The muckmen

August 14, 2023    Article    593 words    3 mins read

As soon as a (human) civilisation becomes advanced and “rich” people start to realise that life is meaningless and they always existed in a relative, post-modern condition. They struggled for so long to discover that. To evolve out of a cave that just floats around. Human history and evolution as a mere Truman show, but also as a stepping stone - to finally see reality for what it is, one must go through heavy narrativism to even survive and evolve to this point. Who knows how many organisms went through the same thing in the universe.

And normal people are drawn downward toward the false synthesis (merely tolerating contradictions’ ambiguities) while you, my friend, are drawn upward (actually trying to reconcile them in higher syntheses, coincidentia oppositorum rings a bell?). When you are talking to a normie he’s showing you his normie brain and you are sensing the normie-sewer-system he is a part of, in which all normie stuff is mingled together and everybody partakes of the muck, and you are trying to show him the higher ineffable syntheses in which contradictory principles like “Duty at all cost” and “Don’t people have a right to be happy?” ought to be reconciled.

You must remember that most people live at his level, and that life is full of people like him, cheating on their partners like he probably does on his and having perfectly happy relationships anyway. Even their unhappiness is happier in a way than your happiness. There are obvious benefits to being sewer muckmen. It’s a nice existence. Probably in his last life he was like you and lived purely for duty and honour, and in this reincarnation he needs a break.

He’s probably the type of man that both berates self improvement yet is too afraid to change the things he hates of himself. The type that is miserable at his day-to-day existence but is too weak or afraid to act in the moment and better himself or his condition. The type of person that only stays alive because he’s afraid of death or a metaphysical punishment for his suicidal action. Just wallowing in his own self-made misery and never attempting to step forward, stagnant until the day he stops breathing.

Your job isn’t to immanentize autistic morality by forcing it down into the sewers and cleansing them permanently of all shit. That won’t happen for a very long time. Your job is to be a beacon and a constant reminder of the higher realities, up on the surface, so that when the muckmen do wade out of their sewage once in a while, they do feel pangs of guilt. At the surface, the muckman was asserting the rights of the muck but below the surface, probably not even consciously, your disdain for his position will remind him that the destiny of humanity ultimately lies not in tolerating contradictions and peccadilloes because it’s easier and more convenient, but in being more like you, and trying to purge all peccadilloes from reality.

What I fear from this analysis is the possibility of me falling into pride and puffing myself up by thinking I’m some higher being, because I definitely have the same amount of moral sickness as the next person. I do not deny that some people are drawn to worldly things and that others are drawn to heavenly things, however, pride comes before the fall. My righteousness does not outweigh his righteousness. Yet at the same time, I can’t help but feel a visceral repulsion upon hearing some of them speak.