August 17, 2023    Article    283 words    2 mins read
  • Moving back in with your parents in the town where you grew up after a career failure.
  • Leaving your bicycle in an alleyway after an injury that left permanent damage.
  • Selling your guitar and amps after getting kicked out of the band.
  • Moving to the flyover states and living in a rural property with a propane tank on the front lawn after the startup you worked at went under.
  • That last night at the job site sharing a drink with the guys after finding out that the construction firm is laying everyone off once the project is done.
  • Hanging up the uniform and putting your framed medals in a box under your bed.

  • Getting dumped by text.
  • Lying on a twin-size mattress at night after throwing out your old queen in the alley behind your place.
  • Realising you’ve been blocked after trying to call.
  • Sitting at the kitchen table staring at the bank letter notifying you of the foreclosure while your family is still asleep.
  • Your boss very politely asking you to have your desk cleaned out by the end of the day.
  • Noticing a wrinkle in the doctor’s shirt as he says the word “inoperable”.
  • Realising the passenger seat in your car still looks almost new.
  • Hiding a threadbare sleeve behind your back at the reunion while your old buddy pulls up in a new car.
  • Your hand jerking while signing the bankruptcy application and messing up the signature.
  • Setting an alarm to wake you up for your other job and realising it’s going to wake you up 3 hours from now.
  • Hearing parents arguing through the thin walls because they can’t make rent.
  • Hearing her or him say that it’s over.