How are you feeling today?

July 2, 2023    Article    282 words    2 mins read

How are you feeling today, friend? When was the last time somebody asked you this one simple question?

Are you feeling demotivated, because all the values that kept generations moving are all destroyed and dead now, family, friendship, love, ideology, religion, parenthood, life goals, any sort of belief, honesty, kindness, love, morality, everything is absolutely dead? Because nothing brings satisfaction the way it did before, there’s an abundance of everything one can dream of, but no one can feel the joy from consuming and owning things anymore?

I guess this could be the reason why many try hard to show off what they read, eat and wear, because the only way they can feel something is by reacting to a reaction. What else can we feel? There’s the scent of last times in the air, like something is about to happen. The society is no longer seen as a community of civilized people, but rather as a flock of egocentric, greedy, mercantile, selfish scumbags.

Everything is driven and evaluated by money, wealth. Everyone, no matter how wealthy and happy might look, is desperately trying to escape the reality, silence oneself, by getting busy with tons of activities, running, hobbies, shopping, or constantly being plugged in social media networks and just wasting time. Maybe the pessimists are right and we truly live in the worst times ever.

People will say things like “but you have food and medicine”. Yes, food and medicine do prolong life but they don’t make life worth living.

Another book, another movie, another game, another sleep, another song, another talk, another work, another accident, another monologue, another crisis, another hope, another cycle.

So, friend, how are you feeling today?