Short movies

September 13, 2022    Article    343 words    2 mins read

Five short stories in five short movies. Enjoy.

IN-SHADOW - A Modern Odyssey, by Lubomir Arsov

The Ultimate Synthesis of our entire dystopia (and our only way out) Nothing missing, nothing left. Pure art without a word said. A perfect ride across hell, not by means of imaginative storytelling, but by precisely displaying our current reality for what it is. Also the path to liberation, the only possible revolution left available. Astonishing piece of work.

LILA, by Carlos Lascano

The compassion of creation is manifested and captured in the expression of Alma’s enchanting eyes, which seem to change colour and character from one scene to the next. This is a short film, with a simple message so filling the requisite 10 lines will be difficult. The message is simple: Art matters. It can touch you in sublime ways.

Beyond us - A Last Story after the Collapse, by Maxime Tiberghien

A delicate, sensitive short animation about future of humankind. Well crafted, poetic, seductive for grace and precision of message.

AFK_, by Tyler Hynes

The darker themes combined with several shots of what are supposed to be different locations around the world give this short the cyberpunk feel it should have when dealing with an underground movement being pushed forward by people who think they understand their convictions. The character development was also done well which helped given we are told almost nothing about Tyler Haynes character from the beginning other than what we can glean from a few shots of how he carries himself.

Bon Voyage, by Fabio Friedli

A smart film about a too serious problem of European reality. Childish animation, a lot of fun, memories about old songs of early years of childhood. And the last minutes. Cruel, precise, bitter. A film about refugees. Their way to Europe and better life. Their pain and death. And the people front to the surviver. A portrait and a warning. Useful both for not ignore, for remember or to propose the fair perspective about a sad part of near reality so comfortable to ignore.