use the most sophisticated methods, and we
reserve the right to act as the enemy acts. Critical information infrastructure
facilities will become a priority goal of the group. All work will be aimed at the
complete destabilization of the activities of the aforementioned CII.

We know that these methods will not find a response in the hearts of our compatriots,
who treat normal Ukrainians with great trepidation and constantly ask not to do certain
things so as not to complicate their lives. But we can't do anything else. We ask you
to understand, forgive, and give us the opportunity to respond to the enemies of our

As you have noticed, XakNet Team is a non-profit organization. We don't collect
donations, we don't sell services, we don't earn money here. We are not related to
any law enforcement agency, and we are guided solely by internal beliefs and immense
love for the Motherland. I think these facts are enough to understand the seriousness
of our intentions.

The files leaked can be found here (use the Tor browser).