Man o To by Rumi

July 4, 2020    Article    235 words    2 mins read
Man o To by Rumi

khonak an dam keh neshastim dar eyvan, man o to
sitting here, you and I, the courtyard breeze is cool

beh do naqsh, o beh do surat, beh yeki jan, man o to
two images, two forms, one thought, you and I

rang-e-bagh o dam-e-morghan bedahad ab-e-hayyat
the orchard-shades, the songs of birds give up the world’s secrets

an zamani keh dar ayyim bebostan man o to
when we find ourselves here in this garden

akhteran-e-falak ayand beh nazzareh-ye ma
the stars of distant galaxies come to gaze on us

mah-e-khod ra benemayyim beh ishan man o to
you and I, together, we show them the moon

man o to, bi man o to, jam’ shavim az sar-e-zowq
you and I, without ‘you’ and ‘I’, we are absolute joy

khosh o faregh ze khorafat-e-parishan man o to
happy, free from empty words, such are you and I

tutiyan-e-falaki jomleh jegarkhor shavand
all those birds of paradise, full of childish envy

dar maqami keh bekhandim bar an san man o to
while in that same place, you and I, we cannot help but laugh

in ‘ajabtar keh man o to beh yeki konj inja
what’s truly strange is you and I, here together, now

ham dar in dam beh ‘eraqim o khorasan man o to
at once here in the west and at once here in the east, you and I

by Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī