The Age of Nothingness

August 21, 2022    Article    603 words    3 mins read

It is my belief that the Age of Discovery and Colonization was the worst mistake in human history. In a perfect world, walls dividing each civilization from each other would have been erected and everyone would have proceeded on their independent path, forever.

Instead, every civilization was destroyed. Every last one. Native American and Australian Aboriginal civilizations were practically erased from the Earth. East Asian civilization destroyed itself in reaction to Western philosophical ideas like Marxism and imperialism. African civilizations were strangled and the continent became a ruin, with much of it remaining in that state today. Indian civilization was looted and rebuilt in a Western image. Much of Africa and the Americas faced the same fate.

And this Western civilization was similarly destroyed. Look at the rich tapestry that was Europe in 1491. Look at the smoldering remains of a culture which exists there now. Everything is in ruins. It is a culture which was used as the embryo for capitalism, the parasite which destroyed it and through it, Asia and Africa and the Americas.

The question we must ask now is: How can we rebuild what was lost? How will we turn back the time?

Of course you can’t turn back time, time is a fire that consumes everything. When a civilization is destroyed or lost what was superfluous in it dies. Any Truths in it that are lost or suppressed by colonization will eventually resurface if they are worthwhile at all. I don’t care about the burning of the library of Alexandria, any relevant ideas stored in there would exist elsewhere. No doubt most of what was destroyed there was repetitive pap no one would have use reading even if it survived. Destruction is good sometimes, you know, the myth of Phoenix and the like. Sometimes people are enchained by the past.

And man will not stop fighting. Man will not stop conquering or striving for greater power. Nothing but universal dominion over the Earth will stop man, because this is the telos of humanity. Our most fervent desire is for absolute Truth and that comes at the expense of the destruction of all particular, relative truths. This is the only way.

And man is haunted by thought. The best of us are fated to attempt with all their might to go beyond representation and fail miserably, its result being either greatness or madness and ironically an expansion of that which they tried to surpass.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the end of the world and how lame it will be, how people become more and more disembodied as they immerse into a digital dystopic hellhole where 15 seconds videos and unruly desires dictate people behavior and how these are used purposefully by people whose only purpose is maximize shareholders profit.

The perplexing thing is that as our entertainment becomes more vapidly escapist and outright childish, at the same time we take it more seriously. People will chat about how these fantasies now might come true, and they want it. People don’t want children. People aren’t getting married. People can’t buy houses. People are stuck in dead end jobs. People don’t believe in anything.

Life, now, is a rush to consume. Everything is memes. TikTok used to be a joke and now in a matter of a few years it’s a part of people’s lives. Politics is a circus. People casually say that life is meaningless, that is, if they talk at all. Sometimes I see flashes of earnest humanity in people, but it’s fleeting because they have no means of maintaining that spirit. The culture doesn’t support it.