Website updates

July 13, 2019    Article    151 words    1 min read

Today I implemented a few more-than-welcomed updates to the website since there was some stuff missing (and some stuff was obsolete).

  • New search implemented statically using Lunr.js, based on the original code by Jamie Tanna.
  • New statistics page using charts.js to provide some info on my writing habits, based on the original code by Jamie Tanna.
  • New sitemap page to provide easy access to some pages that are hidden from plain navigation menu.
  • Removed categories, they were pointless since tags are better suited for my website content.
  • Removed menu section navigation (/post), moved the section navigation to the sitemap page and replaced it with the new archive page.
  • Split the music and quotes into separate sections.
  • Added an ATOM feed to the website.
  • Added a JSON feed to the website.
  • Added an OPML feed list to the website.
  • Implemented h-feed.
  • Added a personal h-card to the homepage, hidden from plain view.