Now, I understand that you want information about the people behind the theft and spreading of the dangerous and illegal content that they have deprived you off. However, I can’t give you that information without a national court order over here. And to be honest; we’re an art group and not really good at collecting that information. We’re trying to build up the worlds largest private collection of domain names. We can’t afford to buy all of these ourselves (and we aren’t bright enough to come up with that many thousands of really interesting domain names we’ve got so far) so we have customers (or participating audience as we actually call them internally) that give us both names and pay the bills for them! An important part of our artistic message is that creator and audience blend so much that we like no-one to have credit rather than some-one. We like the idea of a genderless, nameless, free community of equal peers, achieving a reciprocal value through cooperation. It goes against our values and artistic goals to demand private information from our audience, when they’re nice enough to participate. Source