Oldest registered .com domains

January 8, 2022    Article    170 words    1 min read

A list of the ten oldest registered .com domains, their registration date, initial owner and current status (no direct links because who knows what the domains might point to in the future).

  1. symbolics.com, registered on March 15, 1985, originally part of Symbolics Inc, now belongs to Aron Meystedt.
  2. bbn.com, registered on April 24, 1985, originally Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc, now Raytheon BBN.
  3. think.com, registered on May 24, 1985, originally Thinking Machines Corporation, now unreachable.
  4. mcc.com, registerd on July 11, 1985, originally Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation, now for sale.
  5. dec.com, registerd on September 30, 1985, originally Digital Equipment Corporation, now Paul Kocher’s home page.
  6. northrop.com, registered on November 7, 1985, originally Northrop Corporation, now Northrop Grumman (nginx error).
  7. xerox.com, registered on January 9, 1986, originally Xerox, now still Xerox.
  8. sri.com, registered on January 17, 1986, originally SRI International, now the same thing.
  9. hp.com, registered on March 3, 1986 originally Hewlett-Packard, now same thing.
  10. bellcore.com, registered on March 5, 1986, originally Bell Communications Research (nicknamed Bellcore), now iconectiv (DNS error).