US versus the world

July 28, 2019    Article    286 words    2 mins read

US sanctions should not affect internet services as long as they are provided free of charge. Maybe it’s time to move on.


It is painful for me to hear how trade restrictions have hurt people. We have gone to great lengths to do no more than what is required by the law, but of course people are still affected. GitHub is subject to US trade law, just like any company that does business in the US. Nat Friedman, GitHub CEO, on Twitter


We would also like to notify our users that as we continue to update our systems over the next several weeks, we will soon begin blocking access to our service from IP addresses associated with an embargoed country. Users who travel to a sanctioned country may not be able to access Slack while they remain in that country. However, we will not deactivate their account and they will be able to access Slack when they return to countries or regions for which no blocking is required.


NOTE to users in Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria: may not be accessible after the migration to Google. Google has informed us that there are legal restrictions that are imposed for those countries. See this U.S. Department of the Treasury link for more details. At this time, we can only recommend that you download your code or export relevant projects as a backup. See this issue for more discussion.