TSA No-Fly list download

February 16, 2023    Article    194 words    1 min read

As you already know if you are reading this article, the TSA No-Fly list was exfiltrated by a Swiss hacker from the U.S. national airline CommuteAir servers a while ago. After it was put up for sale on the breached.vc forums by someone, that someone made the list(s, because there are two .csv files) free to download.

Long story short, here it is the list, in all its glory, no strings attached.


Description: The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) No-Fly list includes names of individuals that are to be denied transport on commercial flights because they are deemed a threat to civil aviation.
Size: 78.9 MB
SHA-256: 5ed2023a3e2e0fa3a77b4a755dbb27f217940aabbcc4ce979f10b5242357482b
Records: 1,566,062

Download .zip


Description: The TSA Selectee list includes names of individuals whom air carriers are required to “select” for additional screening prior to permitting them to board an aircraft.
Size: 12.6 MB
SHA-256: 29598a0efaa5d07efdff69a67274c5b8584c831e95426020a717e577b01bb055
Records: 251,169

Download .zip

$ wc -l NOFLY.csv | cut -d " " -f 2
$ grep -iE "m*[aeou]*h[aeou]*mm?[aeou]+[dt]" NOFLY.csv | wc -l
$ echo $((492494 * 100 / 1566062))

31% of the names in the NOFLY.csv file are Muhammad and variants (Mohammed, Mohamed, Ahmad, etc).