Website stack / writing tools

August 26, 2019    Article    185 words    1 min read
Website stack / writing tools

Check out the date on this baby!!

This content was originally published a while ago and could be quite outdated.

I got asked today what I’m using for this website so I thought it’s probably better to write a smallish article about it.

This website is all static, I am writing using Markdown, the HTML files are generated by Hugo, deployed via git to GitHub Pages on Exoscale using a custom domain.

I am writing Markdown in iA Writer (I love the typewriter mode) and sometimes in Sublime Text.

Basically, my workflow consists of:

  1. Email myself an article idea as soon as I get it.
  2. Write a rough draft in iA Writer or skip this step and
  3. Write final version in Sublime Text on my laptop.
  4. Commit and push (this part is actually a shell script that performs the following actions) :
    • Retrive all external images (for example, project badges, since I’m not linking to external resources anywhere).
    • Build the website contents.
    • Encrypt the articles that are tagged as to be encrypted.
    • Deploy the changes to GitHub.
    • Check whether the changes need to be deployed to dat and/or ipfs.
    • Deploy the changes to dat and/or ipfs.
    • Send webmentions for the new article.

Sounds simple, right?