More site updates

Some site changes implemented in the last part of 2020 and the beginning of 2021:

  • Modified the theme design, reimplemented the post meta boxes, cleaned up the CSS a bit, replaced most of the PNG images with SVG ones.
  • Implemented, the social part of this website. For now it’s a combination of bash scripts, python scripts and thirt-party tools that allow me to add a new post; it works but there is room for improvement.
  • Added a /random/ page that redirects the visitor to a random page of this website. Considering the site is static it was pretty easy to implement (spoiler, I already have a list of the pages exposed for the search function).
  • Cleaned up the /statistics/ page, added a part where you can see some personal horcruxed data plotted over a chart. It may or may not be useful. Might be fake data.
  • Added a page where I keep my passwords in cleartext.

Oh, did I mention I can embed posts in the site?

There are two alternatives to Twitter and their ilk:

  • The federated approach, where many Twitter like sites can interconnect and exchange messages. One current example of this is Mastodon , other is GNU social (

  • The indie approach, where everyone basically hosts their own profile and there are no Twitter like sites at all, one instead uses readers that are completely separate from ones hosted profile, just like it was in the blogosphere days. One example of this is .

I tend to favor the indie approach as the federated one seems to in practice often end up with interoperability issues and mono-cultures, at least historically, plus there are still central providers whereas in the indie world everyone is a provider themselves.

Considering the latest stuff Big Tech is pulling I’m considering implementing some failsafe measures. Exoscale has been excellent so far but I’m really not happy with Gandi as my DNS provider (and backup email provider) and I might move the domain to a different entity (I am considering Epik but haven’t decided yet).

For the email part I might spin up another Exoscale VM and configure an email server. I was checking their marketplace to see if there is a click-and-deploy solution but I couldn’t find any (HINT! Please make it happen, Exoscale!).

Also I’m looking into alternative methods of serving my website, dat , ipfs and/or Handshake , NextDNS , Namecoin . The Internet we used to know (and ) is living its final days, unfortunately.