Richard Stallman support letter

March 28, 2021    Article    194 words    1 min read

I signed the Richard Stallman support letter and you should do it too. Keep in mind that the signers of the letter are subjected to harassment.

Please think about how to treat other participants with respect, especially when you disagree with them. For instance, call them by the names they use, and honor their preferences about their gender identity.

Honoring people’s preferences about gender identity includes not referring to them in ways that conflict with that identity. For instance, not to use pronouns for them that conflict with it. There are several ways to avoid that; one way is to use gender-neutral pronouns, since they don’t conflict with any possible gender identity.

Those statements apparently make Stallman a transphobe.

Also fuck Tor. And I think it’s time to ditch Mozilla and let them die by their own actions.

Do not use

  • Creative Commons
  • Framasoft
  • Gnome
  • LineageOS
  • Mozilla
  • Suse
  • FreeDos
  • Tor

Just let the corporate pet “companies” and “foundations” die as they deserve.

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