ISP ⭤ VPN info

January 12, 2022    Article    157 words    1 min read

If you have ever wondered what your ISP (Internet Service Provider) sees when you connect to a VPN for any purpose, nefarious or not:

  • VPN connection: the ISP will see the connection to the VPN server but will not know what you are doing on the network; the information is encrypted and is not available to the ISP.
  • Server IP address: the ISP will be able to understand that some data is going from the user to the VPN server but the further route of the data packets is unknown.
  • Traffic usage: the ISP can find out the volume of data that was received and sent but not its actual content.
  • Connection time: the ISP will see when you connected to the VPN server and when you disconnected from it.
  • VPN protocols and ports: the ISP will recognize that a VPN is being used as it will probably use ports and protocols that are specific to VPNs.