OSINT resources

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OSINT resources

If you’ve heard the name but are wondering what it means, OSINT stands for open source intelligence, which refers to any information that can legally be gathered from free, public sources about an individual or organization. In practice, that tends to mean information found on the Internet, but technically any public information falls into the category of OSINT whether it’s books or reports in a public library, articles in a newspaper or statements in a press release.

Maps, geo-location, transport

Social media and photos


  • Map View NGMDB — map for exploring some geologic maps and articles from the NGMDB (National Geologic Map Database).
  • WAQI — World’s Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index map.
  • GlobalFishingMap — click on a point on the map and get the data on the current fishing effort at that location.
  • ncei.noaa.gov — Natural Hazards Viewer (worldwide).
  • Lightingmaps — lightning strikes in real time and also data on thunderstorms that ended months or years ago.
  • Light Pollution World Map — showing the degree of light pollution in different countries. It’s possible to see the data over time (since 2013).
  • Global Wetlands Map — interactive map of open waters, mangroves, swamps, fens, flood swamps, marshes, wet meadows and floodplains.
  • Fire MAP NASA — online map of fire hot-spots around the world (data from VIIRS and MODIS satellites, last 24 hours).
  • Ocearch Shark Tracker — click on a shark on the world map and find out its name, size and travel log.
  • Surging Seas: Risk Zone Map — map of points where there is a risk of significant sea level rise in the event of melting glaciers.
  • USA Fishermap — when you click on a freshwater body of water, its detailed map opens, on which the depth at different points is marked.
  • Mindat.org — mineral maps for different countries.
  • Ventusky.com — collection of weather map (wind, rain, temperature, air pressure, humidity, waves etc).
  • Wunderground — weather history data.
  • Rain Alarm — shows where it is raining on the map, you can enable notification of approaching rain (in the browser and in the mobile app).
  • Cyclocane — click on the hurricane on the map and get detailed information about it.
  • MeteoBlue — weather stats data.
  • Zoom.earth — worldwide map of rains, storms, fires, heats, winds and others natural phenomena.
  • NGDC Bathymetry map — worldwide detailed interactive bathymetry map.
  • Soar.earth — big collection satellite, drone and ecological maps.
  • Geodesics on the Earth — finding the shortest path between two points.
  • Google Earth — 3D representation of Earth based primarily on satellite imagery.





Politics, conflicts, crisis

Urban and industrial infrastructure

  • Wheelmap.org — map shows public places that are accessible and partially accessible to wheelchair users.
  • gulfpub-gisstg.esriemcs.com — detailed world gas pipelines map.
  • World Population Density Map — very detailed data. It’s possible to look at the density not only by country and city, but also by individual metropolitan areas, towns, and villages.
  • Emporis Buildings Map — world map showing notable buildings. For each object you can find out the height, number of floors, type, and purpose.
  • Osmbuildings.org — world map showing notable buildings. For each object you can find out the height, type, and purpose.
  • Find Food Support — find places where you can get free food by address (USA).


  • Osmaps Radius — drawing circles with a certain radius on the map.
  • MeasureTool-GoogleMaps-V3 — measurement tool for Google Maps.
  • ACSDG — tool allows you to quickly mark a group of points on the map and then export their geographic coordinates to CSV.
  • MeasureMapOnline — tool for drawing rectangles, circles and complex polygons on a world map to measure their area and perimeter.
  • Map Fight — compare size of two countries.
  • Presto Map lead extractor — converts information about labels on Google Maps to CSV or XLSX.
  • Google Maps Extractor — extract data from place-marks.
  • GPS Visualizer — show .gpx and .tcx files on map.
  • Map Checking — tool for measuring the number of people in a crowd of different area and density.
  • Mapnificent — choose a city on the world map, then select an address on the map and see what places you can get to by public transport in a certain time interval (range from 1 to 90 minutes).


Communications, Internet, technologies

  • Opencellid.org — the world’s largest Open Database of Cell Towers.
  • API mylnikov.org — get latitude and longitude by WiFI BBSID.
  • nperf.com/map — view the coverage area of different cellular operators in different countries.
  • nperf.com/map/5g — 5G coverage map worldwide.
  • Vincos.it — world social media popularity map.
  • app.any.run — interactive worldwide map of cyber threats statistics (last 24 hours).
  • Web Cam Taxi — open webcams around the world.

Street view

  • Show My Street — simple tool that simplifies and speeds up your research work with Google Street View. Just click on the map and see street panoramas.
  • Mapillary — street panoramas over the world.
  • 360cities.net/map — world map of panoramic (360 degrees) images.
  • Earthviewer360.com — click on a point on the map to see a 360 degree video panorama (it’s possible to pause to see some areas in more detail).


  • OpenAerialMap — set of tools for searching, sharing, and using openly licensed satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery.
  • Demo.4map.com — 3D interactive world map.
  • OldMapsOnline — world aggregator of old maps from various sources (498,908 maps).
  • Whatiswhere.com — OpenStreetMap based free POI (point of interest) search. 102 types of objects.
  • localfocus.nl/geokit — geographic toolkit for investigative journalists
  • WhoDidIt — click on an area on the OpenStreetMap to get a list of nicknames of users who have made changes on it (with dates).
  • Google Maps Scraper — Enter search terms (ex “Boston museum”) and scrape addresses, phone, websites and other place info from Google Maps.

Social media




  • TikStats — detailed statistics on the growth dynamics of subscribers, likes, and video views for the TikTok account.
  • TikTok Scraper — scrapping video from user, trend or hashtag feed, extracting video’s or user’s metadata, downloading video or music, processing a list of clips or users from a file
  • TikTokD — TikTok video downloader.
  • Snaptik.app — TikTok video downloader.
  • Exolyt.com — TikTok profile analyze.
  • Tikbuddy — TikTok profile analytics.
  • Mavekite.com — Enter the nickname of the user TikTok and get the data on likes, comments, views, shares and engagements for his forty last videos.
  • Tiktok Scraper — extract data about videos, users, and channels based on hashtags, profiles and individual posts.
  • Tikrank.com — free tool for comparing and analyzing TikTok accounts. Available ranking of the most popular users by country (there are more than a million accounts with the largest number of subscribers in the database)




  • Freepeoplesseacrhtool.com — find people in Linkedin without registration.
  • CrossLinked — LinkedIn enumeration tool to extract valid employee names from an organization through search engine scraping.
  • Linkedin Datahub — linkedIn’s generalized metadata search & discovery tool.


  • XingDumper — The Xing job and networking service has almost 20 million users! Here is a simple script that allows you to get a list of employees registered there for a particular company.







  • Tumblr Tool — collected posts tagged with a specific term from Tumblr and export to .tab file (opens in Excel) and .GDF (opens in Gephi).




  • ASTRAAHOME — 14 Discord tools (including a RAT, a Raid Tool, a Token Grabber, a Crash Video Maker, etc) in one python tool.
  • Discord History Tracker — A tracking script will load messages from the selected channel and save them in .txt file.


  • YaSeeker — Get information about Yandex account by login.


  • Inflact Instagram Search — Instagram profiles search tool with the ability to filter results by number of subscribers, number of posts, gender, categories (personal blog, artist, product/service etc.)
  • Terra — Collect information about twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Instagram analyzer and viewer
  • Sterraxcyl — Tool for export to excel someone’s Instagram followers and/or following with details (Username, FullName, Bio, Followers and Following count, etc).
  • Storysaver.net — download Instagram stories.
  • Instagram Scraper — Scrape info about accounts, posts, stories and comment
  • Instagram Hashtag Scraper — Enter hashtag name and scrape all post tagged it. Get caption, commentsCount, photo dimensions, URL, other hashtags and other details in CSV, JSON or XLS table.


  • GHunt — Google account investigation tool.



  • Star History — simple tool that shows how the number of stars a repository on Github has changed over the past three months.
  • Commits.top — Current list of the most active Github users by country.
  • Gitstar Ranking — Unofficial GitHub star ranking for users, organizations and repositories.
  • Github Rater — rates GitHub profile upon data received from GitHub API.
  • Github Trending Archives — Github trending archive for a specific date.
  • GitHub Repository Size — simple Google Chrome extension to view Github repo size.
  • Gitcolombo — simple and fast tool that collects information (edit statistics and contacts) about repository contributors on Github.
  • Coderstats — enter Github username and get detailed statistics of profile: languages, issues, forks, stars and much more.
  • GitHub-Chart — it shows a visual representation of the temporal distribution of user changes in the repositories. You can visually see “productivity peaks” and see which days of the week a person is most active
  • Zen — Tool for gathering emails of Github users
  • GithubCompare — When searching for OSINT tools on Github, you will often come across several repositories with the same name. This service will help to visually compare them, determine which one was created earlier, which one has more forks and stars.
  • DownGit — create GitHub resource download link.






  • Xboxgamertag — search Xbox Live users by nickname (gamertag). It’s possible to view gamer’s stats and his playing history.



  • Oh365UserFinder — A simple tool that shows if an Office365 account is tied to a specific email address. It’s possible to check an entire list of emails from a text file at once.
  • o365chk — simple Python script to check if there is an Office365 instance linked to a particular domain and gathering information about this instance.


  • Onedrive Enumeration Tool — a tool that checks the existence of OneDrive accounts with certain usernames (from the users.txt file) in the domain of a certain company.


  • Gallery-dl — quick and simple tool for downloading image galleries and collections from Flickr, danbooru, pixiv, DeviantArt, exhentai.
  • Kribrum.io — search engine for different social media platforms with filters by author and time period.
  • Auto Scroll Search — automatically scrolls the page down (and loads the ribbon) until the specified keyword appears on it.
  • Social Blade — help you track YouTube Channel Statistics, Twitch User Stats, Instagram Stats, and much more.
  • ExportComments — Export comments from social media posts to Excel files (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord etc), 100 comments free.
  • Social Media Salary Calculator — for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram
  • Chat-downloader — download chats messages in JSON from YouTube, Twitch, Reddit and Facebook.
  • FindMyBID — Toolkit for collecting data from social networks
  • Social Analyzer — extension for Google Chrome that simplifies and speeds up daily monitoring of social networks. Create your own list of keywords and regularly check what’s new and related to them.
  • Khalil Shreateh Social Applications — More than 20 tools to extend the standard functionality of Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter (information gathering, random pickers for contests, content downloaders etc.)


  • Wenku — download documents from Baidu Wenku without registration.
  • Slideshare Downloader — a very simple and fast tool for downloading Slideshare presentations in PDF format (recommend to choose high quality at once).
  • Waybackpack — download the entire WaybackMachine archive for a given URL. You can only download versions for a certain date range (date format YYYYMMDDhhss).
  • Chat-downloader — download chats messages in JSON from YouTube, Twitch, Reddit and Facebook.
  • Gallery-dl — quick and simple tool for downloading image galleries and collections from Flickr, danbooru, pixiv, DeviantArt, exhentai.
  • Spotify downloader — download spotify playlist in mp3 from YouTube.
  • Zspotify — Spotify track downloader. Download mp3 by link or by keywords.
  • Snaptik.app — TikTok video downloader.
  • TikTok Scraper — scrapping video from user, trend or hashtag feed, extracting video’s or user’s metadata, downloading video or music, processing a list of clips or users from a file.
  • YouTube Comment Downloader — easy to install and fast tool for downloading YouTube comments in txt/json. Does NOT require authorization or API keys.
  • Storysaver.net — download Instagram stories.
  • Fdown.net — Facebook video downloader.
  • Untwitch.com — Twitch video downloader.
  • Redditsave.com — Reddit video downloader.
  • DownGit — create GitHub resource download link.
  • SaveFrom.net — download video from YouTube, Vimeo, Vkontakte and dozen of others services.

Domain, IP, URLs

Dorks, pen-testing, vulnerabilities

  • Investigator Recon Tool — web based handy reconnaissance tool that uses different Google Dorking techniques and some open sources service to find juicy information about target websites. It helps you quickly check and gather information about the target domain name.
  • Site Dorks
  • Google (universal) Dork Builder — Quick create queries with advanced search operator for Google, Bing, Yandex etc. Copy dorks from Google Hacking Database. Save dorks in your own database.
  • 0xdork — Very light and simple Python tool for Google Dorking.
  • Snyk.io — Website Vulnerabilities Scanner.
  • dorks.faisalahmed.me — online constructor of google dorks for searching “sensitive” wesite pages.
  • Fast Google Dorks Scan — Search the website for vulnerable pages and files with sensitive information using 45 types of Google Dorks.
  • Dork Scanner — NOT support Google. Only Bing, ASK and http://WoW.com (AOL) search engines. Can work with very long lists of queries/documents (in .txt files).
  • ixss.warsong.pw — very old service for making XSS (Cross Site Scripting) faster and easier.
  • ReconFTW — tool designed to perform automated recon on a target domain by running the best set of tools to perform scanning and finding out vulnerabilities.
  • LFITester — Tool which tests if a server is vulnerable to Local File Inclusion (LFI) attack.
  • Oralyzer — Script that check website for following types of Open Redirect Vulnerabilities.
  • RobotTester — Simple Python script can enumerate all URLs present in robots.txt files, and test whether they can be accessed or not.
  • SickNerd — tool for researching domain lists using Google Dorking. You can automatically load fresh dorks from GHDB and customize the maximum number of results.

Searchers, scrapers, extractors, parsers

Redirect lookup

  • Redirect Detective — tool that allows you to do a full trace of a URL Redirect.
  • Wheregoes.com — tool that allows you to do a full trace of a URL Redirect.
  • Spyoffers.com — tool that allows you to do a full trace of a URL Redirect.

Cookies analyzer

Website metadata analyzer

  • Metagoofil — find pdf/xlsx/docx files and other documents on the site/server, analyzes their metadata, and outputs a list of found user names and email addresses
  • Aline — a very simple tool that simply downloads files of a certain type, located on a certain domain and indexed by Google.
  • Goblyn — tool focused to enumeration and capture of website files metadata. It will search for active directories in the website and so enumerate the files, if it find some file it will get the metadata of file.
  • DORK DUMP — looks for Google-indexed files with doc, docx, ppt, pptx, csv, pdf, xls, xlsx extensions on a particular domain and downloads them.

Website analyzer

  • Lookyloo — webapp allowing to scrape a website and then displays a tree of domains calling each other (redirects, frames, JavaScript, CSS, fonts, images etc).
  • Core SERP Vitals — adds a bit of information from CrUX API to the standard Google search results.
  • BGPView — web-browsing tool and an API that lets you gather information about the current state and structure of the internet, including ASNs, IP addresses, IXs, BGP Downstream & Upstream Peers, and much more.
  • Terms of Service Didn’t Read — find out what interesting privacy and confidentiality clauses are in the license agreements of popular websites and apps.
  • analyzeid.com — find websites with the same owner by domain name. Checking for email, Facebook App ID and name-server matches.
  • MMHDAN — Calculate a fingerprint of a website (HTML, favicon, certificate in SHA1, SHA256, MD5) and create the quick links to search it in IOT search engines.
  • Hackertarget — 14 tools for gathering information about domain using Hackerarget API.
  • AnalyticsRelationships — command line tool for to search for links between domains by Google Analytics ID.
  • Pidrila — Python Interactive Deepweb-oriented Rapid Intelligent Link Analyzer.
  • Adsense Identiicator Finder — this service finds other sites belonging to the same owner or company by Google Adsense ID.

Domain, IP investigation

  • GoFindWhois — More than 180 online tool for domain investigations in one. What’s not to be found here: reverse Whois, hosting history, Cloudflare resolver, redirect check, reputation analyze.
  • Spyfu — tool to collect seo information about the domain, which provide a lot of data partly for free
  • Spyse.com — domain investigation toolbox
  • Spyse CLI — command line client for Spyse.com
  • Domaintracker — webapp and mobile app, which helps you keep track of payment deadlines (expired dates) for domains (sends push notifications and notifications to email)
  • Whois Domain Search Tool — a tool that allows you to query Whois data for a site name in several domain zones at once.
  • IP Neighbors — find the hosting neighbors for a specific web site or host-name.
  • The Favicon Finder — instantly finds the favicon and all .ico files on the site, and then generates links to download them quickly.
  • HostHunter — Tool to efficiently discover and extract host-names providing a large set of target IP addresses. HostHunter utilizes simple OSINT techniques to map IP addresses with virtual host-names.
  • Tor Whois
  • Dnstwister — the anti-phishing domain name search engine and DNS monitoring service.
  • Source code search engine (315 million domains indexed). Search by title, metadata, javascript files, server name, location and more. — source code search engine (315 million domains indexed). Search by title, metadata, JavaScript files, server name, location and more.
  • Dnstwist — command line anti-phishing domain name search engine and DNS monitoring service.
  • Ditto — small tool that accepts a domain name as input and generates all its variants for an homograph attack as output, checking which ones are available and which are already registered.
  • RADB — provides information collected from all the registries that form part of the Internet Routing Registry.
  • IPinfo map — paste up to 500,000 IPs below to see where they’re located on a map.
  • Whois XML API Whois history database
  • Hakrawler — discover endpoints and assets.
  • Passive DNS search
  • Talos Intelligence Mail Server Reputation
  • netbootcamp.org/websitetool.html — access to 74 tools to collect domain information from a single page.
  • Hussh — shell script for domain analyzing.
  • check any website to see in real time if it is blocked in China
  • @iptools_robot — universal domain investigation Telegram bot.
  • Raymond — framework for gathering information about website.
  • Pulsedive — a partially free website research tool. Collects detailed information about IP, Whois, SSL, DNS, ports, threats reports, geo-location, cookies, metadata (FB app id etc). Make screenshots and many others.
  • Striker — quick and simple tool for gathering information about domain (HTTP headers, technologies, vulnerabilities etc).
  • SiteBroker — domain investigation python tool.
  • DNSlytics — find out everything about a domain name, IP address or provider. Discover relations between them and see historical data.
  • FindMyAss (HostSpider) — Domain investigations toolkit.
  • Drishti — Nodejs toolkit for OSINT.
  • passivedns.mnemonic.no — DNS history search by IP-address or by domain name
  • Gotanda — Google Chrome extension. 56 tools for domain, IP and URL investigation in one.
  • Crab — well done and well designed port scanner, host info gatherer (includes Whois).
  • MayorSecDNSScan — Identify DNS records for target domains, check for zone transfers and conduct subdomain enumeration.

Subdomains scan/brute

  • SubDomainsBrute — very fast and simple tool for subdomain brute-force.
  • Anubis — subdomain enumeration and information gathering tool
  • Turbolist3r — an improved and accelerated version of famous sublist3r. Looks for subdomains in 11 sources (see picture). It’s possible to apply brute-force (flag -b).


  • Cloudmare — simple tool to find origin servers of websites protected by Cloudflare, Sucuri or Incapsula with a misconfiguration DNS.
  • CloudUnflare — reconnaissance Real IP address for Cloudflare Bypass.

Databases of domains

  • Whois Freaks — API which allows you to search Whois-database (430M+ domains since 1986) by keyword, company name or owner name.
  • Expireddomains.net — lists of deleted and expired domains (last 7 days).
  • InstantDomainSearch — search for domains for sale.
  • WhoisDS.com — database of domains registered in the last day.
  • API Domaindumper — an interesting tool for researchers of IT history and data journalists. Just an FREE API that shows how many sites were registered in each domain zone on a given day (since January 1, 1990).
  • ptrarchive.com — search by 230 billion DNS records retrieved from 2008 to the present.
  • PeeringDB — freely available, user-maintained, database of networks, and the go-to location for interconnection data.
  • IQWhois — Search whois data by address, city, name, surname, phone number.

Website traffic lookup

  • SimilarWeb — get detailed website traffic.
  • HypeStat Analyzer Plugin — show estimate daily website traffic, Alexa rank, average visit duration and used technologies.
  • vstat.info — get detailed info about website traffic (sources, keywords, linked sites etc).

Website technology lookup

Source code analyzer

  • Retire.js — Google Chrome extension for scanning a web app for use of vulnerable JavaScript libraries.
  • OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer — Google Chrome extension which reveals structured metadata (Microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD, Turtle, etc.) embedded within HTML documents.
  • SIngle File — Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge add-on to save webpage in single HTML file
  • Dirscraper — OSINT scanning tool which discovers and maps directories found in JavaScript files hosted on a website.
  • Ericom Page Risk Analysis — get a detailed report with links to CSS, JavaScript, Fonts, XHR, Images and domains web pages.
  • SecretFinder — find sensitive data (API keys, access token, JWT) or search anything with regexp on JavaScript files.
  • Copy all links and image links to CSV or JSON — Download all links from current webpage in CSV (for open in Excel) or JSON.
  • ArchiveReady — OSINT specialists most often use various web archives to analyze other people’s sites. But if you want your descendants to be able to find your own site, check whether the code of its pages is understandable for crawlers of web archives.

Reverse image search engines

  • News Myseldon — from the photo looks for famous and little-known (like minor officials) people.
  • Ascii2d.net — Japanese reverse image search engine for anime lovers expose image properties, EXIF data, and one-click download.
  • Searchbyimage.app — search clothes in online shops.
  • Aliseeks.com — search items by photo in AliExpress and Ebay.
  • lykdat.com — clothing reverse image search services.
  • IQDB.org — reverse image search specially for anime art.
  • pic.sogou.com — Chinese reverse image search engine.
  • Same Energy — reverse image search engine for finding beautiful art and photos in the same style as the original picture.
  • Revesearch.com — allows to upload an image once and immediately search for it in Google, Yandex, and Bing.
  • Image Search Assistant — searches for a picture, screenshot or fragment of a screenshot in several search engines and stores at once.
  • Pixsy — allows to upload pictures from computer, social networks or cloud storage, and then search for their duplicates and check if they are copyrighted.
  • EveryPixel — reverse image search engine. Search across 50 leading stock images agencies. It’s possible to filter only free or only paid images.
  • openi.nlm.nih.gov — reverse image search engine for scientific and medical images.
  • DepositPhotos Reverse Image Search — tool for reverse image search (strictly from DepositPhoto’s collection of 222 million files).
  • Portrait Matcher — upload a picture of a face and get three paintings that show similar people.
  • Image So Search — Qihoo 360 Reverse Images Search.

Other image search engines

Image analyzer

EXIF analyzer

  • EXIF-PY — get EXIF data of photos thrue command line
  • EXIF.app — press “Diff check button”, upload two graphical images and get a comparison table of their metadata. The differences are highlighted in yellow.
  • Image Analyzer Addon — view all images on a page and expose image properties, EXIF data, and one-click download.
  • Online metadata viewer and editor — high-quality and well-made. Support docx, xlsx, msg, pptx, jpeg, vsd, mpp.
  • Scan QR Code — while determining the location of the photo, sometimes the research of QR codes on the road poles, showcases and billboards helps a lot. This service will help to recognize a QR-code by a picture.
  • Identify plans
  • Forensicdots.de — find “yellow dots” (Machine Identification Code) in printed documents.
  • Image Diff Checker
  • Vsudo Geotag Tool — tool for mass geo-tagging of photos.

Font identification


  • Wallet explorer — Bitcoin wallet transaction history.
  • Blockpath.com — viewing Bitcoin wallet transactions as a graph.
  • Cryptocurrency alerting — track spending and deposits in Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets.
  • Learnmebitcoin.com — find transactions between two Bitcoin addresses.
  • Coinwink.com — allows you to set up email notifications in case Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) rate rises (falls) above (below) a certain value.
  • BlockCypher — Blockchain explorer for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DogeCoin, Dash. Getting into about address, transactions and block hashes, block number or wallet name.



  • Telegago — Telegram search engine.
  • Commentgram CSE — search by Telegram comments.
  • Telegram Message Analyzer — Export Telegram chat (with Windows version of Telegram app) and get detailed analyze of it (message count, average message count per day, word frequency etc).
  • @SangMataInfo_bot — forward a message from the user and find out the history of their name in Telegram.
  • @tgscanrobot — Telegram bot to show which telegram groups a person is member of.
  • Telegram Nearby Map — discover the location of nearby Telegram users on OpenStreetMap.
  • Telescan — search users in groups (and in which groups is the user) by id, username or phone number (if it’s in your contacts).
  • Tgstat — one of the largest directories of Telegram channels, which has detailed information about the growth of the audience, its engagement and mentions of a particular channel in various sources.
  • Telescan — search users in groups (and in which groups is the user) by id, username or phone number.
  • Telegcrack.com — search in telegra.ph.
  • @VoiceMsgBot — Telegram bot to which you can send voice messages and it converts them into text.
  • @transcriber_bot — Telegram bot, which can convert to text voice messages in 24 languages (view pic).
  • Telegramchannels.me — ratings of the 100 largest (by number of subscribers) Telegram channels for different languages.


  • whatsanalyze.com — analyzes WhatsApp group message statistics (world cloud, timeline, message frequency).
  • chatvisualizer.com — another WhatsApp chat analyzer.
  • Watools.io — download Whatsapp profile picture.
  • WAGSCRAPER — Scraps Whatsapp group links from Google results and gives working links (with group names and images).



  • Slack Pirate — tool developed in Python which uses the native Slack APIs to extract ‘interesting’ information from a Slack workspace given an access token.



  • Grep.app — regexp search in Github repositories.
  • Searchcode.com — search engine for Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, GoogleCode and other source code storage services.
  • Libraries.io — search by 4 690 628 packages across 32 different package managers.
  • The Scraper — simple tool for scrapping emails and social media accounts from the website’s source code.
  • CloudScraper — scrape URL’s of the target website and find links to cloud resources: Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean spaces, Azure (windows net), Storage.googleapis, Aliyuncs.
  • Complete Email Scraper — paste the link to the site and the bot finds the sitemap. The bot then goes through all the links on the site looking for email addresses (strings contains @).
  • Python Code Checker — quick find errors in code.
  • Github Search — collection of Github investigation command line tools. Explore users, employees, endpoints, surveys and grab the repos.
  • Sploitus — exploit and hacker tools search engine.
  • Leakcop — service that monitors in real-time the illegal use of source code from certain repositories on Github.
  • Github Artifact Exporter — provides a set of packages to make exporting Issues easier useful for those migrating information out of Github.
  • PublicWWW — webpages source code search engine.
  • SourceGraph — universal code search engine.
  • NerdyData — HTML/CSS/code search engine.
  • De4js — HTML/JS deobfuscator.
  • TIO RUN — run and test code written in one of 680 programming languages (260 practical and 420 recreational) directly in your browser.

Search engines

  • fnd.io — alternative search engine for the AppStore and iTunes.
  • GlobalSpec Engineer Search Engine
  • Napalm FTP Indexer
  • S — search from command line in 106 different sources.
  • Onion Search
  • Recruitin.net — easily use Google to search profiles on LinkedIn.
  • Cloud File Search Engine — search music, books, video, programs archives in 59 file-sharing sites (meganz, dropark, turbotit etc).
  • URVX — based by Google Custom Search tool for searching in popular cloud storage services.
  • Mac Address Search Tool — search by full Mac address, part of Mac address (prefix), vendor name or brand name.
  • Hashatit.com — hashtag search engine. Search in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest.
  • Goo.ne.jp — beautiful Japanese search engine.
  • Explain Shell — this site will help you quickly understand terminal commands-lines from articles, manuals, and tutorials.
  • Firebounty — bug bounty search engine.
  • TheDevilsEye — Search links in darknet (.onion domain zone) from command line without using a Tor network.
  • Peteyvid — search engine for 70 video hosting sites.
  • Filesearching — old FTP servers search engine with filter by top-level domain name and file type.
  • 3DFindit — tool for searching 3D models by 3560 3D CAD (computer aided design) and BIM (Building Information Model) catalogs.
  • Filechef — tool for searching different type of files (videos, application, documents, audio, images).
  • Find Who Events — Google CSE for finding events by location (keywords) in Facebook, Eventbrite, Xing, Meetup, Groupon, Ticketmaster, Yepl, Vkontakte, Eventective, Nextdoor.
  • buckets.grayhatwarfare.com — Amazon Public Buckets Search.
  • osint.sh/buckets — Azure Public Buckets Search.
  • Listennotes — Podcast Search Engine.
  • thereisabotforthat.com — search by catalog of 5151 bots for 17 different apps and platforms.
  • BooleanStringBank — over 430+ strings and 3553+ keywords.
  • Google Unlocked — browser extension to uncensor google search results.
  • Iconfinder.com — Icons Search Engine.
  • Google Datasets Search
  • Onion Search Engine (+maps, mail and pastebin)
  • KILOS Darknet Search Engine
  • Gifcities.org — GIF Search Engine from archive.org
  • Presearch.org — privately decentralized search engine, powered by blockchain technology.
  • milled.com — search engine for searching through the texts of email marketing messages.
  • Orion — opensource search engine for social networking websites.
  • soundeffectssearch.com — find a sound library.
  • PacketTotal — .pcap files (Packet Capture of network data) search engine and analyze tool. Search by URL, IP, file hash, network indicator, view timeline of DNS-queries and HTPP-connections, download files for detailed analyze.
  • SearXNG — free internet metasearch engine which aggregates results from more than 70 search services. No tracking. Can be used over Tor.
  • searchall.net — 75 fields for quick entry of queries to different search services on one page.
  • Query-server — a tool that can send queries to popular search engines (list in picture) and return search results in JSON, CSV or XML format.

Tools for DuckDuckGo

  • DuckDuckGo !bangs — extension that add DuckDuckGo bang buttons to search results and search links in the context menu.

Tools for Google

  • Google Search Scraper — crawls Google Search result pages (SERPs) and extracts a list of organic results, ads, related queries and more. It supports selection of custom country, language and location.
  • Googler — command line google search tool.
  • goosh.org — online google search command line tool.
  • Web Search Navigator — extension that adds keyboard shortcuts to Google, YouTube, Github, Amazon, and others.
  • Overload Search — advanced query builder in Google with the possibilities: change the language and country of your search, disable safe search, disable personalization of search results (“filter bubble”).
  • Google Autocomplete Scraper — one of the best ways to learn more about a person, company, or subject is to see what people are more likely to type in a search engine along with it.
  • SDorker — type the Google Dork and get the list of the pages, that came up with this query.
  • XGS — allows you to search for links to onion sites using Google Dorks (site:http://onion.cab, site:http://onion.city etc).
  • Google Email Extractor — extract emails from Google Search Results.
  • SEQE.me — online tool for constructing search queries using advanced search operators simultaneously for five search engines.
  • Bright Local Search Result Checker — shows what Google search results look like for a particular query around the world (by exact address).
  • Auto Searcher — one by one types words from a given list into the search bar of Google, Bing, or another search engine.
  • 2lingual.com — Google search in two languages simultaneously in one window.
  • I search from — allows you to customize the country, language, device, city when searching on Google.
  • Anon Scraper — search uploaded files to AnonFile using Google.

Internet Of Things

  • Greynoise.io
  • fofa.so
  • Thingful.net
  • TheLordEye — tool that searches for devices directly connected to the internet with a user specified query. It returns results for webcams, traffic lights, routers, smart TVs etc.


Documents archive

  • UK National Archives — search in the catalogue of United Kingdom “The National Archives”.
  • Directory of Open Access Journals — Search by 16 920 journals, 6, 588, 661 articles, 80 languages, 129 countries.
  • National Center for Biotechnology — unique tool to search 39 scientific databases (Pubmed, SRA, OMIN, MedGen etc) from one page.
  • industrydocuments.ucsf.edu — digital archive of documents created by industries which influence public health (tobacco, chemical, drug, fossil fuel).
  • Offshore Leaks — Search through various databases of leaked documents of offshore companies.
  • Vault.fbi.gov — Vault is FOIA Library, containing 6,700 documents that have been scanned from paper.
  • Lux Leaks — the name of a financial scandal revealed in November 2014 by a journalistic investigation. On this site you will find documents related to more than 350 of the world’s largest companies involved in this story.


  • Afrobarometer — huge database of the results of sociological surveys conducted in African countries over the last 20 years.
  • Arabbarometer — database of the results of sociological surveys conducted in the Arab countries of Africa and the Middle East in 2007-2018.
  • dataset.domainsproject.org — dataset of 616 millions domains (16GB!).
  • Stevemorse.org — searching the Social Security Death Index.
  • UK Census Online — database of deaths, births, and marriages. From 1841 to the beginning of the 21st century. Only the first and last names can be searched.

Passwords, emails, phone numbers

  • Leak peek — by password search part of email and site, where this password is used
  • Breachchecker.com — history of data leaks associated with a particular email address.
  • Metric Sparrow email permutator
  • snov.io email finder — find emails of company employees by domain name.
  • @maigret_osint_bot — check accounts by username on 1500 sites. Based on maigret CLI tool.
  • Analyzeid.com Username Search — view “Summary” of accounts found: list of names used, locations, bio, creations dates etc.
  • NEXFIL — search username by 350 social media platforms.
  • Mailfoguess — tool create a lot of possible local-part from personal information, add domain to all local-part respecting the conditions of creation of mail of these domains and verify these mails.
  • USA Telephone Directory Collection — 3512 of paper “yellow” and “white” pages available for download in PDF published from 1887 to 1987.
  • Oldphonebook — USA phonenumbers database from 1994 to 2014.
  • Phomber — get information about phone number with command line.
  • DaProfiler — Get emails, social medias, addresses of peoples using web scraping and google dorking.
  • Spy — Just another very quick and simple account checker by username (210 sites in list).
  • Hunter.io — can link to an article to find its author and his email address.
  • SingleHire — Tool for searching contacts by full name, location and job title. Shows phones, emails, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other social media profile.
  • Mailcat — find existing email addresses by nickname in 22 providers, > 60 domains and > 100 aliases.
  • Social Analyzer — tool for searching nickname profiles on more than 300 sites.
  • SovaWeb — web version of a famous Russian bot in Telegram for searching by email, nickname, IMSI, IMEI, MSISDN, BTS, IP, BSSID.
  • Profil3r — search for profiles in social networks by nickname.
  • Aliens eye — find links to social media accounts in 70 websites by username.
  • Thorndyke — checks the availability of a specified username on over 200 websites.
  • Marple — it collect links contains nickname/name/surname in URL from Google and DuckDuckGo search results.
  • BehindTheNames — when conducting an in-depth search for information about a person, it is important to check the different pronunciations of their name and diminutives. This service will help you find them.
  • Holehe — check if the mail is used on different sites like Twitter, Instagram and will retrieve information on sites with the forgotten password function.
  • H8mail — email OSINT and breach hunting tool using different breach and reconnaissance services, or local breaches such as Troy Hunt’s “Collection1” and the infamous “Breach Compilation” torrent.
  • Psbdmp.ws — search sensitive user data in pastebins.
  • MailBoxLayer API — free api for email address checking.
  • EmailHippo — simple free online tool for check the existence of a particular email address and evaluate its reliability on a 10-point scale.
  • Numverify API — free api for global phone number lookup and validation
  • Cybernews RockYour2021 — check if your data has been leaked.
  • Spycloud.com — check for a particular email in data leaks. Shows how many addresses registered on a particular house have been scrambled.
  • Gravatar check — just enter email and see what the person’s Gravatar avatar looks like.
  • UserFinder — tool for finding profiles by username.
  • Reference of default settings of different router models (IP, username, password)
  • Many Passwords — default passwords for IoT devices and for web applications (for ex. MySQL and PostgreSQL admin panels).
  • PassHunt — command line tool for searching of default credentials for network devices, web applications and more. Search through 523 vendors and their 2084 default passwords.
  • BugMenot — login and passwords for public accounts in different services.
  • FireFly — get information about phone number using Numverify API.
  • GoFindWho People Search — more than 300 tools for gathering information about people in one. Search by name, username, phone, address, company name.
  • That’s them people search
  • Anywho — Search for people in USA. Enter first and last name to get age, address, and part of phone number (free).
  • Usersearch.org — search people by nickname, phone or email.
  • Ellis Island — online searchable database of 65 million arrivals to New York between (late 19th and early 20th century).
  • recordsearch.naa.gov.au — National archives of Australia.
  • SpyDialer — Free search contact information by phone number, name, address or email.
  • Decoding Social Security Numbers in One Step
  • Inmate Database Search
  • Scamdigger.com — search in scammers database by name, IP-address, email or phone.
  • — search users profile by nickname.
  • Pyosint — search for usernames form a list of 326 websites. Scrap a website to extract all links form a given website. Automate the search of subdomains of a given domain from different services.
  • Cloob.com — Iranian people search.
  • SlaveVoyages.org — the Trans-Atlantic and Intra-American slave trade databases are the culmination of several decades of independent and collaborative research by scholars drawing upon data in libraries and archives around the Atlantic world.
  • Alternate Spelling Finder — when searching for information by name, remember that the same name can be recorded in documents and files very differently, as people of different nationalities perceive sounds differently.
  • Translit.net — sometimes it happens that a person’s name is written in Cyrillic, but you can find a lot of info about him in Google if you type his transliteration “Ivan Ivanov”. This tool will come in handy when working with Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Armenian names.
  • NAMINT — enter first, middle (or nickname) and last name, and press Go! to see possible search patterns and links (Google, Yandex, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others social media).


  • Face Generator — Face Generator for creating sock-puppets. Customize gender, age, head position, emotions, hair and skin color, makeup and glasses.
  • 2,682,783 free AI generated photos
  • VoiceBooking — fake voice generator.
  • ThisXDoesNotExist — collection of more than 30 services that generate various items using neural networks.
  • TheXifer — add fake metadata to photo.
  • GeoTagOnline — add fake geo-tags to photo.
  • Fake ID Identity Random Name Generator — generate a random character with a fake name for games, novels, or alter ego avatars of yourself. Create a new virtual disposable identity instantly.
  • @TempMail_org_bot — Telegram bot for quick creation of temporary email addresses (to receive emails when registering on different sites).
  • Text2img — text to image AI generator.
  • Face Anonimyzer — upload a face photo and get set of similar AI generated faces.
  • AI video generator — type the text (video script). Choose a character and script template. Click the “Submit a video” button. Enter your registration data and wait for the letter with the result
  • AI Face maker — just draw a person face (note that there is a separate tool for each part of the face) and the neural network will generate a realistic photo based on it.
  • SessionBox — multi-login browser extension.
  • MultiLogin — multi-login browser extension.
  • FreshStart — multi-login browser extension.


  • Wordtune.com — provide a link to the text of the article or upload a PDF document. In response, the service will give a brief retelling of the main ideas of the text.
  • Manytools — collection of tools to automate the repetitive jobs involved in web-development and hacking.
  • Gdown — when downloading files from Google Drive curl/wget fails (because of the security notice). But this problem is easily solved.
  • Webdext — an intelligent and quick web data extractor for Google Chrome. Support data extraction from web pages containing a list of objects such as product listing, news listing, search result, etc.
  • Online Loudness Meter — allows to estimate the volume of noises in the room or to analyze the volume of sounds in a recording file.
  • Download Sorter — simple tool that will help set up the distribution of files with different extensions into different folders in a minute and permanently put “Downloads” folder in order.
  • Z History Dump — open chrome://history/ and download all links from browser history in JSON. This provides tremendous opportunities for visualization and analysis of information.
  • Codesandbox — great online environment for creating, testing, and researching written JavaScript tools (and OSINT has many: social-analyzer, opencti, rengine, aleph).
  • Voice Stress Test — tool analyzes the voice and determines a person’s stress level.
  • Scrapersnbots — a collection of a wide variety of online tools for OSINT and not only: search for users with a specific name on different sites, one domain Google Image search, YouTube tags viewer, URL-extractor and much more.
  • Broken Link Hijacker — crawls the website and searches for all the broken links.
  • Headlines.Sharethrough.com — analyzes headlines according to four indicators (strengths, suggestions, engagement, impression) and gives a score from 1 to 100.
  • Miteru — Experimental phishing kit detection tool. It collects phishing URLs from phishing info feeds and checks each phishing URL whether it enables directory listing and contains a phishing kit (compressed file) or not.
  • Slideshare Downloader — A very simple and fast tool for downloading Slideshare presentations in PDF format (recommend to choose High quality at once).
  • Web history stat — detailed statistics of your browser history.
  • YTranslateBot — type text or resend messages to Telegram bot and it will translate it.
  • Google Docs to Markdown online converter — just copy text to the site.
  • CloudHQ — A collection of several dozen extensions for Chrome that allow you to extend the functionality of the standard Gmail interface and maximize your productivity. Tracking, sorting, sharing, saving, editing and much more.
  • AHA Music — A very simple tool that helps you determine what track is playing in the current browser tab.
  • Talend API Tester Free Edition — tool that allows to quickly test requests to different APIs directly in the browser, send requests and inspect responses, validate API behavior.
  • Web–proxy — free web proxy.
  • RemindWhen — simple app that reminds you on email if your favorite country opens for tourists from your country.
  • Broken Link Checker — shows which links on the page are giving out errors. It helps to find sites that have been working recently but are no longer working.
  • Binvis — lets you visually dissect and analyze binary files. It’s the interactive grandchild of a static visualization online tool.
  • Gdrive-copy — The standard functionality of Google Drive does not allow you to copy an entire folder with all sub-folders and files, but it can be done using third-party applications.
  • unscreen.com — remove the background from an uploaded video.
  • shellcheck.net — analyzes command-line scripts and explains in detail the errors found in them.
  • Archivebox — create your own self-hosted web archive. Save pages from browser history, bookmarks, Pocket etc. Save html, js, css, media, pdf and other files.
  • Udemy Video Playback Speed — a simple extension that changes the speed of playing video courses on Udemy.
  • Magical. Text Expander — create shortcuts in Google Chrome to reduce text entry time. For example: email templates, message templates for messengers, signatures and contact information, the names of people with complex spelling.
  • coveryourtracks.eff.org — can tell a lot about your browser and computer, including showing a list of installed fonts on the system.
  • Gephi — fast and easy to learn graph analytics tool with a lot of modules (plugins)
  • Regular Expression Analyzer — super tool for those who forget to leave comments on their code or have to deal with someone else’s code.
  • Search Commands — Google Chrome extension provides a Swiss-knife style commands tool inside your browser’s address bar to enhance your search experience.
  • Smart ruler — Simple Google Chrome extension (200 000 users) for those who like to explore the design of different sites.
  • Developer search tool — Take the art of copy and paste from Stack Overflow to a new level of speed and productivity
  • Online tools — 55 tools for calculation hash functions, calculation file checksum, encoding and decoding strings.
  • VERY QUICK and SIMPLE metadata online editor and remover
  • HTTP Cat — free API to get pictures with cats for different HTTP response codes.
  • Gitpod.io — run code from repositories on Github directly in a browser.
  • CrackStation.net — password hash cracker.
  • Run PHP functions online
  • Siftrss.com — tool for filtering RSS feeds.
  • HTTPIE.IO — command-line HTTP client.
  • JSON to CSV
  • Windows 10 Online Emulator
  • Parrot Security OS Online Emulator
  • Open Multiple Links ☷ One Click
  • Tobloef.com — text to mind map.
  • CyberChef — collection of more than a hundred online tools for automating a wide variety of tasks (string coding, text comparison, double-space removal).
  • Textise.net — convert the HTML code of a page to TXT.
  • Shadowcrypt Tools — 24 online tools for OSINT, network scanning, MD5 encryption and many others.
  • Google Docs Voice Comments — simple trick to save time. Voice comments in Google docs, sheets, slides, and forms.
  • Text to ASCII Art Generator (TAAG) — this site will help you make atmospheric lettering for your command line tool or README.
  • Cheat sheet maker — simple tool for creating cheat sheets.
  • Caloriemama — AI can identify the type of food from the photo and give information about its caloric value.
  • Webmapper — extension that create a map-visualization based by browser history. A visual representation of the most visited sites in 10, 20, 50 or 100 days. Zoom-able and searchable.

Tools collections


IMEI and serial numbers