World-Wide Music: Belgium

July 9, 2022    Article    224 words    2 mins read

This week we have five very good pop songs from Belgium, the country best known for … nothing actually. Why is it even a country? OH, waffles, that’s right, Belgium is the country best known for its waffles.

The video and audio tracks are pulled from Youtube via an Invidious instance. Don’t forget to r8, b8 and please don’t h8.

Girls in Hawaii - Misses

Youth in the sun drowned in broken seas
Cruising the summer sands
Despite all the bruises coming from the side
You’ll always be young and amused.

Oscar and the Wolf - Dream Car Ocean Drive

Before, we were never surreal
We’ll never change design
But what if?

Warhaus - Against the Rich

I’ve got one hand on a champagne drinking cunt
I’ve got the other up the ass of the establishment
And I can′t even distinguish which hand is which
God knows how I tried to be against the rich.

Hooverphonic - Battersea

Knocking on the blue water
It’s over, forget
Praline and chocolate ice
Got to get over, forget
Your world doesn’t match with mine
I’ve got to get over, I’ve got to forget.

Balthazar - Leipzig

If the fire comes too close, don’t bother
Cause the tides swallows one after another
If the freezing starts to win, don’t bother
Cause I’m your follower and you’re my lover.